Glazed Light Realm concealed the devil Yun Che in the year, and the sanctions imposed on Moon God Realm and Eternal Sky God Realm quickly aroused a long time ago in Eastern God Territory.

    Eternal Sky 3,000 years, Glazed Light Realm has an additional Middle-Rank Divine Lord Shui Yingyue and a miracle girl Shui Meiyin, whose head is already almost rises above all High-Rank Star Realm, where Glazed Light Realm has been replaced by Sacred Universe Realm and became the head of the population High-Rank Star Realm.

    Today, two of the two of Glazed Light Realm’s most core individuals… Shui Qianhang was abolished, Shui Meiyin was banned, and Glazed Light Realm was undoubtedly 10 thousand zhang in the middle of the day, together with an irrefutable charge.

    And the world is more aware that Shui Qianhang will not be able to save his life if it is not Eternal Sky Divine Emperor’s case.

    Nine days later, Shui Qianhang went back to Glazed Light Realm King, the legendary woman Shui Yingyue. This was supposed to be the major event of the campaign of Eastern God Territory, ten thousand realms, but Glazed Light Realm was completed in a silence, without a big ceremony, without inviting any visitors.

    As for Shui Meiyin’s fate for the next millennium, no one can know and predict.


    God Realm of Absolute Beginning.

    The pale world, like the ashes of eternity.

    the rumbled, tore… finally, is a crying of despair and despair.

    Three thousand zhang giant beast beast landed at the same time in the shake of the volcano and found Qianye Yinger’s posture under the dust that slowed down. She flew out of her hand with a soft sword, cutting three giant beast corpses off, bringing them up to their infinite deep core, and then throwing them on the side of Yun Ches.

    Yun Che was sitting in a ruin, closing its eyes, calmly breathing and not reacting to anything around it.

    He kept this status for seven days.

    God Realm of Absolute Beginning, rumor only one from the beginning of primordial chaos has not collapsed “Small World”, and more rumor, this “Small World” may be bigger than God Realm, or even Chaos Dimension.

    It’s all different from the outside world.

    The creatures that exist, whether in woods or birds, are equally different from the outside world.

    God Realm of Absolute Beginning is a small world belonging to primordial chaos World, but all those who enter it will find it completely different from what is known as Small World, and more like another large world independent of beyond Primordial Chaos.

    And its existence seems to be higher than primordial chaos World.

    Because knowing that God Realm of Absolute Beginning exists, the profound practitioner will know that it is a place that is so dangerous. Although its upper level is Divine Lord Peak-Stage, as with God Realm, it has a high level of terrifying… Divine Sovereign Realm, which is the threshold of God Realm of Absolute Beginning! Divine Lord, if he is in depth, is at increasing risk.

    God Realm, for millions of years, the Divine Lord, who was founded on Profound Dao, the hardest to die, is God Realm of Absolute Beginning, except for those who end up their lives.

    Remove close deep beast, Qianye Yinger, and return to Yun Che’s side without continuing to refine it, but rather stare at him at this moment of calm.


    year ago, God Realm of Absolute Beginning was largely due to ignorance. They must not take any risk of falling into the soul or burning King Realm.

    God Realm of Absolute Beginning has more risks and resources than anywhere, and after months, with the increasing number of Absolute Beginning Profound Beast hunted by them, Yun Chebody suddenly appears to have another strange ability to terrifying.

    After the direct absorption of the power transformed into Deecrystal, he took a Absolute Beginning Profound Beast’s deep core in his hand, and absorbed the power in deep crystal in his core directly and equally directly into his own power!

    Initially, it was more difficult, and two months later, it was familiar to absorb deep crystal.

    She was unable to understand what that weird ability of Yun Ches was, and Yun Che never spoke half to her.

    From Deecrystal to deep core, formed by Worlds Spiritual Qi, it appears that the limits of this strange ability are not more than that, and it is not possible to imagine how terrifying it will be in the future.

    Even though she’s been thinking terrifying on a number of occasions… will it be possible in the future to rob the other Deedeer practitioner’s cultivation base directly?

    This is not the depth of God Realm of Absolute Beginning, but it is already the Divine King and Divine Sovereign beast around the world, and the deep core of Deebeast is the same human Profound Vein the presence, not the general deep energy, but the power of strong deep deep Deebeast, and the Spiritual Qi, which the profound crystal holds, is not the same.

    A large number of Deecrystal, originally captured from thousands of Rage God, and the driving force to absorb deep core, were ripe for Yun Che to have no routine refinement, but cultivation base was growing with a dramatic increase.

    When God Realm of Absolute Beginning came into Divine Sovereign Realm, now Divine Sovereign Realm Fourth Level.

    Divine Sovereign Realm’s crossroads are undoubtedly on the brink of the sky, requiring not only enormous resources, but also a genius profound practitioner’s millennium and even a thousand years of effort. And Yun Che, a short year, without any refinement, is a three-way parade.

    Unfortunately, there is only Qianye Yinger who is witness to this terrible miracle.


    is no need for a deliberate refinement on Profound Dao, and this year Yun Che was basically all of his energy on the brink of darkness.

    And there is Qianye Yinger, the perfect human furnace, in which the darkness will enter the country sooner and beyond his own expectations.

    At this time, he suddenly opened his eyes, and on Qianye Yinger was staring at his eyes.

    Seven days, this is the longest time he entered God Realm of Absolute Beginning.

    And in this extremely dangerous place, even if it’s strong, like Divine Emperor, it’s not possible to enter into it alone.

    The brakes opened, and the center of his hole slipped through the black light of the shadow.

    black Profound Light, it’s not normal for the Devil. However, the black light was blown directly from the eyes of Qianye Yinger to her heart, and even Profound Vein all fiercely.

    Is that it?

    “Suddenly silent for so long, there seems to be some big breakthrough.” Qianye Yinger said, “The surprising balance, it’s very much expected.

    Yun Che slowly lifted his hand and looked at his heart and said, “Finally, the integration of devil blood has been halved.”

    “devil blood?” Qianye Yinger Micro: “What about it?”

    the integration of devil blood takes place at the time of their physical integration. Yun Che suddenly stopped for seven days, apparently impossible was just because of this.

    Yun Che suddenly smiled, and he went to Qianye Yinger extend the hand arm, and five fingers slowed down.

    Suddenly, Qianye Yinger was completely intense shock, and her dark profound energy had risen spontaneously and was released.

    This shock, Qianye Yinger, has changed steeply, quickly and coherently suppressing the untouched deep energy. She clearly felt that her dark deeenergy was being manipulated by an idea that was unknown where it came from, and it was like an invisible hand.

    Yun Ches arm dropped, black glow passed away, the feeling that her own power was being manipulated by others disappeared, Qianye Yinger retreated two steps, and Kim was staring directly at Yun Che… as her Profound Dao knew, under short rest, her maid was filled with stringent sweat.

    “That’s what you said. You can manipulate Devil Emperor, the power of all the devils in Northern God Territory?” Qianye Yinger sounds very slowly.

    Earlier, she heard Yun Che said that after the darkness had been repaired to big accomplishment, all the spirits that had been rehabilitated would be his tool. She never doubted… because that was Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s power!

    But in the face of this moment, the horror in her heart cannot be repressed in any way.

    You can manipulate other people’s dark depth power directly.

    “No, not enough, far from enough.” Yun Che said, “At present, it is only barely forced into the middle, far from the big accomplishment and Ji Realm.”

    “What extent can you interfere with other people’s dark deeenergy now?” Qianye Yinger Road. She has now been restored to Divine Lord Realm Fourth Level by Yun Che, and power has been so easily and fiercely motivated… is it to such a degree that it was the middle of a dark and permanent hijacking?

    “The extent of what just happened is probably my limit.” Yun Che coldly said: “This level is still not eligible for ‘cooperation’ with the devil. But…”

    And he saw a little vagina: “This time next year, maybe it’s almost over.”

    “No, not next year.” Qianye Yinger thought, and said, “From today on, you will probably be able to refine your dark and eternal hijacking in my body. I want, with your abilities, to meet the big accomplishment you expect, to…”

    Qianye Yinger’s voice was ignored, turning his eyes to the south: “Somebody’s coming. And this breath…”

    “Eternal Sky God Realm’s man!” Yun Che’s voice is down to the pole.

    Eternal Sky God Realm… This year, where he was most respectable, these four words are now embedded in his heart with endless atrocities and hatred.

    “Two people,” Qianye Yinger Spirit Sense, released, continued along the lines: “Qu Hui, Eternal Sky Adjudicator, head of the Profound God Conference, in which you participated. The other guy… huh?”

    Her eyebrows wrinkled down, and it seems that there’s something wrong with this guy why he came here.

    “Eternal Sky Crown Prince… Zero dust!” Yun Che missed the master of another breath with no accuracy.

    Venerable Qu Hui, Eternal Sky Crown Prince, both of whom appeared in God Realm of Absolute Beginning!

    “Go!” Qianye Yinger is decisively determined.

    “Change the breath.” Yun Che Road.

    Qianye Yinger wrinkles: “What are you doing? Although cosmic dust is a waste, he’s Eternal Sky Divine Emperor, Eternal Sky Crown Prince! He appeared in this place, and there was no way to protect each other except Qu Hui, and probably Guardian was on the side!”

    Yun Che stood up and wiped his hands off his face, and had replaced a completely different face, with a turbulent wind element and occasionally with a peaceful wind.

    His face is no longer cold, but a peaceful one, even if his eyes are very warm.

    Qianye Yinger stretched his hand and killed Yun Ches arm: “What are you going to do? It’s not time for you to stop it!”

    “Violent?” Yun Che said a terrible, cold smile: “Who is he?” He’s Eternal Sky Divine Emperor’s youngest son! His son AH! ”

    Qianye Yinger: “…”

    “How can I bear it when he’s so close to me? Why should I be patient?”

    “What can you do to kill him?” Qianye Yinger’s hands are still dead, grabbing Yun Che: “What’s the big risk when he leaks?”

    “Kill him?” Yun Che was still laughing, and it was even more terrifying when he was laughing. “Why would I kill him? I’ll get him back to his father Eternal Sky old dog. Oh, no, maybe, something more.”

    Qianye Yinger: “What?”

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