Alchemy Dao Grandmaster Chapter 5050


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Looking at a crowd of murderous-looking gods and demons, the Dique clan couldn’t help shrinking a little, sound transmission said: “Tian Xing, it’s better to push this Human Race and the Baize Clan out, maybe we can retreat completely. …”

Qin Yichen’s body shakes up, after all, allies are just allies.

“Clan, do you want to sell Kong Wu?”

The old emperor’s face was gloomy and uncertain, and he said: “It’s not that we are weak now. We will meet with Princess in the future, and it won’t be too late to double up to get back!”

Qin Yichen was flickering around the sword: “Don’t forget, Kong Wu is Jiang patriarch’s Chief Disciple. If we betrayed by us, how do you think this will be a blow to the alliance between Emperor Que Palace and Yanhuang Palace?”

“even more how, this is no longer a matter of Human Race and Lei Ze’s. Elder can’t see it yet. Van Van Ao wants to take advantage of True Dragon to destroy us and destroy us here. !”

“Since the negotiation is not right, call it!”


Qin Yichen put the magic knife in front of him, surging with aura, a pair of god eyes sweeping across all directions, majestic, killing intent overflowing heaven.

His ancestors are right behind, and the ancestors of these guys all trampled on the hometown of his clan back then. This account is not counted by Van Wanao, he will also count!

When Van Wanao saw this, he was also very fierce: “Feng Tianxing, do you think you will be able to dominate by breaking through Daojun?”

Qin Yichen’s voice is indifferent: “I just asked if you want to see the power of the Emperor Treasure, you dare not answer, it seems that you still want to see blood!”

“Dare to install!?”

Fan Wan arrogantly shouted, the light wheel behind him suddenly flew violently, smashing the space, and blasting towards Qin Yichen.

“If you pretend and don’t bring the Emperor Treasure, then you must die today. If you bring the Emperor Treasure, you must die here!”

In Van Man’s opinion, if Qin Yichen had no Emperor Treasure, then he would not have the slightest fear!

And if the Bihai Emperor Treasure comes out, it will also arouse the greed of all gods and demons. An Emperor Treasure, you must know that the Imperial Empress and Shen Zhengran, as well as the power of the 18 emperors, have broken their heads!

While Van Wan arrogantly killed him, God’s eyes flashed and wiped out crafty, gritted his teeth and said: “Everyone, kill him first! Bihai Emperor Treasure, we each take it by our ability!”

As soon as these words came out, the eyes of the gods and demons on all sides were even more greedy, and Man Qianmei even said with a smile: “Bihai Emperor Treasure, your servant wants it too!”

However, as everyone knows, Van Van Ao is taking advantage of the greed of various gods and demons!

Now he says it depends on the ability, but don’t forget that after the Emperor’s Palace is destroyed, the Old Ancestor will be restored soon!

The descendants of the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor, the Flying Eagle tribe, are loyal to Celestial Court! After the dark eagle Old Ancestor knows the situation of the current Emperor Heaven Realm, who will he face? Who will listen to?


The chakra of light cuts across, divine might be vertical and horizontal, but Qin Yichen’s knife light is equally terrifying and fierce, cut by the divine sword, colliding with the divine chakra, the power is raging, and the reflected divine light flies randomly. .

“The old man! Stop the other gods and demons, let me deal with the clutter of Celestial Court!”

Qin Yichen suddenly became the leader of many powerhouses in the Imperial Palace. He even flew out of two streams of light and threw it in front of Bai Guanxing and Kong Wu.

“Save your life!”

Kong Wu looked down and saw that it was the god umbrella and Taoist seal of the ten thousand li of the Vatican, two good Taoist treasures!

However, this scene fell in the eyes of Van Wanao, but it made him pupil light red: “This is… the treasure of the ten thousand li clan! Why do you have the treasure of the ten thousand li clan!?”

Qin Yichen exclaimed: “Because I killed the ten thousand li of the Brahma!”

“I not only killed the ten thousand li, but also want to reunite your brothers!”

“courting death!!!”

Van Van was arrogant and savage. At the same time, the emperor elders saw that the battle was inevitable, so they simply became angry and shouted: “My son! These guys not only want our treasure, but also To our lives!”

“Kill me!”

I have to say that the battle strength of the Emperor Que clan still has some merits, but at this moment, the gods and demons of all parties join forces, and the gap is obvious at a glance.

The powerhouse of the Xieguang clan grinned: “Emperor Que clan? If you remember correctly, during the Lich battle, your Emperor Que clan was still an ant clan!”

“The treasures of these old guys of the Emperor Que clan are mine! Don’t grab anyone!”

In a flash, the gods and demons danced wildly, and the Magical Powers were combined, which made the mountain tremble, but Kong Wu only curled up shiver coldly in the battle at this level.

Bai Guanxing was sweating coldly on his face, but still tremblingly took out the star dial, fiddled with it, but almost smashed the star dial with anger.

“No! There are two innate gods in this place, the first Heavenly Dao shrouded in power, the gods and demons are too chaotic, Power of Stars can’t sense it at all!”

At this moment, the bird flashes in the eyes of the goddess, transforming into a Divine Sparrow, and slaughter Bai Guanxing.

“Van ten thousand li is dead, what are you doing while still alive! Don’t kill you with the wind of the sky, I will send you off first!”

Man Qianmei saw this, a touch of resentment appeared in the magic pupil, and she suddenly floated towards Kong Wu with a smile.

“Human Race’s bastard dare to accept me as a concubine, then let you see, did you control me?”

In an instant, I saw Man Qianmei tenderly shouted, Kong Wu shuddered, and saw that the former was still the normally ecstatic beauty, but turned into a magic flower!

There were sharp teeth in the stamen of the magic flower. At this moment, the flower core was wide open, like a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, scared Kong Wu back again and again.

At this moment, I saw Qin Yichen’s divine eyes with awe-inspiring eyes, and the black gold divine wings spread out behind him. Under the sweeping sweep, he immediately slapped the bird toward the song!

Immediately, Qin Yichen’s palm was squeezed, and he actually grabbed Man Qianmei’s flower vine, and sprayed sun flames against its large flower core!

“What’s the use of opening your mouth so wide!”

The deity of Man Qianmei is a demon flower. At this moment, Yang Yan was poured into the body, and the internal organs seemed to be burned. The demon red demon flower was struggling and swaying, but it could not escape Qin. Yichen’s palm.

At this moment, the glamorous Demoness was a flash of magic pupils, and the petals were cut towards Qin Yichen’s wrist. The petals were sharp and thorns, red and blue interlaced, the blue magic power was chilling, and the magical red glow seemed to be unknown. It was made by so much blood!

Qin Yichen’s face sank when he saw the situation, and he threw Man Qianmei directly away. When the glamorous Demoness saw the situation angrily snorted, the shadow flew up and caught Man Qianmei.


“elder sister ……”

Man Qianmei was lying in her arms, her breath was weak, and the flower fluid dripping from her red lips was her blood, but she was hot as lava at the moment.

“Surname Feng’s bad deal…”

Man Qianmei had an expression of resentment. When I first saw Qin Yichen, he was still among the bereaved families of Bihai. At that time, he was still Que Wenqing’s attendant!

And Man Qianmei admits that she is not comparable to that of Que Wenqing! But now, this innate sword god is almost crushing himself to fight!

“Don’t worry, elder sister will kill him for you!”

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