Alchemy Dao Grandmaster Chapter 5051


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Lengyan Demoness coldly shouted, looking at Fan Wanao: “Except for Emperor Treasure, his other treasures are mine!”

Van Wan arrogant and arrogant: “Then you let this guy see your Man Qianzhu’s ability!”

Man Qianzhu’s magic pupils gradually became cold: “Qi Li kill him!”

In the next instant, Man Qianzhu’s beautiful image was extremely ghostly, Qin Yichen only felt a strand of flower vine passing by, and then appeared behind him!

Man Qianzhu’s method is also unpredictable, holding a magic whip filled with flower vines and spikes, flashing an evil arc in the air, actually shattering layers of space, directly entwining Qin Yichen’s gold Tu!

“Good opportunity!”

Van Wanao couldn’t help laughing when he saw this. Suddenly, he actually raised another god wheel, but this god wheel is just a sharp Taobao, and the god wheel condensed with its own Taoism is both attacked, fierce and mighty Side by side!

“Behead your head first, then your hands and feet! I want to see how strong the body of the Innate God is!”

“Not good!”

Looking at the flying light wheel, Kong Wudang took out the waist knife, but the moment his saber and the light wheel confronted, he was shocked to fly off, and he even spewed out a mouthful of blood.

It seems that his strength is far from being able to compete with the imperial powerhouse!

“Sir is in danger!”

Bai Guanxing also panicked. You must know that they broke into the aftermath of the candle nine yin before, and the reason why they were able to turn defeat into victory is entirely because of Qin Yichen’s innate life essence!

But now, Life Essence Infinity is useless at all, and what the husband has to face is not a single god and demon, but a combination of many emperors!

However, letting the two light wheels cut across, Qin Yichen was not afraid, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly: “A wisp of vine, I want to trap me?”


Just listen to Qin Yichen loudly shouted, and the golden tu is even more raging with the sword light in his hand, and in an instant, the flower vine is cut off!

“Not good!”

Man Qianzhu is no longer cold, and there is a sudden error in the magic pupil. Her flower vine is a god and devil who is cultivated by her body and is entangled by it. It has become the nourishment of her powerful self.

Who would have thought that this innate sword god would shatter her flower vine in a flash!

Not only that, but Qin Yichen’s silhouette flashed, Time and Space Dao was violent, not giving Man Qianzhu a chance to escape, just like dealing with Man Qianmei, trying to strangle her throat.

Who Chengxiang Man Qianzhu’s originally smooth and white snow skin turned out to be soaring with spikes, showing a hideous Demoness look for a while.

But what was even more unexpected to Man Qianzhu is that Qin Yichen’s strangled palm did not retreat, but was even more fierce!


In an instant, I saw Qin Yichen’s palm passing by, and it was actually a criss-crossed knife net invisiblely condense.

The densely packed divine knives in the knife net, or crosscuts or vertical splits, actually crushed Man Qianzhu’s spikes, and only heard a loud noise, the former’s pink neck was suddenly severely choked!


Man Qianzhu’s eyes were horrified. To her, the palm that touched her was not a palm, but like a thousand magic swords cutting her throat.

Not only that, but the light of the knife followed her throat and quickly enveloped her body, as if she was about to cut her into petals, or even crush it into pollen!


In an instant, Qin Yichen’s petals flew horizontally and exploded in all directions, but Man Qianzhu was pale and flashed to Van Wanao’s side.

“This guy has just been powerful, not simple…”

Man Qianzhu’s aura was sluggish, as if the means of escape just now required a high price, and Fan Wanao turned his mind, causing the two light wheels to kill Qin Yichen while his face became gloomy.

“It is not simple! That is the power of the sword condensed by the innate swordsmanship!”

Man Qianzhu’s lovable body trembled, this guy actually trained the innate Blade Qi!

“But it doesn’t hurt…Xie Feiyang, don’t come to help!”

tone barely fell, I saw the demonic energy coming, and I saw a demon tower supported by the palm of a Demon Race youth, with a breath of arrogance.

“Feng Tianxing, the first thing you did when you entered the world, it was my powerhouse of the Evil Light Clan that killed me! Today, I will send you away!”

Next moment, Xie Feiyang raised the magic tower, and saw that the magic tower grew rapidly, directly covering the lightning and mountain pass above everyone’s head.

In the magic tower, the demonic energy burst out like a torrential rain, and went to suppress Qin Yichen.

In the demonic energy, there seem to be countless monsters entrenched, flying above Qin Yichen’s blade, seeming to make the blade dull.

“36 Emperor Hands!”

Qin Yichen shouted in anger, the arms of the gods erupted, and the demonic energy of the slashing was torn vertically and horizontally, but Van Manao saw it, but he was murderous.

“Feng Tianxing, your ability is not weak! If you let you grow, won’t you become the thorn in your Majesty!?”

“die for me!”

With a burst, Van Van Ao ignited two light wheels. The light wheels overlapped and rotated rapidly, but the rotation directions of the two light wheels were completely opposite.

Because of this, every divine light was cut into countless light-blade fragments, making Van Van Ao brilliant and powerful.

“World Destruction Paddle Wheel!”

Countless light blades swept across, it can be described as divine might, mountains bursting and ground splitting, space is shattered, and Qin Yichen had to make Ujin’s divine wings fold in front of him, hardly shake the countless light blades divine might!

“I see how long you can last!”

Van Van Ao is also gnashing teeth, divine might surging like a bursting embankment, and even more reveals the deity of the Vatican, and even an eight-armed god.

The pinch of the gods is actually the masterpiece of divine runes rays of light that draws the Dao seal on the arm, and it makes the breath of Vatican soaring, loudly shouted, looked towards Qin Yichen!


Eight-armed fists, the soft and sharp Wujin divine wing that smashed into a depression for a moment, and at this moment, the divine wing unfolded, and countless blades burst out from it.

“boom~ boom~ ……”

Van Wanao swept across with eight arms, terrifying at a fast speed, after all the afterimages passed by, I saw him grab the knife light and then crush it!

“The strength of this man is very strong, and the body of the Fanming clan is not weak, and it urges Bloodline Strength!”

Qin Yichen can’t care to feel the blood boiling of Van Wanao, because Xie Feiyang and Man Qianzhu have already come together to kill, the magic power is full and the Magical Powers are heavy.

Qin Yichen was forcibly supported by one enemy three. The fighting situation was fierce, and all four of them seemed to be angry, irreconcilable!

Only Bai Guanxing was curled up behind him, and the remnants from time to time made him trembling with fear, looking at the slender silhouette, and gritted his teeth fiercely.

“Too shameless! All the emperors, join hands to target Mr.!”

The sudden cry out in surprise caused Bai Guanxing’s face to change suddenly. I don’t know when, Que Chaoge turned out to be a sneak attack behind an old emperor, the road of wind and gold erupted, and countless bird feathers burst. The thorn, instantly caused the emperor Que clan to see blood holes all over his body!

“It’s you Old Guys, I’m glad to see that I didn’t marry Que Wenqing!?”

Que Chaoge’s face looked crazy: “Then I will make Que Wenqing’s slut a widow today!”

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