Alchemy Dao Grandmaster Chapter 5053


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The dark eagle whistled, and the killing intent suddenly rose. The surging divine might shocked Kong Wu’s crowd. The two innate gods of the Great Desolate Era, even if silenced millions and millions of years, their strength is far superior Pass them!

“Billions of 10,000 years ago, you and I won’t be the winner. Unfortunately, today is different. The contest between you and me is yours!”

Old Ancestor was proud of the dark eagle. Although he didn’t know what Celestial Court was and the emperor and so on, but the existence of the emperor, not everyone could be proud of it.

The backers of these self-proclaimed Little Brat of Celestial Court powerhouse must be very difficult to deal with, I am afraid it is even more powerful than him!

The most important thing is that True-Dragon Race was destroyed! True-Dragon Race was very powerful back then. Didn’t expect to wake up and even the damn Human Race, Phoenix Clan, was destroyed. It’s so happy!

Thinking of this, the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor whistled and fought towards Thunder Qiu.

“boom~ boom~ ……”

The Old Ancestor’s body has ten thousand li, plus the eagle wings spread out, it can be described as covering the sky, the divine might of several tens of thousands of li sweeps absolutely, the pair of sharp eagle claws, more It is to fight towards Leiqiu’s back spine!

And Leiqiu also burst out, dragon roar nine days, domineering and awe-inspiring, dragon-eyed glaring, countless thunderbolts suddenly surged, and then, dragon claw even more thunderbolt, those thunderbolts also turned into a statue Zun Longying, torn away to the face of Old Ancestor of Dark Eagle!

The fierce battle between the two innate gods swept through, and directly caused the sacred mountain that contained their millions and millions of years to gradually burst, which also announced that they were about to see the sun again!

The ability of the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor is also extremely not weak. That one after another, the dark eagle feather like steel, can even collide with Leiqiu’s dragon scales without being destroyed.

A dragon and an eagle rose into the sky, and the dark eagle Old Ancestor’s wild laugh made Kong Wu’s eardrums tremble.

“hahahaha…Leiqiu, your clansman is dead! It’s better to take refuge in the emperor, maybe you have a way to survive!”

Old Ancestor is very proud of the dark eagle. In his opinion, his descendants can command a certain side of Celestial Court, then he must be no different, and even more powerful!

As for Raichu?

Celestial Court certainly won’t let him! He said this just to stimulate this genocide guy!

Sure enough, Leiqiu heard this. After a short time, the sky was furious. Numerous dragon scales shook, and a terrible thunder burst out. At that instant, the sky was overshadowed by the blazing sun, leaving only countless lightning raging. move!

The dark eagle Old Ancestor’s wings are folded together, shrouded itself in it, secretly thought that this Thunder Dragon is so powerful and powerful, but at the same time, I did not forget to shouted: “Junior, kill all these imperial clan, Old Ancestor will lead you Travel to Heaven and Earth!”

This is also where the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor rests!

Although we have said millions and millions years, many things will change, but stronger and weaker will never change!

These Divine Race Demon Race cubs are several times more powerful than these powerhouses of the Emperor Que clan. They are still Heaven and Earth orthodox. Of course he would choose to stand here!

As for the Emperor Que clan?

What kind of shit race is that? In his time, the Emperor Que clan were ants!

Van Vanguard came back to his senses, spurred the divine might to suppress the aftermath of the two innate gods, and couldn’t help but say with a smile: “hahahaha…ok! Dark Eagle Senior, you stop this Thunder Dragon, wait Let’s kill all these guys!”

Immediately, Van Van Ao glared at Qin Yichen and the crowd: “Have you heard, your Emperor Que clan was like a trivial ant back then, this is your destiny!”


“Old Ancestor, kill this Thunder Dragon, let’s kill all the guys of the Emperor Que clan!”

“And that damn Human Race cheap animal, there used to be Jiang Buyong guarded, let you cultivated to Daojun, tsk tsk, the meat of Human Race Daojun, it must be very nourishing!”


Looking at the two innate gods fighting in the sky, the terrible aftermath made Bai Guanxing tremble, and at the same time it was even more frightened.

Because he found a very serious problem, that is the resuscitation of ancestors, it seems… useless!

Bah! It’s not that the ancestors are useless, but the ancestor Leiqiu has just recovered, and the dark eagle Old Ancestor can’t bear it. At this moment, the two innate gods are fighting together, they still have to face the joint siege of Celestial Court and the gods and demons from all sides!

The old complexion is gloomy of the Emperor Que tribe. He is supporting the divine might and fighting in a melee, but he knows very well that the strength of this Thunder Dragon is about the same as that of the dark eagle Old Ancestor. It can’t save them at all. Even Leiqiu will die here. !

“In millions and millions of years, these juniors’ Magical Powers have improved a lot, Leiqiu, look, there are some magical powers, even you and I can’t comprehend them!”

Old Ancestor grinned: “You said they finished killing your helper, oh, I almost forgot, you still have descendants…”

The Dark Eagle Old Ancestor looked down at Kong Wu and Bai Guanxing, full of teasing and mocking: “This is the Baize Clan? And Human Race? Isn’t it annihilated? We still have descendants? But their strength is really true. Weak ones are fine!”

“Especially Human Race, are you sure that he is Human Race? It’s not a cross between pigs and dogs! Hahaha……”

Leiqiu’s dragon eyes were gloomy, but he also noticed Kong Wu and Bai Guanxing. To be honest, the first time he woke up was surprised…This is his younger generation?

“The clan is gone, are these Little Brat’s strengths so weak?”

At the same time, Van Van Ao once again urged the wheel of God to kill Qin Yichen. Man Qianzhu, Xie Feiyang, and the experts of all parties are all showing Magical Powers and killing intent.

“Feng Tianxing, where is Que Wenqing’s dowry for you? That pair of wings is good. I heard that Princess Xixia woven it by herself. Why not give it to me!”

“There is also that warship. From now on, I will step on that warship to break through your demon gate and level the Emperor’s Palace!”

Looking at it, the gods and demons all over the sky are so fierce, I can’t wait to smash Qin Yichen, the most important thing is to divide and annex his treasure!

Qin Yichen looked back and saw that the Dique clan was retreating again and again, and Bai Guanxing was shiver coldly, even thinking about it, and roared: “Ancestor, Ancestor Leiqiu! Can you… escort us out!”

“It is not stargazers who are greedy for life and fear of death, but only hate the gods and demons everywhere… ancestors, if we live, we will avenge you!”

Bai Guanxing’s divine eyes full of wisdom turned red. What a happy major event to see a living ancestor of the innate god who has not fallen due to the years?

But reason tells him that only by living can there be hope! Once you die here, everything is empty talk!

Lei Qiu hearing this, the moment when the dragon’s eyes glanced, couldn’t help but feel infinite grief.

Suddenly, Leiqiu sighed and looked at Bai Guanxing and Kong Wu who were weak in his eyes. Suddenly, his mouth opened sharply: “that’s all, that’s all…this is no longer my era.”

“Juniors, stay alive!”

At that moment, Leiqiu was covered with rays of light ten thousand zhang, but at this moment, he heard coldly shouted, resounding through the clouds, shaking the heavens and demons!

“Senior, these wastes are worthy of forcing you and me?!”

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