Alchemy Dao Grandmaster Chapter 5054


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Leiqiu’s eyes shook, and when he looked down, he saw a slender silhouette, staring coldly at the sky.

“Today, no one needs to die. Senior, millions and millions of years, the scenery is very good, after killing them, I will show you!”

The words were extremely arrogant, cold and severe. For a while, all of them were stunned, but when they came back to his senses, they saw that Van Man’s face looked grim.


“Wind day, death is imminent, do you dare to pose here!?”

“Kill you first today. When I meet Que Wenqing, I will let your husband and wife reunite!”

Van Van Ao urged the god wheel to kill. In the blink of an eye, Qin Yichen was surrounded by many Dao law suppressions, but the latter was not afraid, but at that moment, the endless sword light appeared!

“Innate Sword Dao!”

Between angrily, I saw several thousands li around Qin Yichen as the center, countless magic knives flashed down, like a rainstorm, the magic knives dropping from the sky, direct blood flowing into a river, Gods and demons are wailing everywhere!

The terrible light of the sword made many powerhouses unable to resist. They urged Magical Powers to protect themselves, but in the face of this light, Magical Powers was as fragile as thin paper, and was immediately penetrated!

They even penetrated not only their Divine Ability, but also the powerhouse’s various means of motivating the Tao to manifest and transform them. The heavenly demon cloud divine light was surging, but they were all penetrated by the knife light!

“Xiantian Dao…”

In this scene, Rao is the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor saw in his eyes, and he can’t help but be surprised: “Where did this innate god come from?”

“I said junior, you have this ability, why not take refuge in Celestial Court! Why don’t you help me, kill this Thunder Dragon together!”

Qin Yichen sneered.

“Kong Wu, tell him why!”

Kong Wu trembled and raised his head, shouted angrily: “Because my clan has fallen, and he is the hegemon of Heaven and Earth who dominates millions and millions of years!”

“And you, the so-called Old Ancestor of the flying eagle clan, just woke up and you made the eagle dog for the Celestial Court. Such cartilage is worthy of my clan’s clamor!?”

Old Ancestor gnashing teeth, the eagle’s beak is fierce: “I am angry too! I am angry too!”

“A human race cub who is a cross between a pig and a dog, dare to reprimand the deity!?”

“Worship, wait for the extermination!”

Looking at it, countless magic knives appeared at once, causing heavy losses to the Celestial Court powerhouse. You must know that they are by no means weak. After all, it takes a great price to open the channel to the Lich Road Market. , There is no weak person.

But even so, in front of the sword rain, there were still heavy casualties, but Fan Wanao recalled the two divine chakras and flew horizontally to his left and right, only to hear the sound of ding. Blocked a god sword!

Man, Qianzhu and others also used their own methods. Although they were very embarrassed in front of the Xiantian Dao Dao, they at least stood up!

“It’s so windy! Letting you grow is great!”

“Fortunately, you have to die today!”

Fan Wanao furiously shouted: “Fanming Town Heaven Jue!”

In an instant, I saw the silhouette of Van Wanao skyrocketing, and the aura became even more terrifying to the extreme. At that moment, even the emperor clan could not help but shudder.

“The secret technique of the Fanming tribe!?”

You must know that the Fanming clan itself is the emperor clan, and it is also the race of the empress empress. Its background is not inferior to the emperor clan. Among them, the secret technique of Taoism, the power can be imagined!

“Manhua Swallowing Soul Ferrying Yellow Springs!”

The more terrifying thing is that Man Qianzhu tenderly shouted, the original beautiful and cold Demoness turned into a magic flower that covers the sky and the sun. The magic flower opens its mouth, and countless vines are like a python Crazy spread.

Looking at it, one after another flower vine, there are countless Remnant Souls of gods and demons on the roar, it seems to be extremely painful, as if you want to kill others to liberate yourself!

“Evil Sun Demon Tower, town!”

Xie Feiyang also came with a burst. In an instant, the magic tower flew high and turned into a demon sun. Under the demon sun, Bai Guanxing and Kong Wu only felt as if they were burned by the sun. general.

But the sun gives people the feeling of masculinity and hotness. This magic sun makes them feel cold and biting, but it can also burn their Divine Soul and turn it into a ray of demonic energy……

“Good means! Good means! Leiqiu, have you seen that, these juniors’ means are much more exquisite than you and me, what is the change of the day, this is the change of the day!”

“Look at your two juniors again, hum, you almost wrote the word waste on your face!”

The Dark Eagle Old Ancestor saw in his eyes, he couldn’t help shouting with excitement, even Leiqiu had long eyebrows furrowed, and fell asleep in millions and millions of years. In this world, he really couldn’t understand it.

“The methods of these gods and demons are not simple, the innate sword god may not be able to handle it…”

However, just as Leiqiu was feeling emotional, what he did not expect was that the innate sword god never retreated, instead he converged a magic sword and took out a battle halberd!

The battle halberd body is blue, just taken out, it seems that there is a flood of sky, it is suffocating, it seems to dare to go against the flood of the sky, all are crushed into powder, and washed into nothingness!

“Didn’t you always want my Bihai Emperor Treasure? The Emperor Treasure is here, dare you, come and get it!”

Just listen to Qin Yichen’s burst, and in the next moment, he suddenly waved the Bihai Emperor Treasure!

Emperor Treasure is in hand, there is no need for too much Divine Ability, and gorgeous methods, just a sweep, the tip of the halberd will seem to cut through the deep sea, setting off a huge wave!

“bang! !!!”

Battle halberd swept away all directions, and in an instant, the magic flower swayed like a candle in the wind, and then it turned into a Demoness gesture, as if the Emperor Treasure in the blue sea broke the man with one blow. Qian Zhu’s Taoism made her breathless and suffered heavy losses!

Not only that, many Celestial Court powerhouses only feel the endless raging sea coming, swallowing them, crushing them!

Even the sparrow is as small as a sparrow in front of the power of the Emperor Treasure. Let the raging waves wash away, the bones of the body are shattered, and the original gorgeous and noble feathers are torn and crushed!

This blow shattered the mountains and rivers, and the silent mountains of the two innate gods collapsed. Even the dark eagles Old Ancestor and Leiqiu who were fighting together could not help but stop. Qi Qi looked in astonishment.

“Good treasure, what treasure is this!?”

“This little innate god has this treasure! is it possible that, the deity is on the wrong team!?”

Leiqiu was also amazed: “This treasure is more powerful than my dragon’s spine. This is the Emperor Treasure?”

However, Leiqiu soon discovered that this Emperor Treasure was very dilapidated!

“The innate sword god junior is no more than a sage, and it is difficult to control this Emperor Treasure. Attack like just now, I am afraid it can only play a few times!”

Leiqiu’s dragon eyes flashed, and he could see the clues, and Old Ancestor naturally realized it in a flash!

“Good treasure! Juniors, this deity killed the innate sword god for you, how does this treasure belong to the deity!”

When Van Man heard it proudly, he almost couldn’t help but curse.

Here you are?

Are you worthy?

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