Alchemy Dao Grandmaster Chapter 5055


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Don’t look at the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor is the innate god of 10,000 years ago, but in the time of millions and millions years, their various emperors are not standing still.

The current patriarch of the Flying Eagle Clan, the commander of the Yulin Army, is also extremely powerful. He is not a courtier of the Heavenly Emperor Your Majesty. You dare to ask for the Emperor Treasure with one mouth?

Van Wan’s proud eyes flashed, and he said loudly: “Senior, you stop the Lei Ze Nielong first, and when you return to Celestial Court, Your Majesty will personally reward your Majesty, and the clan will fly!”

“As for the innate sword god, let me deal with it!”

After drinking, Van Van Ao bowed his head and wiped off the blood stains from the corners of his mouth, but the fierce glow in his eyes became colder.

“Emperor Treasure, Emperor Treasure… Windy, it turns out that you are carrying the Emperor Treasure! You finally made it!”

“But I said, today you have to die if you don’t bring the Emperor Treasure, and you die if you bring the Emperor Treasure!!!”

Qin Yichen said nothing, holding the Emperor Treasure of the blue sea, and stepping through the waves. Every time he rushes into the waves, his breath rises and surges. After the waves pass, his breath has surged to the extreme, just like he is That angry sea waves!


A halberd, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, with the tenacious of the Emperor Treasure of Bihai, even with the sharpness of the Emperor Treasure alone, it can crush Van Van Ao into mud, even more how Falling, it’s more like a huge angry wave suppressing it!

For a time, both Kong Wu and Bai Guanxing felt choked. They found that they are both descendants of True Dragon. Of course, True Dragon and the top ten brothers and sisters, not at all, are so clear that they are better than they are now. The so-called alliance between the imperial clans is even stronger, and they are true brothers.

However, the gap between them and her husband is not too big!

They were also born in the Emperor Heaven Realm, and the husband was killed from an unknown Small World…

“If you and I also have an Emperor Treasure, where can these gods and demons take the lead?!”

At this moment, I saw Qin Yichen’s Emperor Treasure hit, and the tip of the halberd stirred the tsunami, and even the sapphire emitted a burst of light!

However, this time, Van Van Ao didn’t even dodge, even though it was difficult for him to move because of the power of the Emperor Treasure, but because of this, his brows suddenly appeared divine. glow!

The divine glow surgingly circulates, and in the blink of an eye, it turns into a noble shadow, the shadow is graceful, slightly rich, but exudes a majesty that makes people dare not look directly at it!


I saw the two jade palms of the light and shadow merge, and suddenly the ten thousand zhang angry waves and the sky divine light burst, but it was captured by the Emperor Treasure of Bihai!

“Bold! Dare to hurt my Erlang of the Vatican!”

Just listen to the scream of light and shadow, full of the majesty that the gods and demons can’t help kneeling down, let alone the Kong Wu crowd, even the innate god Dark Eagle Old Ancestor 10,000 years ago can’t help but shake.

As if, the Empress Empress bestowed Van Van Ao’s life-saving Magical Powers, it broke out!

“Hey, is this the means given by the emperor to these juniors?”

“The emperor of heaven turned out to be a woman…Bah! Don’t be aware of the deity’s mind with this method!”

Qin Yichen felt guilty and compassionate for a while. He felt that he shouldn’t be killed like this, but should love Man Qianzhu well.

Suddenly Qin Yichen’s heart trembled, and countless awe-inspiring sounds sounded in his mind. It was the heartbeat recording that made him clear!


Qin Yichen suddenly returned to his senses, and quickly took the Bihai Emperor Treasure back. Such a move also suddenly made the smile on Man Qianzhu’s face become hideous.

“The junior who is incomprehensible! Don’t hand over the treasure yet!”

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