Alchemy Dao Grandmaster Chapter 5056


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Qin Yichen was secretly surprised that the power behind these guys, each Magical Powers is extraordinary, not only can save their lives, but even want to take his Emperor Treasure!

Qin Yichen once again smashed the space, suppressed and killed the evil flying, the power of the Emperor Treasure of the blue sea was like a flood, making the latter’s silhouette difficult to move.

However, at the moment when the tip of the halberd was about to pierce it, he saw the evil flying aura suddenly rising, and the originally frivolous magic pupil was suddenly replaced by an evil light and darkness.


Xie Feiyang raised his palm. Although he could not help retreating after a pause, he held the Emperor Treasure firmly!

“Good treasure! Can make the Emperor hidden within the body Divine Ability burst out, this is…Bihai Emperor Treasure!”

“What a windy trip! What an imperial palace! I will accept this treasure for Que Yutian!”

Xie Feiyang suddenly became extremely domineering, and the power of evil was raging. Not only did it not fear, but also took the initiative to attack and kill Qin Yichen. As the latter stepped back, he couldn’t help being surprised.

“Damn it! These guys… Did the Emperor Que forget to give me Magical Powers? You really take the son-in-law to be his own person!”

Qin Yichen only remembered that Emperor Que also seemed to have given him Magical Powers, but that had to be a fatal threat!

And the emperor’s elders are also horrified at the moment. The Celestial Court’s many powerhouses were swept by the Bihai Emperor Treasure and the casualties were heavy. After the Empress Divine Ability broke out, the emperor did not dare to take action and had to hide away. , Fear of being affected by Yu Wei!

“The Magical Powers, the backers of these three guys, have all shot. Tianxing’s situation is terrible!”

Qin Yichen fought and retreated, but he was frequently in distress. If Time and Space Avenue were not useful for fleeing his life, he would have been besieged long ago.

Qin Yichen gritted his teeth secretly, if his realm is higher, even if Dao Venerable is achieved, or Bihai Emperor Treasure is repaired a little bit, it will not be so embarrassed, at least it can hardly shake the life-saving Magical Powers bestowed by them!

Lei Qiu also noticed the anomaly, and the dragon beard fluttered: “The treasure in this junior’s hand is good, but it’s a pity that he still can’t control it. Those three guys… the Fanming Clan, Xieguang Clan, and Mandosa Hua!”

“This junior is in danger!”

At this moment, I saw Xie Feiyang suddenly attacked. It actually shredded the space, and even strangled Qin Yichen from a stream of time, and suddenly blasted out with a palm, causing the latter to fly backwards. Even his ribs were beaten!

If Qin Yichen turns into a deity, this is equivalent to smash his blade into a twist and distraction!


Qin Yichen supported the ground with battle halberd and stood in front of Kong Wu’s group, looking at three terrible breaths.

Xie Feiyang’s voice is hoarse and more aggressive and aggressive: “I know who you are, Feng Tianxing, hand over the Emperor Treasure, this treasure is not something you can get in touch with!”

Faced with such threats, Qin Yichen coldly smiled: “It’s okay to hand it over, but should I give it to the empress Empress, the Demoness, or you?”

Xie Fei Yang was startled, and the awe-inspiring magic pupil suddenly looked at Fan Wanao and Man Qianzhu vigilantly.

The light and shadow in front of Van Wanao seemed to be a touch of sorrow, scolded: “Cunning junior! This palace is the main palace of the Emperor of Heaven, so naturally it is for me!”

Qin Yichen suddenly grinned: “I think it can!”

Xie Feiyang was startled, and suddenly angrily said: “Junior, this is not your turn to provoke the separation!”

Qin Yichen smiled unabatedly: “How can this be called provocative divorce? Junior is taking advantage of the trend!”

“The three Divine Ability won’t last long. If Junior desperately resists, he can almost drag him to the three Magical Powers, right?”

“At that time, tsk tsk…”

Qin Yichen suddenly raised his head and looked at Old Ancestor of Dark Eagle. The meaning is obvious. Whom will Dark Eagle Old Ancestor help when the time comes? Whose Emperor Treasure is most likely to belong to!

Who is the Old Ancestor most likely to listen to?

Of course it is the Celestial Court whose descendants have all returned!

Xie Feiyang was startled, and he was really instigating discord!

“sharp-tongued! Kill you first, and we will discuss who the Emperor Treasure belongs to!”

Xie Feiyang is also really decisive, because he knows that the wind won’t die, everything is nonsense!

Furthermore, the innate Thunder Dragon is not muddled. Under the sorrow of genocide, it is very likely that they will be perish together with Old Ancestor again!

Qin Yichen once again fell into danger, and the emperor Que clan elder helped him, but was blown away by the empress Empress.

Leiqiu looked at all of this, but his eyes were full of desolation. He didn’t expect that he had just recovered from a battle, but he was about to fall. Moreover, this time, I am afraid that it is body dies and Dao disappears, no matter how difficult it is to recover!

It’s just that, how can the sorrow of my own fall compare with the bloody hatred of the genocide?

“My True-Dragon Race, really things have reached a dead end…”

Lei Qiu let out a long sigh, but suddenly he was surprised, his eyes lit up.


Perhaps, there is still a chance!

“Junior, why not use Heavenly Dao first?! You rely on treasure like this, even if you can save your life, you will kill yourself!”

Listening to the sound of Hong Lei rolling, Qin Yichen did not look back, but loudly said: “What is the first Heavenly Dao sound?!”

At that moment, Leiqiu’s obvious dragon’s mouth twitched slightly, the dragon’s eyes swept across, and the Elder Dique couldn’t help lowering his head in a daze.

But soon, seeing the old Dique raise his head, his eyes are full of strong hope!

“Heavenly Dao first…Senior, do you think Heavenly Dao first!?”

Leiqiu’s deep voice dragon roar: “I am an innate god, why don’t you understand Heavenly Dao sound first?”

Immediately, he looked at the pupil light to Qin Yichen: “You junior, you are obviously an innate god, why don’t you even know the sound of Taoism…”

The Dique clan is old and embarrassed. First, Heavenly Dao sounds, that is the Divine Ability! Just like the Bloodline Strength of the acquired life!

But a pity, no matter how powerful the Emperor Que is, even if he passes all 36 of his hands to Qin Yichen, the former is not an innate god, and he cannot teach Taoism!

“Junior, listen carefully! I will preach your voice and help you turn peril into safety!”

Qin Yichen’s heart is shocked, first Heavenly Dao! ?

What kind of Magical Powers are that?

He knows Dao Yin, but first Heavenly Dao…

Suddenly, Qin Yichen would as if was struck by lightning, only listening to Leiqiu’s sound transmission in his mind Haoran.

“Daoyin has endless magical uses, I will pass you three ways, respectively, kill! Zhen! Thunder!”

The last three sound transmissions are mysterious and obscure. They are sounds that Qin Yichen has never heard before. They are extremely strange to him, but they make him feel that they contain great power!

Heavenly Dao first!

Bai Guanxing also came back to his senses, happily said: “Sir, hurry up and comprehend Daoyin!”

Heavenly Dao first!

Three strands of Taoist sounds continue to echo in Qin Yichen’s mind, and Qin Yichen only feels that he is silent in the Great Divine Ability!

Even Chuanxinlu is constantly surging, making Qin Yichen go back 100 million 10,000 years ago!

Qin Yichen first thought of what is sound and what is text?

Wen Nai is the concrete manifestation of sound.

And Qin Yichen only understands at this moment what it means to convey the words by writing!

There are countless races in the world, gods and demons stand tall, and the inheritance civilization of each race is different, but the premise of the creation of text is to make the listener understand the truth!

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