Alchemy Dao Grandmaster Chapter 5059


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“This junior…”

Lei Qiu quietly muttered, after all, he couldn’t think of that many at a critical moment.

The problem is…

“I have my own way to deal with these three Magical Powers, but who can stop the dark eagle?”

You know, the strength of the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor and his evenly matched are extremely tyrannical!

On the basis of the defeated generals of the remnants of the Imperial Palace, I am afraid that they will not even be able to delay the deal!

However, at this moment, Qin Yichen grinned: “If there is Senior’s dragon spine, Junior might have a chance to fight!”

Raiciu was surprised, but this seemed to be their only chance to stand up!

And if it succeeds, then the outcome can be completely subverted! Live or die, all here!

“Junior, you have to hold on!”

Leiqiu’s double dragon eyes became high-spirited: “This Emperor Treasure is like the raging waves of the flood, but the water phase Emperor Artifact, I…”

As if, Qin Yichen is still far from able to completely control the Emperor Treasure of Bihai, and Leiqiu is not much better.

Fortunately, Leiqiu also consulted Fellow Daoist of Black Tortoise Clan about the ways of Lin Yuan.

“Okay! Today, Leiqiu will live and die with a little friend!”

In an instant, Leiqiu burst into a loud voice, which actually shook the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor’s mind for a moment. At this moment, the light and shadow of Empress also struck Qin Yichen.

“Senior, take Emperor Treasure!”

“little friend, pick me up with Dragon’s Back!”

At that moment, I saw the slender silhouette and Thunder Dragon staggered across, Thunder Qiu’s back lightning burst, and it split into a Thunder Dragon, entwined around Qin Yichen’s wrist, and in a flash, the thunder crossed and turned. The latter is full of thunder patterns!


Almost at the same time, Leiqiu turned into a middle-aged man with long white and blue hair. He looked like a mighty man, with a pair of dragon eyes like torches. Shattered the light and shadow of Empress Empress!


The two figures landed impressively, leaning against each other, but Qin Yichen was holding the magic mace, while Leiqiu was holding the Bihai Emperor Treasure and glaring at the three gods!

“Good treasure!”

With the Bihai Emperor Treasure in hand, Leiqiu’s breath also rises sharply, and likewise, the magical mace filled with the avenue of thunder also makes Qin Yichen’s martial arts reappear!

“little friend, today we will kill you, I want to see what is different about the scenery after millions and millions years!”


Qin Yichen gritted his teeth and swept his magical mace, which actually forced the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor to flap his wings, a moment of fear.

“These two guys…have changed treasures!”

Fan Wanao looked in his eyes, his eyes were cracking.

Even though Leiqiu touched Bihai Emperor Treasure for the first time, and he was born with Thunder Dragon, he did not fit well with Bihai Emperor Treasure.

But, his realm is there! His divine might be far more majestic than Qin Yichen!

“Senior, this Emperor Treasure is made by the Bihai Clan. Junior teaches you a method that can help Senior!”

In an instant, the rays of light flashed behind Qin Yichen’s head, and he taught the God Sea Swallowing Heaven Jue to Leiqiu!

“This method, has several points of mysterious……”

Leiqiu’s dragon’s eyes flickered, he was an innate god, and his innate talent was overflowing. He did not lose to Qin Yichen at all. He was already in his mind and quickly deduced the comprehend.

“Junior, I will also pass you a cultivation technique!”

“This method is called “Dragon Fight Nine Heavens Jue”, specializing in dragon spine!”

Lei Qiu burst: “This method is not only passed on to you, but also passed on to you two juniors!”

Lei Qiu is naturally talking about Bai Guanxing and Kong Wu.

“The dragon fights in the sky, and the dragon’s spine reaches the sky! The dragon’s spine connects to the brain, and its wisdom reveals Magical Powers. As for the waist, the waist is one of the strengths of the whole body!”

“Magical Powers combines wisdom and strength to fight for nine days!”

“Whether it is a dragon or a human! If the backbone is bent, how can it be able to support both heaven and earth!?”

“Good way!”

Qin Yichen screamed, I just feel that it is infinitely useful! It also made him faintly clear comprehension of the mystery of strength and cohesion!

Qin Yichen suddenly realized that the dragon spine is very important to True-Dragon Race. It runs through the whole body from the head, and it is also vital to Human Race!

Human Race’s spine connects to the brain at the top, and connects to the waist and abdomen at the bottom. It can be said to be through Magical Powers and Qi Condensation!

Everyone in the world laughs at Human Race for its weak physique. Who wants to be Human Race, and so powerful and strange! What surprised Qin Yichen even more was that the ancestors had already exploited the power of every part of the body so tyrannical 10,000 years ago!

And Leiqiu’s low drink was accompanied by a lot of mysterious, a brain flooded into Kong Wu’s brains, making Kong Wu’s whole body as if was struck by lightning, at the same time, the originally gloomy eyes could not help but rise up.


“Ancestor and Mr. have joined forces!”

millions and millions years Time, the two dragons are in harmony, and you look forward to it!


Qin Yichen waved his magical mace in his hand, which actually caused a layer of thunder to burst. With a burst, he blasted towards the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor.

“It’s reversed… Fengtianxing, it’s reversed you!”

The light and shadow of Empress Empress furious: “And you Lei Ze Nielong, this is not your era! Of course the scenery after millions and millions of years is different!”

Emperor Empress blasted away, but saw Leiqiu raised high Bihai Emperor Treasure. Under her anger, the earth burst into deep ravines, and it seemed even better that there was an endless tsunami, erupting from the ground!


The light and shadow of the Empress retreated, but Leiqiu was holding the Emperor Treasure, aggressively offensive, one enemy three.

“putting it that way, destroy my clan, you all have a share!?”

“hmph hum, the ability of the three is really good. If the deity comes here, there is nothing to say when Leiqiu falls here today, but trifling three Magical Powers, you think you can kill me!?”

Bihai Emperor Treasure in Leiqiu’s hands is really more powerful than Qin Yichen’s hands, although both of them can only spur the most superficial invincibility of Emperor Treasure, and even Qin Yichen can provoke a little majestic divine might.

But Leiqiu has a majestic aura, a deep divine might, and Emperor Treasure in his hands. The offensive is like a raging sea, and there is no sign of exhaustion!

“This evil dragon wants to survive until our Divine Ability disappears…”

The light and shadow of the Empress Empress is fascinating, and the one who fears most at this moment is the Vanguard!

If this life-saving Magical Powers dissipates, how ugly he will die! ?

Xie Feiyang also flickered the magic eyes. Leiqiu and Qin Yichen exchanged their opponents this move, which really caught them off guard!

As if, this is to make Leiqiu delay until their Magical Powers dissipate, and Qin Yichen, go to resist the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor!

Evil Feiyang three divine might wreak havoc, but Leiqiu has the Emperor Treasure in his hand, so he is not afraid of one enemy and three. Even if Leiqiu can have the battle strength of Peak, or let him refining and be familiar with Emperor Treasure , It’s not just to resist the three people, I’m afraid it will kill them!

“Damn evil dragon!”

Xie Feiyang’s voice is hoarse, and the noble and graceful empress Empress also has sullen anger. Leiqiu is indeed powerful, but he is far from worthy to challenge them, but unfortunately, their deity is not here!

“Dark Eagle Senior, hurry and kill that little thief!”

Don’t need to be urged by Van Wan Hou, Old Ancestor came back to his senses long ago, with a fierce face, this little congenital god who does not open his eyes, dare to collude with Leiqiu? Dare to stop him from escaping Heaven and Earth, damn it!

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