Alchemy Dao Grandmaster Chapter 5060

In this scene, the Empress couldn’t help gritting her teeth slightly. This innate eagle god is not a good thing!

To escape separately, obviously to make them bear Raichu’s anger!

But Old Ancestor knows very well that at this time, whoever is dragged by Thunder Qiu and this little sword god will have to die!

As the so-called Fellow Daoist, Poor Daoist, even more how, if it weren’t for the backer and tyrannical, would the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor listen to these juniors?

“sou sou…”

In an instant, the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor flew across the sky with Van Vanguard, and they chose the opposite direction!

Lei Qiu saw in his eyes, without the slightest hesitation, he chose to chase and kill Van Wanao!


Feeling the horrible killing intent of fast as lightning behind, the light and shadow of Empress couldn’t help but be astonished. Isn’t this evil dragon being perish together and irreconcilable with the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor?

Why come after them!

“Nielong! Leave a thread in everything, otherwise, between this Heaven and Earth, you don’t even want to have a place to shelter!”

Lei Qiu didn’t say a word, but just exploded Lei Wei to the extreme. If you say that the Vanguard is just to grab the opportunity, then he might not go all out to chase him down.

It’s not that Leiqiu is so kind, but the three great powers Divine Ability, so that he also has several points of jealousy!


“Just now you said that when you trample on my clan, you all have a share!?”

Leiqiu’s anger was like a violent thunder, shaking heaven falls and earth rends, which is why he chased after Vanguard, instead of chasing down the old Ancestor!

Compared with the hatred of the race, his bit of grudges is nothing! ?

Suddenly, Xie Feiyang’s magic pupil returned to a bit of normality, and he forcibly condensed fiercely: “I can’t run…”

Lei Qiu is the God of Heavenly Dragon first, speaking of which, in terms of flying speed, True-Dragon Race is also terrifying! It even surpasses the emperors such as Wu Jin Clan and Kunpeng Race!

Lei Qiu doesn’t need to fight with them, just wait until their Magical Powers dissipate. For the former holding the Emperor Treasure, killing the Vanguard is simply a piece of cake!

“Then don’t run!”

The light and shadow of Empress Empress appeared decisively. Suddenly she stunned her figure. The light and shadow became more and more swollen. Rays of light Heavenspan should not be disobeyed!

“Dark Eagle Senior, I am the current empress! You should go to the Celestial Court powerhouse. After you leave this place of right and wrong, come to my Celestial Court, the palace and Your Majesty, and you will have rewards!”

Looking at the rising divine might of Empress Empress, Bai Guanxing secretly thought so cruel!

The queen is not someone who is easy to deal with!

Seeing that I can’t run away, I just took the initiative to fight, delaying time for the Old Ancestor, and even sold the Old Ancestor for a favor!

As the main palace of the Emperor of Heaven, all women in the world admire and envy the existence. Is the Empress an ordinary generation?

However, the Empress never thought that Qin Yichen would even dare to hunt down the Old Ancestor!

Looking from afar, in the sky in the distance, the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor is at a terrible speed, but a warship behind it is galloping even harder, chasing him!

“Junior, I’m lacking hatred and enmity with you! Don’t be too much! Really the deity can’t kill you!?”

Old Ancestor both shocked and angry. Previously, this little knife had divine ability to deal with himself, nothing more than because he didn’t want to fight for his life, which really angered him, and let this junior ten deaths without life!

Qin Yichen sneered and drove the Fengqing battleship to the extreme, and even took out the magic, loudly shouted.

“trap! ”

“roar! !!!”

The moment the divine mace was released, it turned into a glaring Thunder Dragon, Thunder Dragon abruptly moved around the sky, tangling the claws of the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor!

The two wings of the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor flapped, and the claws swept again and again. However, this divine mace was transformed by Leiqiu’s dragon’s back. He and Leiqiu were inseparable in strength, and they couldn’t be torn apart for a moment!

“This little sword god wants to hold me, until Leiqiu kills…”

The Dark Eagle Old Ancestor was furious, this little sword god is really so vicious! Both sides want to kill!

However, at this moment, Old Ancestor did not dare to look back, because once he fought fiercely with Qin Yichen, then it should be the latter’s intention to delay him!

“Junior, even Leiqiu’s servant didn’t chase me, what are you doing so vicious!?”

At the same time, Thunder Qiu, who fought fiercely against the three powerful Magical Powers, was also startled.

“Is that little friend chasing the Dark Eagle alone?!”

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