Alchemy Dao Grandmaster Chapter 5061


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Lei Qiu’s eyes flashed, why don’t you know that Qin Yichen is buying time for himself!

Similarly, he has to buy time for the little friend who even the Emperor Treasure is willing to lend him, do it quickly!

“roar! !!!”

a dragon roar chants Nine Heavens Thunder, Leiqiu’s offensive is getting more and more fierce, even hesitating to replace his injuries with injuries. His injuries are real injuries, and the Empress loses only one Magical Powers!

But even so, Leiqiu is killing intent overflowing heaven.

“This evil dragon is crazy… crazy!”

In a short time, the dragon eye of Leiqiu’s Divine Thunder ten thousand zhang also turned red.

“My True-Dragon Race, it’s not over yet!!!”

“bang bang bang!”

Suddenly, Leiqiu’s dragon mouth opened fiercely, and in a wild and brutal way, he bit the Empress’s neck severely!

Fan Wanao, a group of young people who fled in all directions, were crushed by thousands of mines into a blood mist!

Originally, the strength of Van Van Ao’s group is not weak, and they can rely on the large number of people. In front of Leiqiu, I can’t say that there is no power to fight back, but it is a pity that they have been fighting in the mountain before, their state and methods , Almost consumed by Qin Yichen!

“Nielong! With you… if you dare to take a step out of the Lich Taoist market! This palace will let you die without a burial site!”

The light and shadow of Empress also dissipated, leaving only the sullen and transcendent divine sound to penetrate the sky.

“Then let’s wait and see!”

The fierceness in Leiqiu’s Dragon Eye was too late to dissipate, so he suddenly looked back: “little friend…”


Kong Wu and Bai Guanxing only saw a moment of effort, and Leiqiu Ancestor returned in the sky for a while, and soon Old Ancestor felt throbbing behind him!


Leiqiu directly attacked the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor with invincible posture, and saw a Thunder Dragon and Dark Eagle fighting fiercely in the sky, colliding with the barbarians!


Old Ancestor is terrified. It really didn’t expect that things will develop to this step. Even he may fall here!

Originally, he was not afraid of Leiqiu, at least he wanted to escape. Leiqiu still couldn’t stop him, but he blamed this little sword god and gave him an Emperor Treasure for his fierceness!

“Lei Qiu…I didn’t kill your clansman! Isn’t it okay if we had enemies back then? Don’t force me!”

“Qin Yichen…”

Lei Qiu is surprised, aren’t you surname Feng?

“Ancestor, kill this eagle first!”

Though Leiqiu was silent millions and millions years, but he was not a fool, and the dragon’s mouth opened wide, and the throat of the Dark Eagle Old Ancestor was severely bitten.

“Qin Yichen…Qin Yichen, he called me an ancestor? He is my descendant? My descendant, how could it be the innate sword god…”

At this very moment, the Emperor Que clan came in, including Kong Wu and Bai Guanxing.

“Sir, ancestors, are you all right?!”

Leiqiu watched the gradual loss of vitality, one after another eagle feather turned into a dark eagle Old Ancestor, suddenly pulled out the Emperor Treasure, indifferently said: “What a good treasure.”


Bihai Emperor Treasure flew back to Qin Yichen’s hands, and the Emperor Que clan hurriedly said: “Leiqiu Senior! My Emperor Que clan is polite!”

“Thanks to Senior’s bravery and mighty warfare, otherwise I’m afraid it will be… hey!”

The elders of the Emperor Que clan sighed. In this battle, the powerhouse next to them lost more than half, and even the Empress Divine Ability was shocked. It was extremely dangerous.

Leiqiu is slightly nodded, as if he has no intention of dealing with the Dique clan, but instead falls the pupil light on Bai Guanxing and Kong Wu.

“You are a descendant of the Baize clan, and you are a descendant of Human Race. How about, are you all the brothers and sisters of Brother Fang?”

Of course, what Leiqiu is most concerned about is the slender silhouette. He secretly sounded transmission: “I heard them call you Fengtianxing, but you call yourself Qin Yichen, you…”

Qin Yichen pretends to be on the sidelines to heal his wounds, each piece of Taobao is absorbed and refined by him, but sound transmission says: “Qin Yichen is Junior’s real name, I am a descendant of True Dragon!”

“True Dragon descendants!?”

Lei Qiu was surprised: “But you are obviously the innate sword god…”

Qin Yichen’s eyes flashed with obscure rays of light: “Have the ancestors heard of the acquired innate?”

“This is a long story. In short, if the ancestors don’t believe me, you can ask Kong Wu and Bai Guanxing.”

Lei Qiu calmly looked at Kong Wu, and he had heard of it before: “Junior, this innate sword god, really your brother?”

Bai Guanxing and Kong Wuqi nodded together: “It’s true! Ancestor, Mr. is definitely our family! It’s a model for me!”

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