Alchemy Dao Grandmaster Chapter 5062


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“The same family…”

Leiqiu looked at the slender silhouette, the dragon’s eyes were extremely complicated, but Bai Guanxing quietly sounded transmission: “Ancestors, don’t watch too much! The Emperor Que clan doesn’t know the identity of the husband! If it is understood, there will be a major event! “

As if, Leiqiu, who has been silent for millions and millions years, doesn’t know the twists and turns.

However, he looked at everything in front of him. In his time, although he went to the Ancient Monster Clan Celestial Court to invade, the various races were also fighting, but the Lich Road Market had not yet formed.

Silence of millions and millions years, he has seen the sky again, but the race has been wiped out, which makes Leiqiu feel extremely desolate…

After a long period of silence, Leiqiu said solemnly: “My clan, there are brothers and sisters from all sides, how many are left?”

Bai Guanxing and Kong Wu both bowed their heads in silence. Only the old emperor of the Dique clan said: “True Dragon, True Dragon…In short, there are many more Human Races! The Baize clan is still alive, and there are also dwarves. .”

Lei Qiu looked at Kong Wu: “Are they all the same Human Race as him?”

Kong Wu’s head was lowered deeper, Qin Yichen saw this and couldn’t help saying: “Senior, don’t say that…”

He wanted to explain something for Kong Wu, but he had nothing to say.

If Human Race could be the same as Kong Wu, it would be a great thing!

But in fact, Kong Wu is already the top young generation in Yanhuang Palace!

Looking at the silent people, Leiqiu clenched his fists, and the tears in the dragon eyes were mixed with thunderbolt: “I think back then, my True-Dragon Race and Shifang brother sisters formed an alliance, now… “

Just tell yourself that only Human Race, Baize Clan, and Dwarf Race are left?

The elders of the Dique clan don’t dare to mention it any more. If this innate Thunder Dragon understood the current situation of the three clans, is it more than grief, anger and desolation? I’m afraid I will run away!

After a while, I saw an old emperor who whispered: “Senior, your battle back then was called the Lich battle.”

“And this is the Lich Taoist Market. In the battle that year, this universe was shattered, and outside, is the vast stars Heaven and Earth.”

“Senior just came back to life, why not follow us…”

Lei Qiu Miao light flashed: “Do you want me to serve your Emperor Que clan?”

In his cognition, the Dique clan is still a small clan that has just established a firm foothold. The thinking of millions and millions of years cannot be changed overnight.

And the elders of the Dique clan are also very helpless, Senior, you don’t even know, it’s pretty good now that there are forces that can take you in!

It is also fortunate that Qin Yichen met Leiqiu. Otherwise, it was other emperors who found the sacred mountain, even if it was the Emperor Que clan, without Qin Yichen, they might not help him!

It’s just that the words can’t be said so directly, the old emperor euphemistically said: “Senior, that… our emperor clan still had friendship with True-Dragon Race back then! Moreover, they are also allies with Human Race Yanhuang Palace. !”

“Back then, when those gods and demons besieged True-Dragon Race, our Emperor Que clan did not participate. You can ask two little friends about this matter!”

Lei Qiu looked at Kong Wu and Bai Guanxing again, only to see the latter nod reluctantly: “Ancestor… indeed is like this.”

It’s even straightforward. If you don’t go to the Imperial Palace, I’m afraid that Leiqiu will be crushed by the emperors from all sides as soon as he leaves the Lich Taoxu!

Lei Qiu also knows very well that the so-called current emperors and the backers behind those gods and demons are very strong!

Even in his Peak period, he is definitely not an opponent!

“millions and millions years…what happened!”

Bai Guanxing secretly dragged Qin Yichen’s clothes corner, the latter sighed, sound transmission said: “The ancestors, the situation is stronger than others, the younger generations are acquired and the innate, but it is helpless to go to the Imperial Palace.”

“At least now, the Imperial Palace has never been an enemy of us…”

Lei Qiu silently shook his fist front: “Okay! For the sake of Feng’s little friend, I will ally with you first!”

As soon as these words came out, the many powerhouses of the Emperor Que clan couldn’t help feeling happy.

Although Leiqiu’s identity is special and he is hated by all the emperors, he is definitely not strong!

The eyes of the old gods of the Dique tribe flickered: “With the strength of this Senior Thunder Dragon, if the Peak is restored, and then adapted to the current Heaven and Earth Grand Dao and cultivation method, it will definitely be able to dominate the Celestial Court of thousands of troops. Powerhouse battle!”

“Moreover, he is the innate Thunder Dragon, and has a place that cannot be matched by the born creatures of us!”

And Qin Yichen also quietly relaxed, but then said: “A few uncles, I’m afraid that Empress Divine Ability just noticed it. Can we get out of the Lich Taoist market?”

This is what Qin Yichen is worried about!

Leave aside the dangers of Lich Taoxu for the time being, don’t just leave this place, it is the troubles of the emperors from all sides that greet them!

The elders of the Emperor Que clan also showed a sad face: “There is a god-killing commander who is outside, it should be able to protect us from returning to the Emperor Palace safely…”

As if the Empress had already understood them and Leiqiu mixed together, and wanted Leiqiu to serve the Emperor Palace, the Emperor Palace must also protect the safety of Leiqiu.

Lei Qiu is an innate Thunder Dragon, with extremely powerful strength and much more sensitive than Qin Yichen. Qin Yichen was used by the Celestial Emperor to find an excuse to clean up, but the latter was simply too glaring.

But Raichu is different.

The most important thing is that they are in the Lich Taoxu, and they still can’t contact Emperor Que!

“Let’s take a step and take a step. Even if Celestial Court is furious, it still has my clan’s eyeliner. If the emperor learns about this and sends many powerhouses to help, there should be a turning point…”

Not to mention parting with Leiqiu directly…

One is such a tyrannical battle strength that the emperor elders are reluctant to give up, and the other is that Bai Guanxing and Kong Wu may not agree. The important thing is that Yanhuang Palace will definitely have opinions after learning about it.

Of course, the elders of the emperor do not know, and the emperor’s good son-in-law will not agree.

“Let’s search the spoils of war, Kong Wu, and the little friend of the Baize clan first. Let’s talk to Lei Senior first.”

The elders of the Dique clan gave Leiqiu and Kong Wu enough time to reunite, and Qin Yichen had healed as an excuse and stayed.

“You said, my race once dominated Heaven and Earth millions and millions years?!”

Soon, Leiqiu was unbelievable and stunned.

Leiqiu’s expression is complicated, and his memory is cliff-like at a loss, and it is very unfortunate for Leiqiu.

He has not witnessed the glory of True Dragon’s dominance, nor has he experienced the catastrophe, nor has he guarded the race alongside the brother sisters.

When he wakes up, everything has remained the same, but people have changed.

In the past two sentences, I saw Leiqiu bow his head and trembled: “Do you know how my clan was destroyed?”

These words made Kong Wu and Bai Guanxing both stunned for a while. They only knew that the glory of their race was no longer, but how it was destroyed…

Kong Wu and Bai Guanxing only heard Jiang Buyong mention it by chance, saying that it was those gods and demons who were jealous or could not allow Human Race to be so beautiful and spiritual wisdom.

But Jiang Buyong doesn’t know much, because those who destroyed True Dragon will tell the truth?

It’s Qin Yichen, who knows this.

It’s just a plan to create a man. It was a plan started only during the Emperor Hao Yi period. Where did Lei Qiu know?

However, Qin Yichen’s eyes flashed, and something suddenly occurred to him: “Ancestor, have you ever seen someone…the person from the Ancestor of Human Race!”

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