Alchemy Dao Grandmaster Chapter 5065


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Qin Yichen glanced around, but he couldn’t see his head at a glance, and there was a trembling bone, but now it is very fragile, and it is difficult to show the terrifying power of the past.

Qin Yichen knew that although the Lich War involved many things, even the tyrannical races that emerged at the time were more or less involved.

But in the final analysis, it was the dispute provoked by the Ancient Monster Clan Celestial Court. The day afterwards Monster Race refused to accept it and didn’t want to bend its knees under the Ancient Monster Clan, and killed the blood flowing into a river.

The world in front of him makes Qin Yichen feel that the avenue is shattered. I don’t know how many Monster Race can fall into it. The resentment of the monster soul lasts for a long time, as if it turns into a fierce land that cannot be set foot on.

“No wonder everyone said that Monster Race was a mess, and the internal fighting was fierce…”

Qin Yichen murmured softly, but the emperor came back to his senses: “I don’t know how many powerhouses are buried in this big battlefield. There will definitely be opportunities inside.”

Of course, you don’t have to think about waiting for your leisure time, because in the time of millions and millions of years, ordinary Taobao can become a cloud of dust!

But in the same way, the chance that can spread to the present must be heaven-shaking, earth-shattering!

“Go in and take a look.”

Qin Yichen and the crowd now have some confidence. After all, there is the former, the sword god who holds the Emperor Treasure, and the innate Thunder Dragon.

Now that they meet a separate emperor, or go to the branch of Ancient Monster Clan, it is really worthwhile.

Even so, Qin Yichen flew all the way with extreme caution, because this starry sky still has lingering power.

In some places, time is distorted. When passing by, they are still flesh and blood, but if they are slightly involved, they will turn into bones.

Some Star Domain spaces are shattered, like broken mirrors, skeleton doesn’t exist that can strangle people.

There are even more places filled with the overwhelming poison mist, how many years it has passed, it is difficult to disperse, no one dares to approach, and the starry sky is directly frozen into a piece of frost, and when touched, the stars are frozen .

There are also some Star Domains exuding fierce demon power, and even demon roars echoing, seeming to draw people back to the ancient times of heaven falls and earth rends.

Qin Yichen went all the way cautiously for two months, but found that there were not many opportunities, but many dangers.

But suddenly, Leiqiu stood in the Boundless Starry Sky, his nose trembling slightly: “Strange, do you smell a fragrance?”


Qin Yichen looked around and found that thousands of imperial powerhouses were looked at each other in blank dismay, and they didn’t even feel it.

“Yes, your realm is inferior to me, so I didn’t notice it.”

The realm present is the most powerhouse, undoubtedly Leiqiu, and he is also Lei Ze True Dragon, the fleshy body of True Dragon can be described as the existence of the awe of all races!

“Senior, what scent is it?”

Lei Qiu browses slightly wrinkle: “What fragrance…”

“Very fragrant fragrance.”

Qin Yichen and Kong Wu looked at each other, a very fragrant fragrance? What is this description?

However, Leiqiu looked into the depths of the starry sky, and a sharp glow appeared in the dragon’s eyes: “Over there.”

“Everyone, maybe we really found a great opportunity…”

“Wait for the fragrance of divine fruit, I have tasted it, even Dao fruit, but it is by no means as attractive as this fragrance.”

Leiqiu’s eyes are awe-inspiring: “And the most important thing is that such a tempting fragrance, we have not even found the source of the fragrance, if we really encounter that opportunity…”

The elders of the Dique clan can’t help but look forward to it. Although Leiqiu is silent millions and millions years, they will never doubt the insights of this innate Thunder Dragon.

“Lei Senior has something to do, what chance should it be?”

Qin Yichen is more cautious: “Senior, are you sure this is not a poison, or a trap of psychedelics?”

Lei Qiu slowly shook his head: “It shouldn’t be, this scent… well, such a mysterious, I really want to find it quickly.”

“Go ahead, wait until the distance gets closer, and you can feel it too.”

Qin Yichen was full of expectations, and flew towards the starry sky that Leiqiu pointed to. After a while, the former also flashed with gods.

“There is indeed a fragrance! I can smell it too!”

As soon as these words came out, the emperor Que clan couldn’t help being surprised.

You know, his realm is going to surpass Qin Yichen, but perception is surpassed by the latter?

Qin Yichen said in a condensed voice: “I am the first Heavenly God, and this fragrance is not only the fragrance of the mouth and stomach, but it makes my prestige attracted and affected…”

Qin Yichen thought for a long time, and slowly uttered two words: “Daoxiang!”


The Dique clan was shocked, but Daoxiang had heard of it.

The problem is that they are all Taoist existences, not to mention the ordinary and common delicacies, that is, divine fruit and Divine Beast meat, all kinds of delicacies have been tasted.

Ordinary fragrance, absolutely impossible to make them so excited!

“Try to get closer…”

Everyone flew by again, and suddenly the tip of the old Dique clan’s nose moved, surprisingly said: “It does smell, it smells good…”

The scent is invisible, but it seems to arouse their heart, making them very yearning!

With the development of Yuexue, both Bai Guanxing and Kong Wu were surprised.

“Great opportunity, it must be a great opportunity! This opportunity must be obtained!”

Even Kong Wu can feel this scent. It is conceivable that this scent makes Leiqiu feel stronger and more seductive!

After three full days of traveling, the God Realm powerhouse of the Emperor Que clan was also immersed in the fragrance.

“It smells good, it smells really good…”

An old emperor has a face full of intoxication, and even wants to float in the starry sky like this, as long as there is this fragrance to nurture.

And Kong Wu also understands why the ancestor Leiqiu was so excited!

This kind of scent can no longer be described by specific senses and tastes, but is immersed in the whole body, into each of their divine power.

It’s like, as long as you find the source of the scent, you can taste the thousands of ways of Faxi, which is why Qin Yichen finally said the word “fragrant”!

“What an opportunity should this be, if you can get it, it will be worth your hard work!”

This is how everyone feels at this moment. The Elder Dique and Leiqiu glanced at each other, they all planned like this!

“We must never let people catch the early bird to catch the worm, we have to speed it up!”

The elder of the Dique clan gave a deep cry, and immediately urged the cultivation base to turn into a sacred light. Leiqiu was unwilling to be left behind. In the blink of an eye, these thousands of powerhouses turned into a grandiose light array.

Qin Yichen is also at the forefront. He only feels the opportunity here. Even if he cannot recover the race, his strength can skyrocket, and he can fight against the existence of those who oppress the Human Race and kill the ancestors!

“The ancestors were right. After millions and millions years, the ordinary opportunities no longer exist, but what can be left must be the great opportunities!”

Qin Yichen thought this way, the speed of the flight became more and more high, and even the Wujin God Wing was transformed, but at this moment, he saw his eyes lifted.

“Strange, forget about the others, the ancestor Leiqiu is a powerful person, and he is also so eager, are you not afraid of variables?”

I don’t know whether it is the vigilance developed through countless experience, or the turbulent divine might and the shouting of killing that make Qin Yichen’s eyes flicker.

What moved him even more was that the silhouette of the fierce battle ahead turned out to be Wenqing Princess!

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