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    Ling Han recurrently retreats.



    He is enlightened with elements of destruction and occasionally goes to war to carry out his understanding.


    The great emperor looked in his eyes but did not say anything.


    When they came here, they were not full of confidence. They thought that they could realize the three elements and compete with the old God Beast.


    However, in addition to the inexplicable existence of the old God Beast, no one can master two or more Heaven and Earth elements.


    For a long time, even with their pride, I have to admit that this is indeed an impossible task.


    Ling Han has just arrived, and it is understandable that Qi is up to the sky, but as long as he is a while, he will accept the facts.


    So, why do they stop the old God Beast?


    There are many people.


    In the great emperors, as long as the four-speed expert is enough, even if you can't kill the old God Beast, you can suppress him to solve the crisis.


    Of course they also want to cure the problem, but that is impossible.


    Ling Han has more and more retreats, and the time to retreat each time is getting longer.


    Two million years later, the empress, the monkey brother, the big black dog, etc. have become emperors.


    They are very fortunate. At the time of the quasi-imperialist stage, they can see the near-essential evolution of 9 Star Natural Law, which is too great for them to break through the great emperor in the future.


    This is also the biggest chance in history, because Heaven and Earth have expanded from contraction to contraction, and this has been the case for billions of years.


    Only no one would have thought that there would be such a monstrous talent from Ling Han, which could help so many sages to enter the emperor.


    Now, through millions of years of accumulation, it has ushered in a wave of strong outbreaks.


    The new emperor actually counts in ten!


    However, some people did not break through the emperor and were taken into the body by Ling Han.


    As long as he is in his body, it seems to be in another Heaven and Earth Natural Law. As long as he reaches the Immortal King level in the Yuan world, he can live forever.


    Of course, it is impossible for Ling Han to put everyone into the body. This is the destruction of Heaven and Earth Natural Law, and it is also the way to Heaven and Earth.


    Ling Han did not intervene too much, but the person he valued was absolutely not allowed to die in front of him.


    Now, the Queen, Hu Niu, and the Big Black Dog have joined the battlefield. They can become emperors and must have mastered the elements of life.


    Why are you starting with the elements of life?


    Because you do not grasp the elements of life, even if you stay on the island, you will not live a few times more years, it is inevitable to die.


    Therefore, there is no choice.


    Ling Han is still in retreat, this time, he has a long retreat of four million years.


    He has been deducing the destruction of energy, which is a branch of the elements of destruction, so this must be traced back to the source.


    – He can't directly understand the elements of destruction, because the elements are mutually exclusive, but he has mastered the energy of destruction, and the elements of life cannot be erased.


    Therefore, this allows him to have a hole to drill.


    However, the element of destruction is one of the cornerstones of Heaven and Earth. It is incomprehensible and incomprehensible. Is it easy to trace the source?


    Fortunately, he is in the hole of destruction, where there is the most source of destruction elements, let Ling Han refer to.


    Can only refer to, can not directly understand, so it takes a lot of time.


    But in Didao, the most valuable thing is time. Except for the threat of the old God Beast, time is meaningless. The emperor here is not old and the environment will never change.


    Although the old God Beast is getting closer and closer to opening the hole of death, he has spent hundreds of billions of years on the outside world to get this step. It may take tens of billions of years to get through.


    Therefore, Ling Han’s squandering for millions of years is really nothing.


    His contribution is enough.


    —— Providing so many new emperors for Didao, who is comparable?


    Four million years later, Ling Han showed a smile, and he finally got the harvest.


    Reverse the destruction of energy, chase the source essence, and succeed.


    Even so, and it has been eight million years, Ling Han has made substantial progress.


    He reached out and banged, destroying energy in the palm of his hand, but after a moment, the energy of destruction disappeared, and it was clearly invisible, but it gave a more dangerous feeling.


    Destroy energy…Become a destructive element!




    Ling Han's body suddenly formed a terrible conflict, which is the collision between the elements of life and the elements of destruction.


    Although the four elements form the cornerstone of Heaven and Earth, it is precisely because it is the cornerstone, pure to the extreme, there is no possibility of integration.


    Now, these two elements are symbiotic in Ling Han's body, and they want to destroy each other and monopolize Ling Han's body.


    The two elements of war, that is the collision above all else, beyond the energy, Natural Law level, but the most source essence of conflict.


    Ling Han only felt that he was going to explode.


    He miscalculated that the two elements are incompatible, even if he is a great emperor, he will be tossed and killed.


    No, absolutely not!


    Ling Han slammed his eyes open, one eye was green and the other was dark and indescribable, as if he had a glance at him, any existence would be destroyed, no longer in the world.


    "Give me the town!"He shouted loudly.


    However, the town can't.


    The four elements are the cornerstone of Heaven and Earth. It is above everything else. How is the town?


    That being the case…Ling Han bites his teeth, then he turns into Heaven and Earth.


    He becomes Heaven and Earth, and the four elements can coexist and serve him.


    It is impossible for other emperors to do it. The emperor is only self-contained, and it is totally different from being a Heaven and Earth.


    However, Ling Han was born in the Yuan world very early, this is a Heaven and Earth.


    He began to expand his own Heaven and Earth, and the power is the two elements of life and destruction.


    There is still a lack of it, but as long as Ling Han has to create and die again, his Heaven and Earth will become complete.


    "Ah–" Ling Han is a tiger, and it is too painful to turn itself into Heaven and Earth. Moreover, the elements of destruction are raging and will destroy him.


    Fortunately, the elements of life have blessed his vitality so that he can live endlessly.


    If you know it early, you should first go to the elements of creation.


    This is just to talk about it. In terms of creating elements, Ling Han can neither directly understand nor push back, and it is impossible to start.


    If you are outside, even if Ling Han launches the elements of destruction, you can't build your own Heaven and Earth, because where is the Heaven and Earth element?


    The great emperor, the old God Beast, they are only able to use the elements, and there is no element in the body.


    Otherwise, they can go out of the island, as long as there are elements of life in the body can be born, do not need to be banned.


    Only here, the four elements of the probe are coming, that is, death is not afraid, and the elements of life can be easily revived.


    Ling Han raised a sentiment that if he could really build a new Heaven and Earth, then the four elements would last forever, and even if he died, he could walk out of the island.


    Because he became the new Heaven and Earth and has his own Natural Law.