Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 4904

This sword is hundreds of times larger than the four original stars. A sword can be smashed, not only can the four original stars be crushed, but the nearby Star Region will be smashed. .

Will the great emperor care?

Heaven is born because of them, and of course it can be destroyed by their mood.

No matter how prosperous the world is, how can it wither, when Heaven and Earth collapse to the extreme, everything can’t escape the inherent fate.

Ling Han took out his hand and reached for a grip. Hey, the sword became a hundred million pieces of debris, and then the hollow cracked open, swallowed the pieces, and disappeared instantly.

“Junior, how do you tie your feet, how do you fight this Heavenly Venerable Realm?” The great emperor said with a smile, “These ants, I can make a thought, you need to care about their life and death?”

“So, we are different.” Ling Han solemnly said.

“No, we are no different. When I come to wait for this height, it will be the same kind of people.” The Emperor said, “You just experienced too little, and your soul mark is sealed on several occasions. At that time, you will not have this unnecessary kindness again.”

“The future things, no one can say clearly.” Ling Han indifferently said, “You don’t respect life, do not respect the order, I will smash you! If I ignore life in the future, naturally someone will smash me.”

“Hahahaha!” The infinite emperor laughed. “Primary, this Heavenly Venerable Realm is really going to be laughed at by you. Are you so naive?”

“Our masters have four elements, that is, undying and unextinguished, who can kill?”

“You can’t kill Heavenly Venerable Realm, and even if you have a fifth or sixth person, you can’t kill you either.”

Ling Han lightly smiled: “Can’t you kill?”

Before he put it, he really couldn’t kill it, but he once again proved that he did not know how many times he improved his strength. He now has the confidence to send the invincible emperor into his own Heaven and Earth.

In his Heaven and Earth, he is the only master, and he speaks the same way.

“Junior, you come to stop this Heavenly Venerable Realm!” The infinite emperor laughed, he began to shoot, xiū xiū xiū, a path of the sword, and smashed into all corners of the universe.

To the point where he is so strong, he can destroy the whole world with one thought.

However, Ling Han was stronger than him. He reached out and pressed, and all the swords were broken and could not form a trace of destruction.

“Well?” The Immaculate Emperor showed a touch of surprise.

To reach their height, there is no difference in strength. They are all invincible. At most, there are some differences in proficiency in the mastery of the four elements. It does affect the strength of the battle, but it is impossible to control the outcome.

However, Ling Han wiped out his attack and made him shocked.

Because he can’t do it!

It is not only that he can’t do it, but the Xingyue female emperor and the Xuanling emperor can’t do the same.

This attacker can do do one one pleases, but the defender has too many considerations, and the shot is always a slow step.

With their strength of the battle strength, can you afford such a step?

Therefore, Ling Han was so easily relieved of his attack and surprised him.

“I am coming to you!” Ling Han said softly, one foot, the Great Dao spread to infinity, and one step came to a huge sun.

“Are you coming out by yourself, or am I going to call you out?”

When the voice fell, I saw a figure coming out of the sun, but the blazing flame could not even burn his clothes.

“Senior, you are really weird!” said the Immaculate Emperor, he thought for a moment. “In the past few years, the man who proved the Emperor is you?”

A few years ago?

Tens of thousands of years, okay.

However, people are being crushed by one or two stacks of arbitrarily. It is really nothing for tens of thousands of years. It’s about the same as 眨巴.

This is an innocuous detail.

“Not bad.” Ling Han nodded.

“Weird, why can you prove it twice?” The Immaculate Emperor couldn’t figure it out. Although he had invincible power, there was no way for Heaven and Earth to allow him to prove again.

“Because I am strong!” Ling Han indifferently said.

“A stupid answer.” The infinite emperor shook his head and stopped thinking about it. Anyway, he was already invincible and could not make progress on the martial arts.

“You want to fight this Heavenly Venerable Realm?” he asked.

Ling Han shook his head: “I am suppressing you.”

“Hahaha!” The great emperor laughed.

“It’s not funny at all,” Ling Han said.

The Immaculate Emperor slowly put away a smile: “You are not a flattering person!”

“To each other,” Ling Han said.

“You and the mysterious battle, this Heavenly Venerable Realm also saw.” The Immaculate Emperor continued, “You really have to take advantage of it, but it is impossible to suppress us.”

Ling Han sighed Qi: “You can’t get on? Don’t patronize the mouth gun, it will make the audience think we are wasting time.”

In a faraway place, the great emperors did watch the battle, but did not dare to approach.

The confrontation of the invincible emperor is that the ordinary emperor can not watch the battle, otherwise it is courting death.

The infinite Emperor snorted: “Your mouth is really unstoppable, but when you only have the soul mark, you can’t say anything, and you will soon be mad.”

Ling Han stopped talking, and he reached out to the infinite emperor, banging, and covering his hands with his hands.

“Bold!” The infinite empire sneered, and you too looked down on me.

He shot, brushed, and a star river came over.


When the Milky Way hit the big hand, it was directly broken and could not have a slight impact on Ling Han. The big hand was still falling.

The vast emperor was frowned, and he knew that Ling Han’s battle strength was a bit strong, but he really knew how to make the other side strong.

How can it be!

It is clearly the same as a great emperor. Even if there is a gap, it is only in the use of the four elements of proficiency. At the level of quantity, everyone should be quite.

At the beginning, this brat battle was also the same. At first, because of his unskilledness, he fell into leeward, but once he became familiar, he broke out the battle strength beyond the mystery.

How is this going?

Ling Han slaps and slaps, and suddenly the great emperor flies out. Hey, all the way to the hundreds of stars, the living thing above is naturally shocked.

Ling Han is cold.

Once he has made up his mind, then he will be decisive and will not have any concerns.

To suppress the invincible emperor, there must be sacrifices. It is impossible to leave it alone because of such concerns. It will only cause more damage.

“Small, generation!” The infinite emperor immediately slain back. His face is full of anger. After the invincible emperor, he has not eaten such a loss.

“Hey!” Ling Han said nothing, continue to shoot.

boom! boom! boom!

On the top of the infinite Emperor, hundreds of iron fists appeared immediately, entwined with four elements, and fell to him.

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