Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 4905

The infinite emperor is finally discolored. .

Because the four elements entangled in these fists are more than a hundred times higher in the level of quantity!

How is this possible?

Even if it is the invincible emperor, there is still a limit on the four elements of stimulating. However, Ling Han has more than a hundred times the limit of each punch, and a Qi punches hundreds of punches. What is this concept?

He did not dare to parry, fearing that he was directly wounded into a serious injury. Although serious injuries have nothing to him, it can be used as an expert. This is an instinctive reaction.

He retire, but Ling Han slammed his fists too much, or was slammed into a few fists, and suddenly made him arrogant.

Fuck, it hurts!

There is no amount of great fangs, but there is still a sense of enjoyment on the face.

Pain, real feelings, he has not experienced for a long time.

However, the elements of life operate on their own, and they quickly repair the seriously injured places, just like nothing.

This is the place where the invincible emperor is metamorphosed. He can’t kill himself at all, and even the heavy blows can’t.

“gā gā gā, junior, you are really weird, but we are all undying and unextinguished. How strong are you?” The great emperor said with a smile, although this is ridiculing Ling Han, between words There is also a hint of unwillingness.

He made the time of the invincible Emperor, but he didn’t know how much earlier than Ling Han, but now Ling Han surpassed him in the battle strength.

How does this make him feel good?

Ling Han didn’t bother, just punching again.

Boom, another wave of iron fists intensively falling, each punch can kill thousands of emperors, but now, but only to deal with one.

The infinite emperor resolved, but he was still hit by a few punches. Although he healed immediately, he let him anger scream.

This is an indescribable anger.

Compared to Ling Han, he is an old senior, but now the old senior is being hit, so that he can face it?

How can he behave, always lost to Ling Han.

In terms of the amount of the four elements, he is far behind Ling Han, and there is not much confrontation.

He can’t believe it, he doesn’t want to accept it, but it is true. He has always been suppressed. Every time he hits it, he will be hit hard.

Moreover, more terrifying is that he has more and more fists.

What this means, Ling Han is familiar with this kind of fighting style, and has a comprehensive grasp of his fighting style, which will be more targeted and make the attack more destructive.

Oh, iron fists are as dense as rain.

The nearby Star Region has been completely fragmented, and there are countless living things that are dead, but Ling Han’s face is cold, and when he is determined, he will never be soft.

The Immaculate Emperor deliberately fled, guiding Ling Han to other Star Regions, and wanted to let Ling Han have concerns.

However, if you close your hand at this time, it will mean that the people in front are dead.

Ling Han is not soft, and the iron fist continues to blast.

Five punches, ten punches, and twenty punches, the number of fists that the Great Emperor had eaten at the same time was getting more and more, and the injuries suffered were getting heavier and heavier. Even if there are elements of life that can be cured immediately, this time is prolonged.

Of course, even if it is extended, it is a trivial moment.

Ling Han was just grabbing this moment, allowing him to take the other side into Heaven and Earth.

He did not trade, and did not want the infinite emperor to be vigilant. Otherwise, this old cargo would fight and die, and maybe the entire universe would be blown up.

Now, the other side is still somewhat measured, because it is a good game for him. It is the beginning of a good game. It will be a pity if he has not finished playing.

Thirty punches and fifty punches, the infinite emperor was hit hard, all around the starry sky is all his blood, each drop has terrifying destructive power or a vitality, creation power.


Ling Han stared at the cold, and he tried his best to try to put the other side into Heaven and Earth after hitting the infinite Emperor.

The infinite instinct instinctively resisted such traction, but he was badly hit, it was the time when his strength was the weakest, and a large number of elements of life were treating him, and he could not free his hands to carry out a comprehensive confrontation.

Hey, he was taken into the Heaven and Earth by Ling Han.

It was only for such an instant that the wound of the Immaculate Emperor had healed.

The opportunity is so fleeting.

This is the invincible emperor.

However, since he entered his inner and Earth, everything was done by Ling Han.

“Where is this?” The Immaculate Emperor was also surprised. He soon discovered that this is also a huge world, but it is not the Heaven and Earth that he is familiar with.

Even, he showed a stunned color, his communication with the four elements was cut off by the students!

How can this be!

The invincible, undying and unextinguished of a big enemy is based on the communication with the four elements. Without the supply of four elements, how much more powerful can he be than the ordinary emperor?

Although there is no problem with life essence, he has mastered the four elements and has long been out of control of Heaven and Earth. However, this feeling of guilt is also lingering.

“This is my world.” Ling Han appeared, but in the form of a soul.

The Immaculate Emperor just turned his eyes, and he immediately realized: “You built your own Heaven and Earth!”

This is incredible.

In fact, such an idea, he and Xingyue female emperor, Xuan Ling Emperor have not tried, but they can not do it.

Even the invincible emperors like them can’t do it, and of course there are no other people in the world.

However, Ling Han gave him a “surprise.”

“How did you do it?” The Emperor of the Immaculately asked.

Ling Han smiled: “First, you have to be born from the stone of life.”

He kindly popularized the world of the world with the other side.

After listening to the great Emperor, the brow was deeply locked, revealing the color of contemplation.

After a while, he shook his head: “Even if you were born from the stone of life, this is impossible, it is impossible!”

With his knowledge of Heaven and Earth, it can be concluded that this is impossible.

They have done it many times because of similar experiments.

Ling Han doesn’t care what he thinks, he just faintly smiled: “Okay, can you die now?”

The infinite emperor indulged, and did not blame Ling Han for being arrogant, because Ling Han is now really likely to kill him.

This is already another Heaven and Earth, and Ling Han is the master of Heaven and Earth.

However, he also has self-confidence. He has some four elements in his body. He still has the power to destroy the earth and destroy the earth. He can completely break Heaven and Earth and return to the original big world.

With such a thought, he is confident.

Ling Han is stronger, and certainly not comparable to the big world.

“You are indeed a lucky person, but you want to kill Heavenly Venerable Realm, you are also thinking about it!” He was loudly shouted, punched out and forced to tear the space.

However, although the space is rippled, it is not bad at all.

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