Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 4907

The Emperor Xuan Ling retired for more than 20 million years and was finally born.

Boom, he is the invincible emperor, and there is no such thing as the kindness of the world. After this drink, the sound waves undulate the endless ripples. Wherever, the stars are smashed, and the living thing on it is of course broken.

what’s the situation?

The distant sage wants to run over to see what happened, but after just looking at the mysterious Emperor, he broke his body and died.

A terrifying of the great emperor, incredible.

“Ling Han, come out for a fight!” Xuan Ling Emperor once again drank, bang, and another surge of sound, rushing in all directions.

Oh, naturally, countless stars have fallen into the mold, and they have been shocked.

This is still the heart of the Emperor Xuan Ling, if he intends, then the explosion of the entire universe is a minute.

In the faraway place, the sages were all onlookers and did not dare to go forward.

They are all scalp numb, how can there be such a demon-like existence?

Too terrifying, just a glimpse of it, the stars burst, sage went up… sage also burst.

So great, the emperor too!

However, the emperor should not be the only one. Can only one appear in an era?

Only in ancient times, when there was the time of the last great emperor, there was a situation in which the emperors stood side by side, but as one era came to a close, such a situation would never return.

However, now there is a suspected existence of a great emperor.

“Who is this guy?” sage whispered.

“Should it be a quasi-emperor?”

“should be.”

“He has a hatred with Ling Han, so he closed the cultivation and rushed to the quasi-imperialist. Now look for this Ling Han revenge.”

“So, this Ling Han should be a sage.”

“Is there such a sage?”

“can not recall.”

“It’s normal to think of it. After all, most sages use the title and rarely use the name.”


“However, how does the name of Ling Han seem to be a bit printed?”

“Oh, me too!”

All the saints nod, but now there is a quasi-emperor, which is far beyond the level they can cope with. They can only watch the excitement on one side, and they can’t get too close together, otherwise they don’t know how to die.

Fortunately, in this era, there is a great emperor sitting in the town, the emperor is evil, of course, there is a great emperor.

Oh, just then, I saw a golden light Great Dao spread over, and then came over a slender man.

The face is like a beautiful jade, and Qi is amazing.

Today’s great emperor, breaking the wind!

“Well?” The wind-breaking emperor looked at the burly and majestic man in front, brows slightly wrinkle. As the emperor, he could obviously sense that the other side had the promotion of Diwei.

The problem is that the era of the emperors has already passed. He is now the only great emperor of this era. How can there be another great emperor?

“Who is it?” The wind-breaking emperor asked faintly. As a symbol of invincibility, he was of course calm.

“Primary, are you courting death?” Xuan Ling the Great said, he acted regardless of good and evil, and looked at his mood.

The wind-breaking emperor could not help but laugh: “I am a big man -“


He has not finished speaking a word, and the whole person has been shot and flew out.

“Hey!” Xuan Ling Emperor took back his hand, as if he had just done a trivial matter.


It seems that in the distance those sage hairs are all upright, be crazy.

That person is the Great, just four thousand years ago, and now is in the most peak of life, the battle strength is naturally in peak.

However, it is such an invincible existence, but it was shot by a slap.

Everyone saw it clearly, and the blood in the stars still left the emperor.

God, this is not only a fight, but also a heavy blow to the Great Wind.

Can they not shake their legs?

This this, what is this terrifying existence?

“Hey!” A sigh came, as if it was far away, as if it were close to the ear.

When the congregation was in doubt, he saw a figure suddenly appearing. This is a youngster who seems to be in his twenties, and in his hands, he is holding a man who has been hit hard.

The injured person is the broken wind!

Hey, who is this youngster? Actually just caught the broken wind emperor who flew out.

“Ling Han, you finally appeared!” Xuan Ling Emperor shouted.

Ling Han faintly smiled, the elements of life rushed out, and instantly flowed through the body of the wind, and suddenly the wounded of the great emperor went.

“Hey!” The wind-breaking emperor woke up and couldn’t help but reveal the hustle and bustle.

Under what circumstances, his imperial emperor was directly blown out by a blow, and even suffered heavy losses!

how can that be possible?

There is only one such great emperor in the world. He is synonymous with invincibility. Why has he been so arrogant?

Moreover, he was not seriously injured, how come suddenly?

He looked at Ling Han and once again revealed the color of surprise.

Again, it is a great emperor!

Rely, what is this ghost?

He can’t believe that the world shouldn’t have only one such emperor, how can he run two more, and one of them is still a mess.

Ling Han took back his hand and looked at Xuan Ling Emperor: “You should continue to retreat.”

“Hahahaha!” Xuan Ling Emperor laughed loudly. “Why, are you threatening the Emperor?”

Ling Han lightly smiled: “Only the truth.”

“Come on, let’s fight again!” The spirit intent of the Emperor of the Great, the blazing, terrifying aura is unnamed.

The wind-breaking emperor suddenly felt that the chest was short and Qi was short. He couldn’t help but widen his eyes and couldn’t believe it.

He is a great emperor, even the other people’s Qi potential can not stop?

God, this makes him feel good!

Ling Han waved his hand and sent the broken wind to the distance, and then looked at the Emperor Xuan Ling: “Go to the original abyss!”

“There is no this attack!” Xuan Ling the Great screamed, and it was already killing Ling Han.

Boom, a punch, and the fist has not yet hit, but under the power of shock, the distant stars are not bursting.

“I have seen the Great!” The All Saints quickly bowed to the Windbreaker, even if the Emperor suddenly stumbled a lot, but still the aloof and remote emperor, so they can be small?

The wind-breaking emperor was completely unconcerned. He looked at the front and his face was shocked and unbelievable.

How could there be such a strong emperor?

No, it should be said how the Great could be so strong?

He is also the great emperor, but in front of these two, he is like a baby, it is simply not to mention.

He stared at his eyes and captured the battles of the two invincible emperors. He vowed that after the war, he would have to close the long-term and raise his strength.

“Ling Han, Ling Han, Ling Han… Ah, I thought about it!” A sage suddenly patted his thighs, showing an excited color, only to feel the scalp numb in a burst.

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