Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 4909

Listening to the words of the great emperor, the broken wind is the circle.

Four elements?

And…the Emperor?

God, who will explain it to him.

“You senior!” He said hello. “Who is the mysterious man?”

“It’s a long story.” The big black dog immediately said, “Do you want to hear it? Are you sure you want to hear it?”

The wind-breaking emperor wiped the cold sweat, what is the problem with this dog!

“Dog senior please say.” He is very modest, and these emperors seem to have the strength to crush him, and he can still see it.

If you change another person and want to be called a “dog”, don’t worry if you bring the word “senior” behind you.

However, the big black dog is not another person. It enjoys this name very much, revealing the color of satisfaction, and smiles ridiculously: “The scorpion can teach, the scorpion can teach!”

You are saying it!

The wind-breaking emperor did not dare to rush, only to laugh at one side.

Fortunately, the big black dog’s cockroaches are more reserved for the enemy, so it quickly began to talk.

After listening to the big black dog, the wind-breaking emperor showed a shocking color.

It turns out that mastering the rules is only the beginning of the Great Emperor, and the four elements are really rising.

He secretly decided that until the end of the campaign, he will complete the rules, and go to the original abyss, must build a factor, and achieve the fourth gear.

Because he understood the ins and outs of things, this time he looked at the battle in the distance, he could not help but bring a trace of anxiety.

If…Ling Han couldn’t kill the mysterious Emperor?

Such a great emperor is an immortal body. No matter how severely injured, he can recover. If such a existence escapes and hides, it is impossible for Ling Han to find it.

Then, if the Emperor Xuan Ling vents the universe, it can completely destroy the world.

Therefore, Ling Han must succeed!

boom! boom! boom!

Ling Han’s iron fist rain became more and more dense, and finally broke a critical point, so that the recovery speed of Xuan Ling Emperor could not keep up. In a moment, Ling Han seized the opportunity to open Heaven and Earth and collect the mysterious Emperor.

Xuan Ling the Great is healing, the power is scattered, and under heavy damage, the calm strength is seriously dropped, and it is suddenly sucked into Ling Han’s inner Heaven and Earth.

“Where is this?” Like the Immaculate Emperor, he showed a very shocking color.

His communication with the four elements… interrupted!

This is incredible in his opinion. After the four elements are built, it is always possible to communicate with the four elements. How can there be interruptions?

Ling Han lightly smiled: “There is nothing that I have killed here.”

“Hey, no amount to die?” Xuan Ling the emperor stunned, then shook his head. “If you die, you will die. Anyway, I have never liked this person.”

This reaction!

Seeing Ling Han’s expression, Xuan Ling’s emperor couldn’t help laughing: “Do you think that I am stupid? You can kill a lot, of course you can kill me.”

“There is such an idea.” Ling Han nodded.

Xuan Ling Emperor shook his head: “After living for so long, life and death have not been taken care of by me. It’s just that I am very curious… Is this your Heaven and Earth?”

“Not bad.” Ling Han admitted that when he entered, it was dominated by him.

“How is it possible?” Xuan Ling’s emperor revealed the color of doubt. “I have also studied three, and this is impossible.”

“I came from the stone of life, from the original abyss, of course it is possible.” Ling Han said with a smile.

The Emperor Xuan Ling indulged, or shook his head: “Impossible! Even if you are born of life stone, this is completely impossible.”

Hey, he and the Immaculate Emperor reacted the same, and it was impossible to discover that the life stone could not have such a freak.

“But, I am standing here, it is proof.” Ling Han said with a smile.

Xuan Ling the Great is still pondering. Indeed, Ling Han really built a new Heaven and Earth, which made them think that the impossible is a reality, but he really can’t figure out how many trials they have done since the beginning of the fold. Less?

Ling Han didn’t talk nonsense again, he thought about it, and a sword was already going to the Xuanling Emperor.

Within this Heaven and Earth, Ling Han is the absolute master, and Ren Xuan Ling is more powerful, but will eventually be defeated.

However, the Great Emperor is the Great Emperor, and the Emperor Xuan Ling has clearly fallen into the realm of the mountains and rivers, but he has no intention of asking for mercy. He even temporarily confuses the snakes, and has no meaning after he has escaped.

He is a war, going straight to the last drop of blood.

Ling Han has to admit that both the infinite and the mysterious, although violent, can still be the wind.

Can become a great emperor, which one is not proud.

Oh, the premise is that this emperor has to be cultivated by himself, like the old God Beast.

It is a pity that such a great undying and unextinguished, living too long and being trapped for too long, has become a madman and has become a threat to all life and has to be removed.

Ling Han retired from Heaven and Earth and returned to me.

“Get one more.” The big black dog greeted and whistled. “One more difference, we can get back to the field.”

Little Azure looked at the iron panties on the big black dog and shook his head. “Looking at Longye, you can’t solve it for a lifetime.”

The big black dog blinked: “Are you baby in the dog?”

“Roll!” Little Azure is awkward.

The Broken Wind Emperor came to Ling Han and said a first ritual: “The younger generation has seen the Emperor of the Cold! Many thanks to the help of the Emperor of the Cold.”

If there is no Ling Han, he may die and die.

Ling Han raised his hand: “No need to be extra.”

In the distance, those sage are also coming over. This is the cold heaven emperor. Naturally, I have to go forward for a ceremony and pay tribute to the style of the emperor.

But at this moment, a sturdy aura roll, suddenly let those sage tremble, squatting in the stars.

A beautiful silhouette appeared, standing proudly in the stars, but Qi is fascinating.

Xingyue female emperor, she finally appeared.

Ling Han wonders why this last invincible emperor appeared at this time, why not?

Earlier, maybe she can save the mysterious Emperor.

— The two invincible emperors “in the outside world”, Ling Han really can not continue to trap the mysterious Emperor.

All of a sudden, the Qi atmosphere was once again tense.

Another invincible emperor appeared, but this is the existence of the universe that can explode.

Ling Han looked at the Xingyue female emperor, and the Xingyue female emperor stared at him as if she was affectionate.

But everyone knows that once the two fight, it is ruined.

“Ling Han, you didn’t let me down.” Xingyue female emperor smiled.

What does it mean?

Ling Han didn’t care. He had been worrying about it before. If Xuan Ling Emperor and Xingyue Empress had never appeared, he could not solve these two major disasters. But now, these two people have appeared one after another.

It’s time to be turbulent.