Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 4910

“Come on!” Xingyue female emperor took a foot and went away instantly. .

Ling Han quickly keeps up, he certainly won’t let the other side escape.

The female emperor of Xingyue actually went to the original abyss, and it was also the island.

Ling Han certainly won’t hesitate, and he will step on the island.

However, the big black dogs are not so fast, they are blocked by the Dead Sea, they need to come slowly.

“Ling Han, let go of a battle here!” Xingyue female emperor screamed, and it was already killing Ling Han.

Ling Han is stunned.

Xingyue female emperor Ming Ming saw that Xuan Ling Emperor died in his hand, but still dared to show up in the battle, showing that the other side must have great grasp.

This is the first invincible emperor between Heaven and Earth. He can’t care.

Of course, Ling Han has already built his own Heaven and Earth. He is truly undying and unextinguished. Therefore, he can’t care about it. In fact, he does not let the Xingyue female emperor have a chance to escape.


The two immediately launched a fierce battle.

This is the original abyss, and it is the island of Heaven. The structure of Heaven and Earth is extremely stable. Even if the two invincible emperors are against each other, it only causes the path to crack, and there is no first time to collapse.

However, if this is going to go on, it will be defeated.

Battle war!

Ling Han battle strength is fully open, and a fierce attack is ejected to the Empress Xingyue.

The female emperor has no fear and uses the terrifying battle strength to fight back.

In terms of the amount of the four elements, she is far less inferior to Ling Han, but in terms of proficiency in application, she is crushed.

The first invincible emperor in history, her use of the four elements certainly reached the point of beautiful, that is, the infinite and mysterious two emperors can not match.

The problem is that Ling Han is too much in the lead of quantity, reaching the point where he has broken through the law.

What is your skill and good use, and it’s not a level at all.

Ling Han violently bombarded, the Xingyue female emperor is dodging, and as long as the hard hit, she must be hit hard.

Of course, it is not afraid of heavy damage. This is the island of Di, which is full of vital elements and can cure her immediately.

Here, the undying and unextinguished of a great emperor has been greatly enhanced.

Ling Han has to say that Jiang is still very old, fighting here, the possibility of suppressing the female emperor is too small.

However, he must fight.

Fighting here has the least impact on the outside world. Otherwise, in the universe, I don’t know how terrifying casualties will be caused.

Xingyue female emperor shows the invincible emperor’s style, obviously in the absolute disadvantage of strength, through the use of the four elements of the beautiful, she is not always in a beating situation, or can organize a decent counterattack, let Ling Han both It is a little blood.

This is a tug-of-war, and it is extremely difficult to play.

A few years later, the big black dog, the infinite hero and even the empress were all over.

Because, this will be the ultimate battle.

If you can eliminate the Xingyue female emperor, you will enjoy the peace for the rest of the day. Otherwise, an invincible emperor may be confused at any time. I think people are scalp numb.

One thousand years, ten thousand years, one hundred thousand years!

This battle is extremely lingering. In the battle of the island, the fat strength of the two emperors has increased, especially the Xingyue female emperor, she also has four elements of endless endless.

On the contrary, Ling Han, who is a self-contained Heaven and Earth, does not need to use the four elements of the outside world. Therefore, although he started fighting in Didao, he also had some increase in battle strength, but he was almost negligible.

Although fighting for 100,000 years, the status of the two is as good as when they started the war.

Undying and unextinguished, energy is always plentiful.

What year and month will it be?

But at this time, the female emperor of Xingyue actually had a flaw!

This is a great flaw, and with her strength, this is a super mistake that should not be made.

Is it that under the long war, there is a feeling of boredom, so there is such a low grade mistake?

Ling Han can not miss the opportunity, immediately a series of strong attack and blast, let the Xingyue female emperor squirt blood, suffered a very serious injury.

Even if it is a factor of life everywhere, it takes a tenth of a million heartbeat to cure her injury. For Ling Han, this time is enough.

He opened Heaven and Earth, and he took the Queen of the Moon.

“This is…Heaven and Earth!” After the Queen of the Moon entered Ling Han’s Heaven and Earth, it did not reveal a trace of surprise, but looked very curiously, seeming to satisfy her big wish.

Ling Han was amazed, knowing that after the two great emperors entered the area, Xuan Ling and Wu Liang immediately exclaimed, even impossible.

When I arrived at the Xingyue female emperor, it became an appreciation, as if… I was enjoying my work.

“You don’t think it’s impossible,” Ling Han asked.

“Why not?” Xingyue female emperor smiled and asked.


Ling Han has a sense of eccentricity, as if everything is under the control of the other side, but the problem is that this is his Heaven and Earth.

In his Heaven and Earth, even the invincible Emperor can only bow down to the court.

“Drink!” The female emperor made a sly, and once again killed Ling Han.

But who can hurt him in Ling Han’s Heaven and Earth?

Ling Han arbitrarily bombarded, the Xingyue female emperor was bombarded enough, and soon blood-stained the whole body, without the supplement of life elements, her death is only a matter of time.

However, the female emperor is not angry, not unwilling, only calm.

This makes Ling Han even more weird, but he can’t stop it if he is weird.

The three major scourges, only one left, must be resolved.

boom! boom! boom!

Under the full bombardment of Ling Han, the female emperor was hit hard, the vitality passed, and the death was close at hand.

“Finally…free!” The Xingyue female emperor showed a touch of joy, calm color, and no fear of death.

Ling Han frowned: “You are coming to die!”

No wonder, she clearly saw that the Emperor Xuan Ling was killed, but still came out, not that she thought she could knock down Ling Han, but only to die.

Xingyue female emperor Yan Yixiao, bloody red, absolutely beautiful and brilliant.

“For this day, I have laid out seven stacks and finally succeeded.”


Ling Han quickly said: “Hey, hello, you can tell!”

“Is there any mystery and infiniteness to say to you, this Heaven and Earth is impossible to form?” Xingyue female emperor asked.

“Really said.” Ling Han nodded.

Xingyue female emperor nodded: “Normally, this is really impossible to do! But” she showed a proud color, “I have different participation!”

“What do you mean!” Ling Han asked, and suddenly there was a feeling of pain in the egg.

“Before a few stacks, I didn’t want to live, but when I was at such a level, I wanted to die and die.” The female faint said, “If you can’t kill yourself, then cultivate a person who can kill.” come out.”

Ni, fuck!