Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 4911

Ling Han couldn’t help but suck a cold Qi. .

I have only heard that someone has cultivated a discipline. The perverted point is to train future daughter-in-law and husband. I have never heard of it. Some people train their enemies to kill themselves.

However, it is understandable to be placed on the body of the Xingyue female emperor.

Undying and unextinguished Ah, you can’t do it if you want to commit suicide.

Therefore, only a stronger person can be trained to help himself end his life.

The reason makes sense, but Ling Han is extremely painful.

“I am that person?” Ling Han solemnly asked.

He was originally unbelievers, but after the innumerable and mysterious people dragged them into Heaven and Earth, they were shocked and unbelievable and could not be disguised. They were really surprised. They really thought that no one could be built into Heaven and Earth.

These two are qualified to make such judgments because they are invincible emperors, and they do not know how many times they have been in this realm.

So, when it comes to the four elements and the understanding of Heaven and Earth, they are definitely far above Ling Han.

So, killing them doesn’t believe that Ling Han can build Heaven and Earth inside, even though they are in Inner Han’s Heaven and Earth.

Xingyue female emperor Yan Yixiao: “Not bad!”

She paused and said: “I tried countless times. Finally, once I was at the end of a stack, I succeeded in retaining a stone, wrapped it in my soul, and crossed the Heaven and Earth. “”

“One after another, I have raised the four elements of my own, so that this stone has the ability to evolve Heaven and Earth.”

“Then, in this era, I released it.”

“You didn’t let me down, I walked out of the stone and built my own Heaven and Earth!”

Ling Han straight fangs, that is to say, the old God Beast is released by these three, and the life stone is also the master’s handwriting, which affects the great emperor between the subtle influences.

Why did the great emperors feel nothing?

This is not impossible. Just look at the old God Beast. He only knows to dig the four elements of the hole, but he really wants to tell him why, he is actually a bit embarrassed, just have a feeling, want him to do this. It has become the driving force for him, and it is hundreds of billions of years.

The great emperor has always lived on the island, and it is too easy to be unconsciously affected. After all, the star-moon female emperor is a first-class existence.

Also, the previous three invincible emperors were born, and Xuan Yun the Great wanted to kill him, but also was blocked by the Xingyue female emperor.

The great emperor who ignores the life of the world will deliberately dissuade him?

This was originally a small unreasonable move, but it can also be understood that the Xingyue female emperor was just born and in a good mood, so it will stop the Xuanyun Emperor.

Now, the new explanation is more reasonable.

Ling Han is the soul of the Xingyue female emperor, who cultivated to kill himself, how could he let him die first?

“Since you have such an idea, you have a good heart, why do you want to be a disaster?” Ling Han solemnly asked.

“Hahahaha!” Xingyue female emperor laughed. “Wrong and wrong, trapped for so many years, I have no feelings anymore, just purely tired and so much to live!”

“For me to say, how is the world going, what is the universe, but it is a cycle again and again, no matter whether you destroy it, destroy it, destroy it, and destroy it, the final fate is no different.”

“Rather than doing this, do me and play things, don’t make more sense?”

Ling Han shook his head. Originally, he had a bit of pity for the emperor of Xingyue, but now his killing intent is firm.

“In this case, I will send you on the road!” He said literally.

“Youngster, you don’t want to underestimate the enemy!” Xingyue female emperor said proudly, “I am the first person to master the four elements between Heaven and Earth. Even Xuanyun and Wuliang can go this step, and I will secretly miss it. Pointing, you want to kill me… it’s not that easy!”

“Although I have trained you to kill me… but I will not lead to cut, you have to have absolute strength!”


The female emperor of Xingyue launched a counterattack, and the body surged with amazing energy. The four elements emerged and became the essence. They merged together and formed a spear.

The female emperor waved a spear and swept over Ling Han.

Generally speaking, the weapons suitable for women are short swords, daggers, curved sabers, etc., but the female emperor holds the spear, the Qi is unparalleled, and has an indescribable sense of beauty.

Ling Han punched and punched.


Boxing and spears hit each other, and Ling Han’s fist was actually bloody.

He is now a soul, of course not True Blood, but his soul has suffered a bit of damage.


Ling Han couldn’t help but nod, the Xingyue female emperor was the longest-lived invincible emperor, replaced by Xuan Yun and the infinite. After they entered Inner and Earth, they were not the opponents of Ling Han.

However, the Xingyue female emperor has four elements for the soldiers, but it can hurt him. This is indeed extraordinary.

However, this is Ling Han’s Inner Heaven and Earth!


Ling Han swayed again, and also wrapped around the four elements. The appearance of his fist seemed to be coated with a black film of First Layer, which exudes a cold metal texture.

The female emperor slammed the spear, and the four elements suddenly violently collided.

Obviously, Ling Han has the upper hand in the amount of the four elements. In one blow, the long spear suddenly collapses, and the iron fist drives straight into the air.

“Plunder!” The female emperor screamed, forcibly extracting four elements from Ling Han’s inner Heaven and Earth, and reinvented it into a sword, welcoming Ling Han.


The Tianjian was broken, but Ling Han’s iron fist also cracked. After the bombardment with the female emperor, the four elements wrapped around were completely scattered.


The calmness of Ling Han is shocked in my heart. The female emperor of Xingyue can forcibly plunder the four elements in his body, just as she is still in the outside world.

This is really a peerless genius, the mysterious and infinite two compared with her, obviously inferior.

If the first gear is the end point, I believe that the female emperor can still ride the dust, so that people can not look up to height.

Moreover, people also said that Wuquan, Xuanyun can master the four elements, but also received her guidance.

Without her guidance, no new invincible emperor was born in the entire thirty-four stacks.

Ling Han ?

The stone of life was warmed up by her invincible Martial Dao Intent Will, and her mark was branded at the beginning.

Therefore, this female emperor is the first person since countless times!

You see, the evolution of Heaven and Earth may have been hundreds or even hundreds of times, but it was not until the thirty-fourth time ago that the invincible emperor appeared.

Later, because of her relationship, only three invincible emperors were born.

Now, although Ling Han is stronger, he has to admit that he is not as good as this one.