Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 4912

Ling Han is indeed stronger than the Xingyue female emperor, but this strong is based on the cultivation of the Xingyue female emperor. .

Standing on the shoulders of giants, plus his equally good innate talent, can you not surpass the predecessors?

In fact, the loss of the female emperor is the first person to make the invincible emperor. Otherwise, if someone helps her, she will certainly be able to build her own Heaven and Earth.

Even though it was hostile, Ling Han also admired the five-body cast.

“If you don’t work hard, you can’t kill me!” Xingyue female emperor said faintly, “I will give you a year, if you can’t kill me within one year, I will kill it and destroy this Heaven and Earth.” It!”

In the latter sentence, she said very casually, as if it was not difficult to break away.

This is something that no amount, mysterious spirit can do, but Ling Han is very certain, the female emperor is not exaggerated.

The master’s martial arts innate talent is really too strong to describe.

It is only known that she can forcibly plunder the four elements of Ling Han’s body. Even if she is limited by the Heaven and Earth cap, she can still be able to do it.

The female emperor screamed and smacked at Ling Han, and she waved her hand. At least a few hundred days of swords emerged and flew toward Ling Han.

Each Tianjian is composed of four elements, full of destructive power.

In Ling Han’s Heaven and Earth, of course everything can’t hurt him as long as he wants.

The female emperor forcibly seized his four elements and turned them into weapons for attacking him. This became a solution without a solution, and it was only an infinite loop.

How can this be killed?

Not to mention that one year, it is 100 million years, a stack of times can not be done.

Ling Han frowned, the first time so helpless.

Xuan Ling and Wu Si are invincible emperors. Once they enter his inner and Earth, they have already determined the death period, but they can reach the female emperor, but this is not the case at all.

The most powerful emperor, deserved.

boom! boom! boom!

The female emperor’s counterattack is getting stronger and stronger. She plunders the four elements and turns into her weapon. With Ling Han’s spear and attacking the Ling Han shield, it is unaffected by itself. It seems to be detached.

One month, two months, three months… Time flies, and Ling Han still has no countermeasures.

He is already in the strongest state, and he has also trapped the Xingyue female emperor in Heaven and Earth. This can’t be killed yet. What can I do?

“Ling Han, you let me down!” The female emperor shook her head. “There are still nine months, if you can’t kill me, I won’t play with you!”

Her expression has subtle changes, emitting a silky Qi.

This kind of she, a little more chill, but did not reduce her grandiose face, but more than a British tyrants Qi, people are more heart-breaking.


The female emperor’s hands were linked, and the four elements were freely evolved in her hands, bombarding Ling Han in a variety of ways.

Ling Han took a deep breath and tried to fight like this. It was destined to be a loop of no solution.

He absolutely does not allow the Xingyue female emperor to go out and destroy the world, so he must suppress the other side.

Then, the first step is to cut off her communication on the four elements.

I thought it would be fine to enter Heaven and Earth, but now I find that the strength of this female emperor is ten times stronger than the mysterious and infinite sum, oh no, a hundred times!

However, I still have to find a way to solve this problem. This problem is not solved.

Ling Han thought while playing, and finally, he showed a touch of coziness.


He snorted and the whole person actually began to materialize.


He is a soul, because this is his inner Heaven and Earth, and he is equivalent to the highest Heaven and Earth will, so there is no difference between entities.

Why is it suddenly materialized?

The female emperor is also a slight glimpse, and then reveals a touch of color: “You are self-imposed, locked up the four elements, forcibly imprisoned.”

“pā pā pā !” She swelled her hand. “Not bad, this is a good idea. I really can’t extract four elements.”

“But!” The female emperor showed a sensation, “You are the same!”

Ling Han derives the body with four elements. The original body is for the prison and locks the four elements. This determines that even if Ling Han can’t extract four elements himself, it will be gone.

Therefore, this has become a battle between life and death.

In the absence of four elements to supplement, the invincible emperor will also die.

Ling Han has made up his mind, he lightly smiled: “You have a heart of death, and I have the same determination to fight!”

“Good!” The female emperor laughed heartily, “This sentence is finally a bit of Qi!”

She snorted and once again killed Ling Han.

boom! boom! boom!

The two great emperors fought, this time it was the battle of the grain after the smashing of the grain, and the two did not have the four elements of supply, then they must be extremely careful, not only to reduce the consumption of the four elements, but also to be careful not to be Heavy or even minor injuries.

Because the injury will consume the elements of life to recover, it will have an impact on the battle strength.

“Do you compare with me about the use of the four elements?” The female emperor shook her head, “I don’t care!”

When it comes to the use of the four elements, she is the first to deserve it.

boom! boom! boom!

“Since you can’t kill me, then I will kill you and ruin the world!” The female emperor’s killing Qi was a bit high.

If you don’t move, you will be trapped for a few times, and then normal people will go crazy, even if this peerless female emperor is no exception.

I spent so much effort to train you, but you can’t kill me?

Then you go to hell!

The female wrath, the battle strength is crazy.

Ling Han calmly responded, and since he blocked himself, he was enlightened.

The Great, once there is some kind of enlightenment, will never be affected by any factor.


He fought fiercely with the female emperor, consuming the power of the other side.

Six months, nine months.

When the time came to the twelfth month, even if these two were invincible emperors, now they are all at the end of the mountain.

In the past eleven months, they have been fighting and are constantly hurting, so they consume a lot of four elements.

At this point, they have to fight.

The female emperor was originally a black hair, but now it has completely turned into silver because of the overload of power, which makes her have a different style.

Unfortunately, Ling Han did not appreciate it at all. For him, this is a very difficult battle.

Now, they have reached the point where the mountains are running out of water. Everyone has only one Qi left, and they can see who can stick to it.

“Death!” The female emperor shot, a sword came, and Qi still remained.

Ling Han meets, there is no semi-recession.

boom! boom! boom!

They are fierce against each other, and everyone knows that the battle is nearing the end and will end with the fall of one person.

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