Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 4914

The news came out and shocked the world. .

Who is this young man who can kill the Zen Emperor?

The young man was chic and left, just leaving a name.

Ling dust.

Later, the boy was honored as the Emperor of the Fallen. Whenever there was a evil saint to the world, he would appear and fulfill the duties of a great emperor.


Four original stars.

“Hey, it’s a substitution!” Ling Luochen called out without any image. “I have been guarding the world for a million years. It is the turn of Yundi and my brother!”

“Big scorpion!” The big black dog immediately greeted, and the iron underwear was still shining, and it could flash the human eye.

Ling Dust immediately showed a vigilant color. This big black dog is notoriously awkward, and even his own people are pitted, so it must not be taken lightly.

“tsk tsk Hey, what is your expression!” The big black dog immediately dissatisfied with the authenticity, but soon did not think that hey, continue, “The dog has recently had a lot of experience in the realization of the elements of understanding, you see, this is used in On the Super Emperor, you can strengthen the effect of the Super Soldiers.”

“No, no!” Ling Ling was so shocked that the unreliable elders obviously wanted to use him as a test.

He wants to slip, but it is late, brushing, a bright light, and then changing rapidly.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, not only the color changes, but also the brightness is amazing.

“Ah!” Ling Lian quickly squinted his eyes, but the tears could not stop flowing down.

“Sure enough, the dog is really amazing, the improvement is successful!” Big black dog laughed heartily.

“Old black, you are bullying again!” Little Azure dragon came over, surrounded by a woman who was forced by a British Qi.

“Hey!” The big black dog saw it and couldn’t help but be shocked. “You, you, you, the dog lord always thought that you are a foundation. I also specially wear iron underwear to protect the chrysanthemum every day. Didn’t you think that you actually turned?”

Little Azure snorted: “You have always been this wretched look before you know me!”

Ying Qii woman is a smile, hearty: “I am Mei Ruo, please advise.”

“Instruction, advice.” The big black dog nodded, then touched his chin. “Now even the four-legged snake has a daughter-in-law, isn’t the dog going to find a good-looking bitch?”

While talking, I saw the monkey brother shouldering the iron bar and strode in.

“Monkey Bo!” Ling Luochen quickly salute, compared to the big black dog and Little Azure dragon is not reliable, the monkey brother is going to be more serious.

Monkey brother nodded: “Is there any enemy you can’t deal with?”

Ling Ding is not sweaty, fighting lineage, not in battle, is on the road to fight, you don’t think that the world is too peaceful now, should you go to find a mother monkey?

“We are here!” In the laughter of 嘻嘻haha, I saw seven baby girls appear together.

The gourd dolls are still the same, not long, but there is no aging.

They are not living things in the general sense, but the source treasures born from the original abyss. They can absorb the elements of life and have endless life essence.

“Hey, how come even the baby dolls are coming?” Lin Luo also fell from the sky. Behind him was Zhou Heng and Chu Hao. The three of them had already reached the quasi-emperor and proved their way in Didao.

“What day is it today?” Zhou Heng also said with a smile.

There have been people in the land, such as Jing Haoran, Shuiqing, and such as the Great Emperor, Ling Tianzu and so on.

It can be said that the power of the emperor has gathered again.

At this time, Ling Han came out and his face was a little dignified.

This made everyone shocked. With Ling Han now powerful, what else can bother him?

Only the monkey brother shows the color of excitement: “Second brother, is there a new enemy?”

Aaah, his iron rod is already hungry and thirsty.

Ling Han said: “I sensed the changes in Heaven and Earth, and it made me feel a little scared.”

The emperors are all shocked. To know the strength of Ling Han, it is definitely the first person in history. Even he has such a feeling. What kind of major event will happen?


As if to annotate Ling Han’s words, I saw a purple Qi between Heaven and Earth, turning into an endless glow.


Ling Han let go of Sea of ​​Consciousness, the whole universe is under his gaze, and he has discovered that the entire universe has purple Qi everywhere.

Is there an unknown existence to appear?

Just then, I saw a servant girl rushing over, and Qi was panting.

The emperors were a little nervous, and suddenly saw her running over, looking like a panic, thinking that what happened major event, suddenly looked at the past.

Stared by such a big man, the servant girl almost scared to death.

Fortunately, after all, she is Linger’s servant girl, it is impossible not to be resistant, and quickly said: “Your Excellency, Mrs. Yu was born!”

Madame, of course, it’s a late nightmare.

Ling Han was a glimpse first, then he was overjoyed. He had been pregnant for millions of years, but he couldn’t get it anymore, and he was going to die.

Because the emperor has only five million years of life essence, this little guy has been waiting for millions of years in his mother’s womb, and even sage can kill several batches.

Finally born!

He rushed to the inner court.

The emperor is also a glimpse, then laughed heartily, no wonder Ling Han will be shocked, because pre-feeling that his child is coming, the bloodline is connected, there will be touch.

Just, what is this purple Qi?

However, they are also embarrassed to go to the inner court, then wait for Ling Han to come out again.

Ling Han ran into the inner courtyard, only to see the late nightmare lying on the bed, holding a little baby in his arms.

“Is it born?” he whispered.

“Well, it’s a daughter.” Chi Mengxi said, then handed the daughter to Ling Han.

Ling Han prudent took over, no matter how many times he made the father, but there is a new life, he is always full of surprises.

This is a beautiful female child, although I was just born, I can already see that this is a beautiful human fetus.

“Baby daughter!” Ling Han smiled.

The little baby was not afraid at all, laughing at Ling Han, and sticking out two fat little hands, pointing to Ling Han’s face as if to touch his face.

However, as soon as her hand was lifted, Ling Han was shocked to find that there was a purple Qi flow between the fingers of the little baby.

This, this is this!

It turned out that the existence of his heartbeat was actually this little baby!

When you were born, let the whole universe vibrate and lower the purple Qi. How amazing is this?

Wait for wait!

Ling Han looked at this little guy and suddenly gave birth to a familiar feeling.

At this moment, the baby cried out, because she always wanted to catch Ling Han’s face, but she could not catch it.

Ling Han quickly posted his face and let the little guy catch it.

“Gege.” The little guy smiled at once.

“Give her a name.” Chi Meng said softly on one side.

Ling Han is a bit embarrassed. In terms of name, he has always been incompetent. He is trying to push this task to late dreams, but in his mind he is a divine light.

“Call Ling Xingyue.”

When the words are exported, he can’t help but why does he name this?


He trembled fiercely and finally realized that the little guy would give him a familiar feeling.

Xingyue female emperor!

This peerless female emperor… actually gave birth to his daughter?

No, no, the soul mark has been shattered, and it is impossible to reincarnate.

Ling Han thinks again, thinking of a possibility.

Xingyue female emperor died in Ling Han’s Heaven and Earth, but she was too strong, and there may be a glimpse of the will fragments that were also incorporated into Ling Han’s body. Later, she entered the late nightmare body. Turned into a new life.

If not, which baby needs to be pregnant for millions of years?

This peerless female emperor has to reproduce the world?

Still his daughter?

Ling Han looked at the little face of the daughter, but the corner of her mouth was a gentle smile.

This is his daughter, he will be guarded by life!


As time passed, generations of new emperors appeared and became avenged, and Heaven and Earth’s collapse finally came to an end.

At the end of this stack, Heaven and Earth began to shrink at an alarmingly high speed, as if the Big Bang at the beginning of Heaven and Earth was so fast.

The stars exploded one after another, crushed by the endless power of Heaven and Earth. The life of the entire universe was almost extinct in an instant, and Heaven and Earth returned to a point.

At this point, Ling Han has also become a mustard-sized, with the same force of Heaven and Earth against the squeezing power of the entire universe.

Finished beautiful balance.

In his inside Heaven and Earth, it is alive and well.

Big Black Dog, Little Azure Dragon, Queen, Hu Niu, Late Nightmare, etc., they all entered Inner and Earth, and escaped this Heaven and Earth cycle.

However, there are also many emperors who did not enter Inner and Earth.

They chose to return to Heaven and Earth and did not intend to enter the next stack.

In this regard, Ling Han expressed respect and did not interfere.

Countless countless years have passed, and there has been a big explosion in Heaven and Earth. The endless mass and energy erupted from a single point, and the universe expanded rapidly, forming a prototype.

The new stack has arrived!

Countless particles rapidly expand into a star, and one of them is transformed into a human form.

Ling Han slammed his eyes open.

End of the second

End of the book


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