All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 1043


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After all, the Orland Federation is a cosmic civilization.

The history of every cosmic civilized country is at least tens of thousands of years old, and the depth is beyond the imagination of Wang Teng and the others.

The Sacred Star Tower was established at the beginning of the Orland Federation, and its history is not much shorter than that of the Orland Federation.

So the background of the Sacred Star Tower is also very profound.

The previous treasure was just one of them, and then Wang Teng led everyone to a huge palace.

When he saw this palace, Sheng Luo wanted to fight Wang Teng desperately.

Because this is the Tibetan Gong Palace where the Sacred Star Tower collects the cultivation technique and battle skill. All the cultivation techniques and battle skills of the Sacred Star Tower are in it.

Wang Teng led everyone to stand outside the great hall, and two Universe level Martial Artists flew out from inside.

These are two Elderly, a man and a woman.

The male is a Martial Artist from the black scale family, with dense black scales on his face and short stature.

The female is a Fox Race Martial Artist, but she is gray-haired, without the charm of Fox Race, she looks just an ordinary old woman.

They are the guards of this Tibetan Kungfu Temple, they live in a simple place and rarely show up.

But now that the Sacred Star Tower is in trouble, they have to come forward.

“Dean!” When the two saw Sheng Luo’s appearance, they immediately knew that he was imprisoned, and the complexion slightly changed.

“You… get out of the way.” Sheng Luo shook his head.

“This…” The two suddenly hesitated. If the speaker weren’t Dean from the Sacred Star Tower, they would have already scolded them back.

You must know that the Tibetan Gong Palace is the most important place of the Sacred Star Tower. This is the foundation accumulated over countless years. If anything goes wrong, the Sacred Star Tower will really be over.

“I’ll count three times. If you don’t let go, go down and accompany Wallis.” Wang Teng indifferently said.

“Vice-Dean, Wallis, what did you do to him?” the two Elderly said in surprise.

“He is dead!” Wang Teng said indifferently.

“Dead!!!” Two Elderly incredible looked towards Sheng Luo: “Dean, is this true?”

“You are not his opponents, please let go.” Sheng Luo did not answer, shaking his head and sighing.

Even so, the two Elderly knew the answer.

Obviously, Wallis Vice-Dean died in front of Dean, but he has no way to show that this matter is really beyond their control.


The two Universe level Martial Artists who have guarded the Sacred Star Tower for countless years sighed and retreated lonely.

Wang Teng coldly smiled and ignored them, and gave orders to Bertha, Hardy and the others: “Empty it!”

San Luo, both Elderly face changed.

Although I had expected that there would be hardship here, but didn’t expect Wang Teng to be so cruel that he wanted to vacate the Tibetan Gong Palace. He clearly didn’t want to leave them behind.

Wang Teng strode into the Tibetan Kungfu Hall. At a glance, they were all cultivation techniques and battle skills below Stellar Rank. There were many, probably tens of thousands.

Don’t look at the Orland Federation is very large. Compared with tens of thousands of cultivation technique battle skills, it seems that there are very few, but there are actually many.

The cultivation technique and battle skill here are all carefully selected, and the word “exquisite” is counted. It is definitely the kind of cultivation technique battle skill of the Orland Federation cream of the crop, ordinary Martial Artist If you get one at random, I’m afraid you will get excited.

As for the Universe level cultivation technique and battle skill, there are very few, and the domain master level has only a few doors, which are placed in the deepest part of the great hall.

“Wang Teng, I found the catalog of this Tibetan Gong Temple.” A round voice sounded in Wang Teng’s mind.

“Oh, let me see.” Wang Teng eyes shined. He didn’t bother to look at them one by one. With the catalog, it was much more convenient. You can directly find useful cultivation techniques and battle skills.

“I’ll pass it to your smart watch, you can go and watch it yourself.” Round Rolling Road.

Wang Teng turned on the smart watch, and a light curtain emerged, equivalent to the size of a tablet, with rows of directories appearing before his eyes.

After watching for a while, he shook the head a little disappointed.

not at all the cultivation technique or battle skill that satisfies him!

But there is one third that I haven’t finished.

At this moment, Bertha and the others came over and saluted: “Master, the collection is complete.”

“Next stop.” Wang Teng nodded, put away his smart watch, and walked out of the Tibetan Gong Palace.

The leaders of Martial Arts and the heads of state have stopped talking, and their eyes are red when they look at these cultivation technique battle skills.

If Earth Star can obtain these cultivation techniques and battle skills, most of Martial Artist’s background problems can be solved, and it will surely take off.

Unfortunately, this is Wang Teng’s spoils of war, they are not qualified to occupy it.

After a while, I came to another building. This is the virtual universe entrance of the Sacred Star Tower. There are many valuable virtual universe connection devices.

“Move away!”

Wang Teng didn’t say anything, but he waved his hand directly to let people start.

Each helmet of the virtual universe requires tens of thousands of universe coins, which is not cheap and cannot be wasted.

This money should be saved, it must be saved!

“Move away!”

“Move away!”

“Move all away!”

Next, whenever he went to a place, Wang Teng did not let go of anything that was valuable. He moved almost everything that could be removed from the Sacred Star Tower. .

When Wang Teng led the crowd to leave the Sacred Star Tower, Sheng Luo’s face was like ashes, and the whole person was shaking. It was angry.


The Fire River spaceship left the Sacred Star Tower directly, moved towards the main city of Orland Star and flew away.

At the bottom of the Sacred Star Tower, everyone looked up at the tail of the Fire River spaceship, hating their gnashing teeth, and their eyes were full of hatred.

“Damn it, the Earth Star natives must pay the price in the future!” The remaining Universe level Martial Artists of the Sacred Star Tower furiously said.


Wang Teng didn’t know that the people of the Sacred Star Tower were incompetent and furious at the back. Even if they knew it, they would not take seriously. What should the dying person worry about?

The main city of Orante is located in the central area of ​​Orante. It is the orthodox, economic and cultural center of Orante Federation. Compared with the Sacred Star Tower, it is more prosperous and lively, and also richer.

But today, there is a panic here!

The three territories of the Orland Federation were captured and foreign enemies invaded. Now that the Sacred Star Tower has been damaged, how can the main city be spared.

When Wang Teng and the others left the Sacred Star Tower, the senior officials of the Orland Federation on the side of the main city had received the news, and they are now quickly discussing countermeasures.

In a great hall, a group of Martial Artists of different races expressed their opinions loudly, and they became a mess.

“Everyone, everybody, be quiet!” Faced with such a chaotic scene, an Elderly from Three-Eyes Race frowned and shouted loudly.

Everyone was hearing this and looked at him.

This person is impressively Marshal of the Space Fleet of the Orland Federation, and is currently the highest-ranking person in the Orland Federation.

“Nehemiah Marshal, I think we should leave Orante as soon as possible while the enemy is not coming, to avoid the limelight.”

“Yes, yeah, the opponent’s strength is far superior to ours, fearless resistance is unwise.”

“Let’s leave quickly and keep the strength. After they leave, we can rebuild the Orland Federation.”


These high-ranking officials of the Orante Federation actually wanted to escape, but they said they were high-sounding, as if they were thinking about the future of the Orante Federation.

Nehemiah Marshal blows his beard and stares, and all three eyes are widened to the extreme. I never imagined that this group of bastards were so polite and shameless.

“Enough!” Loudly shouted loudly from his mouth.

The voice of all around finally disappeared, and everyone was silent, looking at Nehemiah in a daze.

“The Orante Federation is in crisis, but you want to be deserters. What about your faces?”


“I think you are thinking very well. Now the three domain master Sirs are still in the hands of each other. If there is no domain master oversee, what do you use to rebuild the Orland Federation?”

“I think you just want to run away, a bunch of cowards!”

one after another roar came from Nehemiah Marshal, echoing in everyone’s ears, making many people ugly complexion, when his sharp gaze swept over, everyone’s gaze flashed with guilty conscience, not dare Look at it.

“hmph!” Nehemiah saw this, coldly snorted, and continued: “Do you think you can really leave the Orland Federation?”

“This is the picture just returned from the universe. See for yourself what it is?”

The voice fell, and a satellite image from the universe appeared on the light curtain in front of everyone.

In that picture is a huge battleship like a pyramid, floating quietly in the void, with a cold metallic luster on the surface.

“Machine Race spaceship!!!” cry out in surprise suddenly sounded.

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