All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 1044


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“Machine Race spaceship!”

“Why is there a Machine Race spaceship here?”


Everyone in the Orland Federation exploded in an instant, looking at the huge pyramid-shaped spaceship incredibly.

Machine Race spaceship is very distinctive. It basically exists in the shape of a pyramid, not to mention the unique mechanical logo of Machine Race on it, which they can recognize at a glance.

While Machine Race spaceship has always been known for being powerful, the same level of spaceship, Machine Race spaceship will be even more terrifying.

They want to escape from under the eyelids of this Machine Race spaceship. It is not impossible, but they will definitely be noticed. When the time comes that master class spaceship comes, they will definitely not be able to escape.

“Now do you think you can escape?” Nehemiah Marshal said coldly.

Everyone, ugly complexion, all sat back down on their chairs.

“Look there, someone wants to leave Oranto.” Suddenly, someone exclaimed.

Obviously, there are not a few people who think like them. These people are either from the Great Family or from the top of the major cities of the Orland Federation.

Now that the Orante Federation is in crisis, he chose to escape without the slightest hesitation.

This is also such is human nature!

When the disaster is in danger, it is natural to fly separately.

However, they don’t know what kind of existence is waiting for them in the universe.




Like fireworks, those spaceships flying out of the Orland star exploded in an instant and turned into dust in the universe.


The entire great hall fell into silence, and the needles dropped!

Those high-levels who wanted to escape were all chilling at this time, and felt a little grateful in their hearts. Fortunately, they didn’t leave, otherwise the same will be the case.

“Nehemiah Marshal, what do you think we should do right now?” A high-level executive swallowed, even using the honorific title.

Just as he just asked, everyone’s smart watch received a message.

Everyone suddenly face changed.

The enemy, here comes!

Nehemiah Marshal looked gloomy and switched the light curtain in front of him, showing the sky above the main city.

I saw an incomparable gigantic spaceship slowly falling over the main city of Orland Federation, and then hovering over their heads.

At this moment, everyone lost their words and looked at the spaceship quietly, feeling like a sharp sword hanging above their heads!

“Everyone, it seems we have only one choice.” Nehemiah Marshal exhaled and said.

“You said.” Everyone looked at him.

“Surrender!” Nehemiah Marshal was silent for a moment, and finally said these three words.

These three words seemed to consume all his energy. After speaking, his whole body collapsed and looked extremely old.

Everyone was shocked!

On the one hand, because I have never seen Nehemiah Marshal, who has always been tough, show such a look!

The other side is the three words he said!


Let them surrender to a Martial Artist of a native planet. This is an extraordinary shame and humiliation!

They can choose to deceive themselves and escape, but they cannot tolerate surrendering to a native Martial Artist with their proud head.

“If you don’t surrender, you will die!” Nehemiah Marshal said solemnly.

“Are there really no other methods?” someone asked unwillingly.

Everyone is silent, they actually already know the answer.

“Oh, it’s so lively here!”

Just then, a voice came in from outside.


The door was kicked open with a loud noise, and a young silhouette came in first.

Everyone complexion greatly changed, eyes slightly shrink.

While they were still struggling, the other party had already found them and did not give them any chance to react.

And from beginning to end, they didn’t notice it.

Such a method? !

They can only use the word “terrifying” to describe.

“Hello everyone!” Wang Teng walked into the great hall, looked around with a smile, and greeted him enthusiastically.

“…” Everyone present looked dumbfounded.

They suddenly have an illusion that the person in front of them is not their enemy, but just an old friend who has met thousands of miles…

That’s it!

They looked over the young man and saw Sir Tukin and Bartlett, two domain masters, who walked in behind him, being carried by several Martial Artists.

Although it is known that the two domain masters Sir were seriously injured, when they saw them with their own eyes, everyone was still startled.

The injury is too serious!

Almost there is only one breath left.

The most powerful existence of the Orland Federation, it was unbelievable that it was labeled as such.

Everyone looked at Wang Teng’s gaze, and there was a hint of panic.

“Don’t be nervous, I don’t eat people.” Wang Teng walked into the great hall, found a place to sit down, said with a smile.

“…” Everyone was speechless.

Believe in you to have a ghost!

“Your Excellency, I don’t know how to call it?” Nehemiah Marshal stood up and asked.

“Wang Teng.” Wang Teng replied casually.

“Wang Teng Your Excellency, I don’t know how you can release the three domain master Sirs?” Nehemiah glanced at Tujin, and the three of San Luo sighed slightly.

“I managed to catch people. It was impossible to release them.” Wang Teng shook his head.

Nehemiah and the others couldn’t help but sink.

“If you have something to discuss, as long as it is money, we can sit down and talk.” Nehemiah said quickly.

“You want to destroy my Earth Star, so it’s not just a question of money.” Wang Teng said.


Nehemiah wanted to say anything more, Wang Teng interrupted directly, indifferently said: “Well, I am not here to find you nonsense. Now I give you two choices, one to live and one to die, it depends on you How did you choose?”

The atmosphere suddenly solidified.

Everyone held their breath and focused on Wang Teng.

“How can I be born?” After a while, someone couldn’t help breaking the silence and asked.

“It’s easy, take money to buy life!” Wang Teng said.

“…” Everyone didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

It’s simple and rude!

But many people are relaxed.

If money can solve the problem, it is not a problem.

Everyone in the Orante Federation present smiled confidently.

It’s dawn, the rain has stopped, and they think they can do it again!

“My person is also very talkative. For each of your families, just give out 500 billion universe coins!” At this time, Wang Teng lazily opened the mouth and said.

“pu! ”

“How much?”

Many people were about to take their saliva slowly, but when they heard Wang Teng’s words, they sprayed out.

Don’t say 500 billion!

They can’t get 300 billion, okay?

This is the Universe Coin, not the Orante Federal Coin. Even if all their families are taken out, they can barely make up one or two hundred billion.

This is simply killing them!

“No, there are definitely not so many.”

“We don’t have so much money, we won’t be killed.”

“It’s not a question of money or money, it’s terrible!”


Everyone in the Orland Federation shook their heads, their complexions were extremely ugly, thinking that Wang Teng simply was lion’s big mouth.

“Don’t worry, everyone, let’s take a look at the performance I prepared for you!” Wang Teng waved his hand.

tone barely fell, the light curtain in front of everyone suddenly changed, and it turned into the scene above the Star Tower of Become Saint.

Everyone looked at Wang Teng suspiciously, wondering why he suddenly brought out the scene of the Sacred Star Tower?

“Wang Teng Your Excellency, we know what you did to the Sacred Star Tower, but we really can’t get the 500 billion yuan…” These people were disdainful, thinking that Wang Teng wanted to threaten them with this.


At this moment, a loud noise suddenly rang out, and a sudden fire burst into the sky in the light curtain, turning the Sacred Star Tower into a fire sea ruin.

Everyone in the Orland Federation stared wide-eyed and pupil shrinks to the extreme, staring at the scene in the light curtain blankly.

Sacred Star Tower… no more! ! !

“Wang! Teng!” Sheng Luo reacted first, like a wounded beast, with red eyes, staring at Wang Teng, making an angry roar.

He actually destroyed the Sacred Star Tower!

How can he?

How dare he!

The destruction of the Sacred Star Tower was so sudden that Sheng Luo did not expect it, so it was even more shocked. At this moment, Mind was about to collapse!

A domain master-level Mind has cracks, which shows how much it has been stimulated.

The Sacred Star Tower was built by him with countless energy and time. It can be said to be his child, but now it has been destroyed!

It was ruined like this!


Wang Teng is damned!

Sheng Luo’s heart is twisted, his eyes are very resentful, and Wang Teng’s killing intent is intense to the extreme.

“Don’t look at me like this, otherwise I can’t help but kill you now.” Wang Teng said indifferently.

“You!” Sheng Luo gasped heavily and stared fiercely at Wang Teng. He had never hated a person so much.

But in the end he retracted his gaze and stood aside, bowing his head, like a rotten wood with no vitality.

“puff!” Wang Teng chuckled.

He didn’t know Sheng Luo’s plan. He just wanted to fight for the last glimmer of survival, so he could find revenge in the future.

As far as temperament is concerned, San Lo is really ruthless!

But Wang Teng is not worried at all, because Sheng Luo will eventually die!

Who will he let go of Sheng Luo!

The reason why he is not killed now is because Wang Teng wants to destroy the things he cares about one by one, and then kill him.

This is an explanation for the people of Earth Star!

“How is it, is it exciting?” Wang Teng ignored Sheng Luo and smiled to everyone.



all around fell into a dead silence again.

The Orland Federation held their breath, cold sweat fell on his forehead, and he looked at Wang Teng with horror in his eyes.

The devil!

He is definitely the devil!

“I wonder what I just proposed?” Wang Teng asked.

“Okay, okay, this proposal is really good, we don’t have any opinions.” The Orland Federation came back to his senses and said repeatedly.

“I knew that everyone would readily agree.” Wang Teng nodded and said with satisfaction.

The leader of Martial Arts, An Lan and the others, when they heard this, the corners of their mouths twitched.

“…” Everyone in the Orland Federation was also full of complaints, but unfortunately they didn’t dare to say it.

“I’ll give you two hours. After two hours, pay here and all are gone.” Wang Teng looked at his watch, and finally said.

Everyone in the Orland Federation had their own thoughts, but they had no choice but to disperse, and went back to raise funds.

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