All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 1124


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Black wood mountain range.

It is the mountain range where Wang Teng rescued Diqi before.

At this moment, in the depths of the mountain range, in the area shrouded in black mist, a terrifying giant beast is crawling in a valley.

The giant beast is very peculiar. The whole body is black, like a huge boulder.

And this is nothing. What really shocks people is that this giant beast is like a huge and hideous fortress.

All around this fortress, there are many Dark Race silhouettes shuttled in the mist, faintly discernible, and ghostly.

If you can enter the fortress, you will find…

That is indeed a fortress!

Stone temples, all kinds of strange things piled together to form this huge fortress.

At this moment, in a stone temple, a tall silhouette sits high on a hideous throne hewn from stone.

It has black mist around its body, making it hard to see its face.

I can only see how strong its arms are randomly placed on the armrests of the throne, and its legs are like two pillars on the ground.

In the black mist, a pair of eyes that seemed to be filled with endless chill shone out, and then an indifferent voice slowly sounded: “Wukup is missing?”

In the center of the stone hall, a silhouette is kneeling there, it looks like a human Martial Artist, not a Dark Race.

Hearing the voice from the throne, its body shook uncontrollably, its head pressed lower, and drops of sweat fell from its forehead.

It’s in fear!

“Yes, yes, Sir!” the man said in a trembling voice.

“Have you checked it out?” The silhouette on the throne asked flatly.

“I haven’t checked it yet, but the Demon Ghost Vine in that area has been killed. It is suspected that a Martial Artist of Light Faction has appeared.” The person below said quickly.

“Martial Artist of Light Faction!” The silhouette on the throne paused, indifferently said: “The opponent has hit the door, you didn’t notice anything, a bunch of trash!”

tone barely fell, a powerful evil imposing manner erupted from it.


The person below became stiff, and then the whole body burst open, and the blood dyed reddened the entire floor of the stone temple.


A mournful scream sounded later.

The fleshy body was ruined, and the voice rang. I have to say, this is a bit weird.

But soon, a black shadow appeared in the destroyed fleshy body, begging for mercy again and again: “Sir, mercy! Be merciful!”

This black shadow is shaped like a brain, with a spine-like rod connected below it, and it is another Dark Race of the Demon Brain!

The mysterious and abnormal Dark Race of the Demon Brains seems to have more than one end here.


“Find out people for me!”

“Whoever caught Wukup, I will get him out, I will make him pay!”

Above the throne, the voice of hong long long burst into the stone hall with an icy meaning.

“Yes! Yes!”

The Dark Race of the demons below keep quiet out of fear.

“get lost! ”

As the coldly shouted and imposing manner exploded, the Dark Race of the Demon Clan screamed again and flew out directly from the stone hall.


The 29th Defense Star General Base, in a hall.

An old man is sitting on a chair, and in front of him is a light curtain with a lot of information flowing on it.

Wendall stood beside the old man, hesitating to speak, but at this time he appeared extremely honest, and he did not see the rebelliousness of the “ominous wolf” at all.

The old man browsed the information on the light curtain, neither fast nor slow, and didn’t even care about standing next to someone.

Time passed slowly like this. After half an hour, the old man said:

“Your heart can’t calm down.”

“Fourth Grandfather, I…” Wendell was interrupted before he finished speaking.

“If you lose once, are you afraid?” the old man said indifferently.

Wendell wanted to refute, but when he thought of Wang Teng’s very ruthless dealing with Dark Race, his heart was chilled, and a trace of fear was born inexplicably.

That is simply a devil!

“You let me down.” The old man shook the head.

Wendall face changed.

This is undoubtedly a bit heavy.

In a Great Family like the Parax family, once you are labeled as incompetent, you basically don’t even think about turning over.

All resources will be diverted to other geniuses and have nothing to do with him ever since.

Wendell’s status in the family is not high, otherwise he would not come to the 29th defensive star to fight.

If this Fourth Grandfather is really disappointed, it is estimated that he will have a hard time in the future.

“Fourth Grandfather, I won’t let you down.” Wendell’s eyes were bleeding, and his heart was cruel.

To cut the way to money is like killing a parent!

He doesn’t have any enemies with Wang Teng, but if the Parax family wants him to be the first bird, he has no choice and has to go.

“Very well, I did not misread you.” The old man got up, patted Wendell’s shoulder, and said with earnest words: “Little Wendell, the family powerhouse is not convenient to shoot, otherwise you won’t let you deal with him. , You have to understand the difficulties of the family.”

“We are all Martial Artists cultivated by the family. Since we are to be used, none of us can escape this fate.”

Wendell was nodded, his face showed no dissatisfaction.

Nodded, satisfied with the old man, said with a smile: “But you can rest assured, as long as you do this well and prove your own ability, the family will use the relationship to push you. I remember the current Husha group The team leader seems to be promoted soon.”

A big stick and a sweet date!

The meaning of the old man is self-evident.

If things are done well, Wendell belongs to the leader of the tiger evil group.

“many thanks Fourth Grandfather for your support.” Wendell said quickly with a flash of ecstasy in his eyes.

Husha group!

That is a very famous regiment in the army, with a strength of 5,000 people, all of whom are elite Martial Artists with Stellar Rank and above. They have repeatedly made extraordinary achievements on the battlefield, and they are not comparable to ordinary regiments.

There are tens of thousands of large and small corps on the 29th defensive star, among which the Husha regiment is very famous.

The head of the Husha regiment is undoubtedly the position of real power. If Wendell can sit as the head of the Husha regiment, it will definitely be a huge leap for him.

That’s why he was so surprised!

“Work hard.” The old man nodded, said: “In fact, Wang Teng is not so terrifying. The reason why he can repeatedly escape the family chase is simply because of external forces, but now he has reached the 29th defensive star. , He is no one to rely on, now is definitely a good opportunity, you have to seize the opportunity.”

“I see.” Wendell nodded.

“In addition, I will send a few more people to you, so be sure to solve this matter as soon as possible.” The cold light flickered in the old man’s eyes, indifferently said.

“Yes.” Wendell felt more confident when he heard that there was a helper.

“Go.” The old man waved his hand.

Wendell gave a salute respectfully, and then retired.

After walking out of the hall, his face became gloomy, his eyes flickered, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.


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