All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 1125


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On the other side, Wang Teng didn’t know that all the forces against him had begun to act. At this moment, he had entered the Alchemy Room of the Pansberg Grandmaster, preparing to refine the Xuanyang Soul Returning Pill.

This Alchemy Room is a standard Grandmaster Level Alchemy Room, but there is nothing superfluous. The earth veins fire of this planet is also borrowed.

Alchemist uses earth veins fire for alchemy. After all, those peculiar flames are really hard to conquer. Ordinary people do not have the opportunity of Wang Teng.

At this time, Wang Teng sat cross-legged and waved his big hand, and Black Meteor Furnace appeared in front of him.

However, he didn’t rush to start alchemy, but quietly swept Mental Telekinesis out and started picking up attribute bubbles nearby.

This is the Alchemy Room of the main base. There are so many people who use alchemy every day, so many attribute bubbles will naturally drop.

There are quite a few alchemy masters on the 29th Defense Star, so these attribute bubbles are still useful for Wang Teng.

After all, every Grandmaster is built from the alchemy master.

At this moment, he didn’t think about it anymore, just picked it up.

[Alchemy Technique + 10]

[Alchemy Technique + 15]

[Alchemy Technique + 30]


One by one attribute bubbles merged into Wang Teng’s mind and turned into his insights. Various images appeared in his mind.

These pictures are all about the accumulation of experience in alchemy.

Since they are all attribute bubbles dropped by the Alchemy master and the Alchemist below, the attribute value of each attribute bubble is not high.

But these attribute values ​​are all useful for Wang Teng.

Each attribute value represents a different perception, because they come from different Alchemist.

This is like a sort of screening. The system Baba automatically filters out the useless repetitive feelings, and then leaves the useful essence and feeds it back to Wang Teng.

So even the attribute bubbles dropped by Alchemist below the alchemy master are useful for Wang Teng, the Grandmaster.

After picking up all the attribute bubbles in this place, Wang Teng looked towards the attribute panel.

[Alchemist]: 4350/1000 0 (Grandmaster Level)

“Half of the EXP is not enough, not enough!” Wang Teng frowned and couldn’t help hooking the head.

Xuanyang Soul Returning Pill is Grandmaster Level Grade 8, which is very difficult. No matter how the attribute value is more than half, Wang Teng is a little sure.

In fact, more than half of the attribute value is at most the mid-Grandmaster Level level, but because Wang Teng’s experience comes from the system, it is more comprehensive than other Grandmaster mid-terms. This is the way to refine the Grandmaster at the Grandmaster mid-term level. Level Grade 8 medicine pill.

Otherwise, just change someone, even in the later period of Grandmaster Level, I am afraid I would not dare to pack a ticket to refine Xuanyang Soul Returning Pill.

At this moment, all the attribute values ​​outside have been picked up. Even if the attribute bubble reappears, it will take a lot of time.

Moreover, the attribute values ​​of those attribute bubbles are just that little. I think there are hundreds of attribute values ​​in the middle of the breakthrough. He doesn’t have time to wait now.

There is no way, I can only add some!

Wang Teng thoughts move, Blank Attribute immediately descended wildly.

Alchemist’s attribute value began to rise slowly, starting from 4350 points…






When it was 5/100, Wang Teng hurriedly stopped adding points, and then Blank Attribute was cleared again!

The Grandmaster Level attribute with more than 700 points actually cost more than 70,000 points of Blank Attribute.

Simply grab money!

More than 70,000 points!

It’s gone all at once.

Wang Teng’s heart hurts so much that he can’t breathe.

The last time the body possession of the Void Swallowing Beast, the Blank Attribute was exhausted, and then he finally saved more than 70,000 points, but now he is gone.

But this also shows how difficult it is to increase the attribute value of Grandmaster Level.

This is also why Wang Teng is unwilling to spend Blank Attribute to improve these attributes, instead of working hard to pick up the same type of attribute bubbles.

Because it saves money!

Wang Teng once again took this account to Diqi’s head.

It’s all to save him, not on his head, or on whose head.

Alchemist level was just in the middle of the breakthrough. Wang Teng thought about it in his mind and felt he could do it. He immediately took out the material for refining Xuanyang Soul Returning Pill and placed it aside.

Then he waved his hand casually, and the Azure Jade Glazed Flame surged out, turning into an azure fire dragon, hovering around the Black Meteor Furnace all around.

Wang Teng controls Mental Telekinesis and puts strains of spiritual medicine into Black Meteor Furnace in order.


Outside the Alchemy Room, General Mocalen, Veblen and the others are waiting.

Even Olia this girl also rushed to hear the news.

She couldn’t hide the fact that she came to the defensive star on the 29th. Her family had noticed it, so it was useless to hide.

In addition to worrying about Diqi’s situation, she went directly to the Alchemy Room.

At the same time, members of the Kalandi Xu Family also kept in touch with Olia, always paying attention to the situation here.

Especially Diqi’s father Boragu, who even wanted to rush over directly.

It’s a pity that the 29th defensive stars are too far apart, even if the world master powerhouse comes over, it will take a lot of time.

“Olia, how is Diqi?”

Olia’s smart watch lights up with a rays of light, and Boragu’s image is projected.

“Uncle Boragu, big brother Wang Teng has gone to refine the Grandmaster Level Grade 8 Medicine Pill Xuanyang Soul Returning Pill. I heard that it can repair the Soul Source damage of Diqi’s cousin.” Olia hurriedly said.

“Grandmaster Level Grade 8 Medicine Pill, Xuanyang Soul Returning Pill!” Boragu was taken aback, and asked quickly: “Did Wang Teng make the refining himself?”

“Yes, he has already begun refining.” Olia said.

“Grandmaster Level Grade 8 Medicine Pill, is Wang Teng a little reluctant?” Boragu asked hesitantly.

“The big brother Wang Teng said I am sure.” Olia said.

“That’s good, that’s good.” Boragu still trusts Wang Teng, and the young silhouette can not help but feel relieved.

“Speaking of which, if it weren’t for the big brother Wang Teng’s shot this time, I am afraid it would be really not so easy to rescue cousin Diqi.” Olia said.

“Our Karandi Xu Family owes him a Sir love.” Borago apparently knew what happened and the danger, so he was even more grateful to Wang Teng.

“Bolagu, you don’t have to worry too much, we will try our best to treat Diqi.” General Mocaron said to Boragu.

“Okay, General Mocalen, many thanks to you this time, too.” Borago said gratefully.

“It’s okay, I also have a certain responsibility for this matter. We underestimated the strength of Dark Race, which put Diqi in danger.” General Mocaren shook his head.

“Military missions, how can there be 100% security at all.” Boragu shook the head, but he didn’t mean to blame General Mocaren at all.

The two said a few more words, and Boragu hung up the video.

“I have been in for five hours, I don’t know if I can succeed?” General Mocaren looked back at the door of Alchemy Room, shaking his head and sighing.

“teacher, how confident do you think he is?” Moira asked.

“The materials are a little bit small, only enough to make two. I’m afraid… I hope it will succeed.” Veblen shook the head.

“Xuanyang Soul Returning Pill, Wang Teng Grandmaster is actually going to refine this kind of legendary medicine pill. If it succeeds, I will be able to talk about it in the future.” Pansper Grandmaster chuckled.

“Pensberg Grandmaster, looking at you, you seem to have confidence in Wang Teng.” General Mokalun said.

“Hehe, that’s because you didn’t know about Wang Teng Grandmaster’s deeds on Emperor Star’s side. If you do, you probably have the same confidence in him as I do.” Pan Sibo Grandmaster said with a smile.


This time, General Mocalen, Veblen and the others were a little surprised.

“Don’t you know about him?” Pansper Grandmaster surprisedly said seeing them like this.

They brought people, but they didn’t know anything.

Forget it if you don’t know, dare you let Wang Teng Grandmaster refine Xuanyang Soul Returning Pill, is it so rash?

“I wonder if you can talk about it?” Veblen curiously asked.

“It’s okay to say it.” Grandmaster Pansper groaned for a moment, then slowly said about Wang Teng.

After listening, General Mocaren, Veblen, and Moira were a little bit stunned, and they couldn’t connect Wang Teng with the Grandmaster Level characters described by Pensberg.

hong long long!

At this moment, there was a loud bang in the sky, and large black clouds appeared out of thin air, gathering above the crowd.

“Pill Tribulation!”


Everyone was stunned for a moment, and then reacted, with surprises on their faces.


A golden red beam suddenly rushed to the sky from the dome of the Alchemy Room, the rich pill fragance floated away, and circles of energy waved all around.

bang bang bang!

Suddenly there were explosions in the Alchemy Room.

“cough cough!”

“What’s the matter?”

Many Alchemist covered in dirt rushed out of the Alchemy Room, not knowing what happened, and staring into the sky in amazement.

“Pill Tribulation!”

“This is Dan Jie!”

“There is an alchemy Grandmaster refined into the Grandmaster Level medicine pill, is it Pansberg Grandmaster?”

These Alchemists reacted one after another, and were affected by the strong energy just now, which caused the resentment of the fryer to disappear thoroughly, leaving only shock and curiosity in their hearts.

“Everyone, sorry, I disturbed everybody’s alchemy.” At this moment, Pansberg Grandmaster spoke.

“Ah, Grandmaster Pensberg, why are you here?”

“Who is in alchemy in there?”

The moment they saw Pan Sibo, everyone looked confused, and then they all gathered around, and everyone talking at once asked.

The frizzy hairs and the scorched faces are all around Pansbo. The picture looks a bit funny.

“It’s another Grandmaster.” Pansber Grandmaster said mysteriously with a smile.

“Another Grandmaster!”

“Our defense star on the 29th has other Grandmaster Level characters coming.”

“This is surprising!”

“Looking at the degree of this pill, this Grandmaster refining medicine pill does not seem to be an ordinary Grandmaster Level medicine pill!”

The Alchemist guessed, they looked at the dark clouds above their heads, shocked inexplicably.

Although they are all Alchemist below the Master Level, it does not hinder their understanding of Dan Jie.

This Dan Jie knew that it was extremely terrifying.

The ordinary Grandmaster Level medicine pill certainly cannot attract such a pill.

At the same time, they also ended up Yu Ming white, why the energy impact of this medicine pill would pass through the barrier of the Alchemy Room and affect their alchemy.

Because the energy is too strong, it directly impacted the barrier of their Alchemy Room.

This kind of situation is rare, and only occurs when the medicine pill is successfully refined with a high level.

hong long long!

The dark clouds in the sky are pressed down, as if they are going to be pressed down from in the sky, and there is a constant roaring sound, one after another, like a giant dragon-like tribulation thunder, flutters in it, terrifying pressure Permeated between Heaven and Earth.

At the same time, the pill fragance has become more and more intense, drifting away towards all around.

“What a rich pill fragance!”

When the Alchemists smelled the pill fragance, their eyes were all bright, one after another, their eyes were all concentrated in the golden red beam, as if they wanted to see the true face of the medicine pill.


I saw a dragon eye size medicine pill blooming with dazzling rays of light, slowly rising towards in the sky.

hong long!

Thunder Tribulation finally came down and slashed directly into the medicine pill in the beam of light.

Everyone’s heart is mentioned.

Such a strong Thunder Tribulation, can that Spirit Pill hold it?

Don’t suffer from untold hardships and be ruined by Thunder Tribulation.

Alchemist knows that many High Rank medicine pills, even if they are refined, will probably be destroyed in Thunder Tribulation, so High Rank medicine pills are so rare.

However, when the Thunder Tribulation was still a hundred meters away from the Spirit Pill, a purple rays of light rushed straight up from below and slammed into the Thunder Tribulation.

With a distance of hundreds of meters, Thunder Tribulation can be crossed in an instant.


next moment, the two face each other in the air, making a violent rumbling sound.

But the purple rays of light forcibly blocked the Thunder Tribulation and protected the Spirit Pill below.

“What is that…?” Everyone was puzzled, staring at them with wide eyes.

“It seems that Wang Teng has already prepared.” Mo Karen is General relaxed.

“Things that can withstand Thunder Tribulation are really rare.” Veblen’s eyes beamed, staring in the sky, his eyebrows suddenly frowned: “But why does that thing look a bit like a piece…Brick? “

“Brick?!!!” General Mocaren was a little dazed, and looked at him intently.

As the lightning of the tribulation thunder continues to weaken, and when the 2nd tribulation thunder is still in the future, General Mocalen finally sees the true face of the thing.

That is actually a brick!

Others also saw things in lightning clearly, their eyes widened, and they wondered if they had hallucinations.

It is not a rare object that blocks Thunder Tribulation, but an ordinary Brick? !

hong long!

Without waiting for everyone to think about it, 2nd Thunder Tribulation arrived as scheduled, blasting on the brick.

Then it was blocked again!

Next, the 3rd and 4th tribulation thunders fell one after another, without giving people a chance to breathe.

The tribulation thunder is more terrifying than the others, but they are all caught by the Brick forcibly, which is unimaginable.

Everyone is secretly guessing the origin of the brick.

It looks a bit awesome!

However, when the fifth Thunder Tribulation was reached, the brick finally couldn’t support it, and it began to shake, as if it was about to be chopped off by Thunder Tribulation.

Everyone couldn’t help but become nervous.

“That brick seems to be overwhelming.” Olia said nervously.

hong long long!

tone barely fell, the sixth, seventh, and eighth Thunder Tribulation fell all at the same time, as if three huge and ferocious Lightning Dragons rushed down from in the sky.

Everyone is discolored.

This Thunder Tribulation seems to be irritated!

Dignified Thunder Tribulation, how can you not be angry when you are groaned by a brick?

Faced with three violent Thunder Tribulations, Brick suddenly turned around and ran away.


At this moment, everyone was stunned.

Why does this Brick look a little confusing?

But they thought it was wrong. Brick ran away, what about Spirit Pill?

Everyone’s complexion greatly changed, and the last three Thunder Tribulation are the most terrifying. If Spirit Pill is hard-wired, it will definitely be broken into pieces!

For a while, everyone couldn’t bear to see the result.

This Spirit Pill finally reached the final juncture, is it really going to be destroyed by this?

General and the others of Mocaren were really full of resentment to that brick. They just said to run and didn’t say hello, so it was too late for them to make a move.


The huge rumbling sound reverberates between Heaven and Earth.

But the medicine pill still floats quietly in the beam, not destroyed.

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