All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 1209

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Goblin Race Dark Race slowly pulled down from the wall, after a moment, only to open his eyes, it seems that it has just been shocked.

However, when it wanted to get up, it was found that a picture appeared in front of himself.

Its Head of Subconscially Lifts The Head is just right with a pair of gentle miles.

What kind of eyes are it?

Deep, dark, panned purple, faintly revealing a noble meaning from Bloodline, seems to be above any organism.

Goblin Race Dark Race See the moment of his eyes, it feels that the heart is inhaled in a Vortex, and the awareness is lost.

I don’t know how long it has, it may be an instant, when it is awakened again, Looked Toward is wrapped in a black purple fog in front of a black purple, and the face suddenly changed, and the mood is extremely complicated.

It feels that he is controlled and cannot be resistant to the front of it, only obedience.

Nothing to use [Tejacin] is not as “soft” when it is used by Wen Del, that after all, Wang Ten is afraid of the problem, so it is confused in a relatively soft way.

and after the following two times are completely simple and rude, directly under the [confusing], so that the other party cannot resist.

This Goblin Race Dark Race is just the next Demon SoveReign Level, and Mental Power has not beyond the virtual band, so [Confuse] is very successful.


Goblin Race Dark Race climbs up from the ground, respectful Opened the mouth and said.

“What is your name? What is the identity in Dark Race?”

“My name is Garry, it is a scientist!” Goblin Race Dark Race Obediently and honestly replied.

“scientist!” There is no feeling of unable to spit, so that the other party said a very fun thing.

A look of Goblin Race Dark Race, a word “scientist”, there is a funny feeling.

No matter who see it, it is difficult to link the other party and scientists.

Garry seems to feel the kind of weird meaning in the virtual, the heart is very angry, and there is a bit red, which is full of Green’s skin, very strange.

“Garry is a scientist !!!”

It is an anger, and it is extremely solemn to repeat it.

If it is not specified [confused], it may rush to hit a game.

It feels that he has been insulted.

“Cough Cough, Ok, you are a scientist.” The virtual and unreserved Nodded and SAID.

He feels that he should reflect on himself, you can’t deny others in appearance, people, but the scientists who are all ever, will make a bomb.

add this, the face is eased, and some are afraid, it is very small, if it is an unusual situation, it is absolutely not to hit the virtual, but “scientist” three words seem to be its Reverse Scale, Once you are touched, you will inevitably look at all anger.

“Okay, I ask you, what is the devil bomb you just made?” “The virtual unable to pay the minds of the opponent’s psychological entanglement, directly inquiry.

The reason why he controls this Goblin Race Dark Race is because it is some interested in the devil bomb.

Although Garry has not been successful, the demon bomb is not present, but Intuitive tells him that this thing Not Simple.

Take the expertise of his own professional, Garry is extra excitement, at all, no matter who the virtual is nothing, the explanation of a brain.

This devil bomb is a “bio-bomb”, and it is imperative to see it like a living in the past because it has a certain life characteristics.

The main massage of this bomb is from a biological housing called “sea leather”.

This LifeForm is very strange, and their body is like a beach water, there is no fixed shape, wandering in the depths of Seabed, is very difficult to see.

and they have a character …

eats your own brain, then turn yourself into a unableful empty shell.

The virtuality is almost almost, this is a whole.

There is such a creature, and it is a very serious problem that you don’t know if you have your brain.

say this is hungry? But hungry can not eat your mind, this is what the hell is there.

Nothing does not understand.

The words retired, although this collarous insects have eaten their own brain, there is only one empty shell, but this empty shell is biased, and there is life and is not completely death.

The curiosity of wisdom is always very heavy. Some people have unintentionally discovered this wonderful lifeform, and studied it. Finally, I don’t know which kind of first generation, I will make this lifeform shell. A bio bomb with life.

This is the origin of the devil bomb.

Later Jiagali gave a method of making the devil bomb, as a scientist who thought Trent, met this interesting thing, naturally wanted to study, and intended to make it.

Unfortunately, no matter how it tries it, you can’t succeed, so far, you can only do half, no way to continue.

“Interest!” I feel unattended, I murmured in my heart: “True Body should like this thing very much.”

It as a clone, unable to pick Attribute Bubble, although this Goblin Race Dark Race has not successfully produced a devil bomb, but it has been studying for so long, with some experience, you can let True Body will take a lot less detour.

So thinking, no Opened the mouth and said: “Let me see the production method of the devil bomb.”

Jia Kerry immediately took out an old animal roll from his space Equipment, handed it to the virtual.

Nothing, I have no problem, after I have no problem, I will put it together, and ask them again: “The ovar outside is in the cultivation?”

Kardrin is tight, it guessing the other party here, there is definitely the moment, I don’t know what his purpose is. Now I heard the other party to mention the ovulation, it knows that the other party must be rushing to the magic egg. Come.

“Answer my question.” The virtual no hesitated, Coldly Said.

“is me in cultivation.” A Garry is a hop in the heart, can only be honest, REPLIED.

“What extent?” I didn’t ask.

“Demon SoveReign Sir’s Dark Source Crystal has been used in half, and then there should be completely used eight days. When the Time Comes ovula will be completely growing, enough to affect this Planet.” Kri hesitated and said.

“It seems to be almost the same as Uku.” The virtual no depression, caught hesitated, don’t know if you want to do it immediately, so I will tell the WANG TENG through the contact between True Body.

After a while, his EYES flashed, temporarily gave up the intend to take the ovic egg.

This is the decision of Wang TenG.

Subsequently, it was unreasonable to add Great Hall, and left the Great Hall of the brain Demon SoveReign.

Not long, Wang Ten and the teaching guidance over the side of Demon SoveReign have ended, and the brain Demon SoveReign once again throwing Wang Ten in the forest and transferred back to Great Hall.

It appears directly above the throne, licking the forehead, a glimmer: “This kid comprehension is Terrifying!”

Today’s teaching is still over, although Wang Ten has prepared a lot of problems, but compared with others, the whole process is still very fast, which makes the brain Demon SoveReign shocked while still a bit. … is tired!

disciple is too smart, and it is also a huge pressure for Master.

Bacon Demon SoveReign is now this feeling, it feels that he may take a few times, there is nothing to teach “Methyl Eagle” at this stage.

As for deeper changes, you need to understand Source Power, in it, “Methyl Eagle” is just Demon King, and it is too far away from the Source Power. It is now meaningless.

It doesn’t know, Wang Ten has already comprehensed Source Power.

“But this is good, in his talent, even if it is the blood sea area, the field is stronger, but also in his hand, even if it is weak, it is falling in Talent’s strong man. It will also play a powerful effect. “The brain Demon SoveReign sounded a light laugh, and it appeared to prefers extremely interesting pictures.


wang teng returns to the resident of the magic, today his harvest is very good, the Power of Darkness Domain has increased it.

Although it is less than yesterday, but it can’t be equal comparison, because this is two-backed again on the basis of yesterday.

In fact, Wang Ten has also feeling, and the brain Demon SoveReign is intentionally suppressed, and he doesn’t want him to completely study so soon.

This is its final stubborn!

wang teng means understanding, after all, it is strong.

[DARKNESS DOMAIN]: 2/100 3000 (3th order)

wang teng looks at the Attribute panel, his Darkness Domain The Past Few Days should be upgraded to 4th order, this is a good news.

After returning to the magic resident, Wang Teng now, then found an excuse of Cultivation and did not let the A Ohad and the Others doubt, and then left the station.


In the

forest, Wang Teng Sit Cross-Legged is above the trunk of a big tree, holding a beast leather roll in his hand, is looking at it.

The method of making the devil bomb is described above.

ignorant in his side, looking at him a pair of Heen Interest pleasure, saying: “I know you will definitely like this.”

“It is my clone, I know me.” Wang TenG did not lift it, laughing HEHE.

“This is the secondary.” Nail without shook the head, asked: “Magic eggs found, what do you plan?”

“Do you think sneaked a few devil bombs to the magic egg? When Dark Race wants to use the magic egg, we will detonate the devil bomb, then … Bang! World is clean!” WANG TENG Flashing the light, interested, is interested.

“…” is a little bit, it is a bit surprised by the idea of ​​Wang Teng.

This person is a bit bad!

He first discovered the devil bomb, how did this ideal of Didn’t Expect?

Sure enough, is it too simple?

“But this devil bomb can not be made, and how do you guarantee that the devil bomb will not be discovered within the magic egg?” I didn’t expect the key issue, and I asked quickly.

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