All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 1210

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“Waiting for my study to see if it can be made.” WANG TENG PONDERED THEN SAID: “As for it is not discovered, this is not too difficult.”

“oh?” The virtual appearance is surprised to watch Wang Teng, True Body actually has a way to pass the magic egg?

To know, even it has been found in INHERITED MEMORIES, it is a bit incredible.

“when the time comes you will know.” WANG TENG MYSTERIOSTER SAID WITH A SMILE.

Didn’t Know WHETHER TO CRY OR LAUGH SHOOK THE HEAD, he has gradually understood the character of Wang Teng, and it is not stranger for all kinds of evil tastes of this True Body.

He didn’t ask more, say: “Then I will withdraw, you have something to call me again.”

“Ok, I have worked hard.” Wang Ten rushed to sway, and still immersed in the vete of the devil bomb.

Nothing is no longer helpless SHOOK The Head, the body is shaped as a dark purple, floating toward Wang Teng, disappered.

Wang teng concentrates on watching the beast leather roll in his hand, remember the production process of the devil bomb, then the Looked Towards Attribute panel, looking for a long time, finally found the demon bomb attribute value in the special skill column .

[Devil Bomb]: 1/1000 (Beginner)

“Sure enough.” WANG TENG Slightly Smile, but immediately wrinkled frowned: “Beginner actually takes 1000 Attribute values, this devil bomb is a bit high, no wonder that Goblin Race Dark Race has tried countless times Can’t make it. “

“Directly add some BLANK Attribute directly.”

At the end of his Looked Towards, the Blank Attribute column.

The past few days is in Dark Race, he is free to hunt Star Beast in the forest, enhance Blank Attribute.

Dark Race will go out every night, he does just in line with the law of Dark Race, nor will it be doubtful.

After a few days of accumulation, his Blank Attribute reached 54,300 points, and the number is considerable.

It is intended to be used to improve [Spiritual Gaze] and [Source Quality], now it seems that it can only improve the devil bomb!

system, add points!

Blank Attribute dropped speed, and the Attribute value of [Devil Bomb] started to improve.

After a while, [Devil Bomb] reached Skilled from Beginner, which has consumed 10,000 Attribute values.

The improvement of the demon bomb Attribute is a ratio of the redemption between Blank Attribute.

The next Skilled phase takes 3000 points attribute values, which is 30000 points Blank Attribute.

wang teng clenched the teeth, continues to add, demon bombs from Skilled to Proficiency!

[Devil Bomb]: 1/500 0 (Proficiency)

40,000 Blank Attribute disappeared, Wang teng is very painful, he stops adding, feels almost, the mastery of the devil bomb in my mind is very skilled, you can start making it.

add a lot of materials in Gardri, and the virtual without Clone will take the material of more than a dozen devil bombs back from it, just can take it.

Taken out of Materials, powerful Mental Telekinesis, forming a group of Golden Rays of Light wrapped Both of His Hands, and then fuses various materials in accordance with the flow.

The outer casing of the peppermich is Main Material, and other materials are slowly integrated after Tempering.

less than 3 minutes, a transparent liquid-like object appears in his hand, slowly creeping, constantly changing the shape, but all is irregular.

wang teng heart, Mental Telekinesis is controlled, and the liquid-shaped devil bomb in the hand becomes a pattern of a sparrow.

Sparrow wings vibrate, it turned out.

“Good things.” Wang teng eyes shine, the change of this devil bomb beyond his imagination, he felt that he was a treasure.

“Try see how Power?”

He controls the devil bomb to fly an air, the devil bomb in the front of the sparrow, hits the ground from in The Sky Fiercely.


a loud noise, the ground shocks, a powerful Origin Power wave is swept to all around, and the ground is thrown a big pit, the dust is rising, and the trees have been destroyed.

“Oh!” WANG TENG retreated, instantly appeared outside of 100 meters, one hand stopped in front of his eyes, look at the front, and marched in the mouth.

Nothing also shows the body shape, and the eyes are surprised to look forward to the front.

“Very strong Power!”

“is indeed very strong, this is still the Power generated by one-tenth dose, if the dose is increased, absolutely enough magic eggs to drink a pot.” WANG TENG SAID WITH A SMILE.

“What did you do?” I don’t have curiously asked: “I said, how do you master the production method of the devil bomb in such a short time, it should be not low.”

Although he knows some things about Attribute Bubble, there is not much.

At this point, WANG TENG should have no chance to pick up the relevant Attribute Bubble, then how did he enhance the devil bomb to make Skilled degrees?

“I talent is so strong, making a demon bomb IS this Not Just Reaching over to Snatch Away the Grain thing.” WANG Teng.

“I believe in you a ghost.” 虚 no rolled the eyes.

“You need to go to the brain Demon SoveReign tomorrow.” Wang TENG said seriously.

“I should pay the brain DEMON SOVEREIGN?” It’s a fierce.

“Yes!” WANG TENG solemn Nodded: “I want to get the magic egg.”

“I should go to the brain Demon SoveReign, will not be discovered.” Mask no frowned.

“I will give you the magic skills and DARKNESS DOMAIN, which will not be a problem.” WANG TENG.

There is a connection between Clone and True Body, some skills and comprehension can be mutually given.

“Okay.” There is no nodded agreed, some things need Wang TENG to do it, how to put the devil bomb to the ovary egg within the body, this is a key, he will not replace it.

The two people discuss the details. If there is no Clone, it will be reinited into the body of Wang Ten, waiting for tomorrow.

To tell the truth, in the face of the existence of the brain Demon SoveReign, even he feels a bit nervous, and I don’t know how True Body is going over, and I can also get Demon SoveReiGN close to the brain Demon SoveReign, not at all. It was found that even the two sides were quite harmonious.

is not scientifically!


The next day, if there is no program and Bao Demon SoveReign goes out to Romantic Couple’s World, Wang Ten has come to the molas of Mo.

He did not contact the ovate, after all, the two sides are a bit unpleasant memories.

If he appears in front of the ovulation, the ovulation is estimated to explode on the spot.

wang teng saw Garry, can not help but whispered: “This Goblin Race Dark Race is really a bit ugly.”

He directly appeared in front of Gork, so that it was shocked.

“master!?” Garry has a little hesitized.

It can feel that this is the person who controls it yesterday, but it seems to be a bit different.

Yesterday, the man was shrouded in a purple black in the mist, and this person was shrouded in the black fog, and the breath is a little different.

“is me.” WANG TENG didn’t pay attention to the doubts of Garry, NODDED, INDIFERENTLY SAID: “I will come to you today, is there anything to do?”

“Master Please tell me.” Garry is in the heart, but it can only be honest.

“I want you to put these devil bombs in the ovate.” Wang TENG took out more than a dozen devil bombs and handed it over to Garry.

These ten devil bombs are all concentrated into a small ball, just like a cappeus, which is the smallest shape that wang TENG can concentrate.

“What, Devil Bomb !!!” Garry looked at the hands in his hand and was surprised.

This is actually a devil bomb!

But where is its Master from the devil bomb? ? ?

Is it what he made last night?

add this possibility, feel extremely absurd, incredible.

This master is just a method of making the devil bomb from its hands, how can it be refined.

I know that it is trying to have no number, there is no success!

But it has several Skilled, a small round of Skilled, a total of eighteen, exactly it is given to the number of materials to each other yesterday.

This is not too clever!

Someone really saw the devil bomb can refine it? There is no mistake.

This fundament IMPOSSIBLE!

Garry three views were shocked, couldn’t help but ask: “Master, where is this devil bomb?”

“I made.” Wang Teng IndifanceLy Said.

He knows that this Goblin Race Dark Race is addicted to the devil bomb. It cannot be self-extricted. Fortunately, let it seek, nature is easier to deepen the influence of [Encourse].

“You, you are making it ??!” Garry was shocked, still a bit couldn’t believe: “Is it really produced?”

“How, don’t believe it?” Wang Teng Profound mystery’s laugh, too lazy explanation, directly: “Forget, you will take a few materials, I will make a few devil bombs, wait for you to put into the magic together Ovulation within the body. “

Garry, I heard that Wang Ten has to make a devil bomb on the spot, and suddenly shine in the eyes, as for the last sentence, it has been automatically ignored, nothing more important than making a devil bomb.

It immediately took out the materials made of the demoddy bomb, put on the workbench, and looked at Wang Ten.

“You please.”

wang teng sees its sample, the heart is secretly smiling, and starts now.

shua ~ shua ~ shua ~!

After the production of last night, he is very familiar with Golden Rays of Light, the speed is very fast, and the After Another Devil Bomb appears on the workbench.

Gardri smashed his eyes to the extreme, it was obsessed with the eyes, and the mouth continued to must muttered: “So That’s how it is, so that’s how it is, no, too fast, too fast, see Qing … “

Unfortunately, it dares to bother Wang Ten, only look at the ONE AFTER Another Devil Bomb production, and although it sees a part of the production process, the latter production process has not seen it, and it is in a hurry. Like 10,000 ants are climbing, it is uncomfortable.

“Let me explain the things you explain, I will consider guiding you.” Wang Ten stopped the production, Indifferently SAID.

Gakri Came Back to His Senses, looking at Wang Ten’s eyes extremely hot, even man said: “SIR Please rest assured, I will definitely put the devil bomb into the ovula with the body.”

this time, it is even if he is hesitant, and the thief promised.

→ _ →

wang teng is a bit speechless.

This goblin Race Dark Race is completely dropped.

then WANG TENG attached the dark this source in the surface of the devil, wrapped it, and the devil bomb became Black.

even hiding a mental power within the bomb, you can induce the state of the devil bomb, properly control it.

This way, the ovulation should not find it.

This is the way WANG TENG.

Isolated with Dark Original Isolated Magic Eggs.

Gakel saw this scene and shocked, guess Wang Ten’s identity.

can use the dark native, who is this?

If it is Dark Race, why do he do this?

but it is wise to ask, just use the devil bomb through the tube of the magic egg, inject the ovar egg with the dark this source formed by the source of the source.

Magic eggs have never found an abnormality.

wang teng eyes Flashs Through A Bright Light, I have left this place, I have to get in touch with Mokarlen General, let it start.

Everything is ready, only owe Dongfeng!

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