All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 1212

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For Dark Race, suddenly arrived is very unexpected.

So, a lot of Dark Race.

then follow, is endless frightening!

From 懵 懵 到 惊 惊 只 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 懵 是 是 是

They have not responded at all, and they can only look at the countless Origin Power guns over the head, Bright Radiance is like a fireworks, and it is eye-catching.

The pupil of each Dark Race is tightened into a needle tip.


Rumbling Sound rang, origin Power gun strikes, a large number of Dark Race was submerged in the ORIGIN POWER explosion.

is just an instant, countless Dark Race is killed by Origin Power, and the body all split up and in pieces, the dead can no longer die, and there is a large number of Dark Race serious injury, and screaming.


sharp sounds contains horrible and angry, suddenly sound, echoating in in the sky, straight.

This sound is like a beautiful woman who is going to take a shower, then a wretched Robust Man suddenly breaks into, and there is also a laughter of “Hehehe”, the beauty is frightened, and the high Decibel’s harsh scream sound.




“open the protective cover!”


Subsequently, all Dark Race finally reacted, and the angry snoring broke out, and messy into a group.

áo hǒu!

Da Rock Kikon Dragon Beast was alarmed, and the sky was roaring.

Square many Origin Power gun strikes is awakened from the sleep, although it is not hurt, but the building on the back is damaged.

Brain Demon SoveReign rushed out from the building, appearing in the in the sky, the face is covered with cold cream, and the coldness in the eyes is almost condensed.

Middle Dew SoveReign Level Dark Race has also rushed out.

“What is going on?”

Space Distortion, under the shock of the light column, continuously transmitting the sound of Ka Ka Ka.

All arrone is unable to withstand the impact, start crash, as if the glass is generally broken, chemically invisible powder disappears in the Pitch Black in the Sky.

A deep lacquer whistle is slowly formed, and the volatility of terror is exuded out.

wang teng galloped over the forest, suddenly see this scene, Complexion Slightly Changed.

“Space Channel!”

“Dark Race Opens Space Channel!”

He thought that the Dark Race here is all, complete Didn’t Expect Dark Race has left this hand, and they have already prepared space coordinates, just open.

At this moment, WANG TENG shakes, and there is some gloomy and ucertain.

This situation is really out of his expectation, and the previously obtained information is completely information on this Space Channel.

He doesn’t know, this news only masters in the hands of Bao Demon SoveReign, other Dark Race Simply does not know.

and this is also a means of preventing in cases, it is not necessary to use, only when force majeure occurs.

is undoubtedly this situation.

At this time, several SKY-SPLITTING SOUND came from front.

wang teng turned, he saw that Mokarlen General and The Others was rapid, and quickly came to him.

“wang teng!”

元 驹 general and the Others played him up and down, asked concerned: “Are you okay?”

“I am fine.” WANG TENG ANXIOSLY SAID: “When not saying this now, Dark Race opens Space Channel, I am afraid there will be a lot of Dark Race.”

“Reassured, I have long unexpectedly, our Battleship has been covered with all arrone, and the entire Mountain Range is blocked, even if Dark Race is coming, it is absolutely unable to leave this Mountain Range, this time To make them have no return. “Mo Karlen General said confident.

“That’s good!” Wang Ten listened to him, Slightly Relaxed in his heart.

hong long!

in The Sky suddenly came from a fried, Silver Lightning slammed from the deep in the sky and made a dark sky.

Among the thunders, the spatial vortex is constantly increasing, and the instant diffuses into the SEveral Ten ZHANG size.

“Space Channel should be completely opened, we have passed.” Mokarlen general is busy.


Everyone hurriedly worked the Moved Towards Valley. If there is too many Dark Race, Human Race Martial Artist must fall into a weak, they must be blocked.

hong long long!

Lightning echoes in in The Sky, the spatial videos makes a hundred feet size, almost the entire sky is covered, as if you can’t see the margin.

After the spatial vortex, suddenly flashed a monster red light.

A huge Scarlet eyeball appears behind the vortex, looking down, the horrible Mental Fluctuation swept.

twisted, beerk, evil, disorder …

Endless negative emotions spread, filled in the sky.

“Demon Venerable Level !!!”

Mokarlen General and The Others face is suddenly stiff, and Pupil Shrink is the ultimate.

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