All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 1312


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“Wang Teng VS Faramo!”

As soon as the candidates for the battle between the two sides appeared, they immediately attracted the attention and discussion of all the audience.

One of them is Wang Teng, who has a high enthusiasm, and every time he appears there must be a wide range of discussions.

Wang Teng’s battle method is very special, whether it is to abuse others or directly defeat the opponent, it is very interesting and makes people want to stop.

At the same time, Wang Teng is too dazzling, fighting with the emperor.

At present, only Wang Teng and the emperor’s enthusiasm remain high, and the two exchanged first place.

Every time Wang Teng appears, he will inevitably suppress the emperor and get the first heat.

When the emperor came out, he suppressed Wang Teng again.

This situation is very interesting!

But it also means that Wang Teng and the emperor have the same status in everyone’s hearts, and it is difficult to judge who is stronger.


“It’s the very ruthless Faramir.”

“It’s all right now, Wang Teng takes the shot, can he still kill Wang Teng?”

“Hehe, I am afraid that Faramo will be killed this time, Wang Teng is not a bully.”

“I like Wang Teng’s style of acting very much. If others don’t mess with me, it’s fine. If you mess with me, you will be tender to death. Even the Third Prince is not wrong.”

“pu, what matters to my Third Prince, don’t always use my Third Prince as a typical example.”

“Upstairs, you are afraid that it is not a fake fan of Third Prince.”

“hahaha, is Third Prince already a negative teaching material.”


This battle was very strange. Everyone was leaning on Wang Teng’s side, and no one even came out to speak for Faramo.

The popularity of this person seems extremely poor!

Switching to other Martial Artists, somehow they have the support of people of the same race, and some people actively support them, but Faramo doesn’t have a single one.

This is amazing!

It is a strange person to be able to do this.

Wang Teng got up, ready to play.

“Wang Teng, be careful, I always feel this Faramo is a bit weird.” Second Prince frowned on the side, opened the mouth and said.

Wang Teng glanced at him in surprise, but he was not the only one he could see.

At this time, the emperor also opened his eyes and took a look at Wang Teng. He did not close his eyes for cultivation, and seemed to be ready to watch the game.

Wang Teng stepped up to the sky at the Second Prince nodded, calm and calm.

On the other side, Faramo wore a black cloak and couldn’t see the appearance under that cloak. Step by step, he walked into the air and stood opposite Wang Teng.

The closer the distance, the stronger the weird feeling!

A strange light flashed in Wang Teng’s eyes without a trace. He looked at the other party, but still couldn’t see anything.

The black cloak seems to have a certain function, it can block probing!

Faramo didn’t say a word, but could only feel that there was a line of sight under the black cloak on Wang Teng’s body, as if he was also looking at Wang Teng.

He is very interested in Wang Teng!

“Game, start!” The voice came from within the ball of light.

A gust of wind suddenly blew across the desolate continent, blowing up yellow sand in the sky.


At the next moment, the figures of Wang Teng and Faramo have disappeared in place, only the afterimages slowly drifting away with the yellow sand.

Thousands of meters away, two figures emerged out of thin air. It was Wang Teng and Faramo.

Wang Teng is going backwards.

Faramo followed like a ghost like a shadow. The black cloak floated in the sky, and a scaly hand stretched out from under the cloak and pinched it to Wang Teng’s neck.

Wang Teng eyes flashed, single fist smashed out, right in the palm of the opponent.


The Qi formed by Origin Power vigorously exploded with a roar.

Faramo only shook his figure, as if he had taken off all his strength, and moved towards Wang Teng again.

“Interesting!” Wang Teng showed no expression on his face, casting Five Elements Fist, one after another fist blasted straight out.

Faramo seemed to know that it was impossible to deal with Wang Teng impossible by squeezing him to death with a single paw like dealing with other people, so he gave up his original plan and also displayed a fist technique to fight Wang Teng.


Wang Teng used the Five Elements Fist to its extreme. Water Element, Earth Element, Wood Element, Fire Element fist prints were blasted out in turn, very terrifying.

“Really strong fist technique!” Second Prince was shocked.

“There are four kinds of Origin Power changes. What kind of fist technique is this? I have never seen it before.” Moses also said.

“It’s not like the four fist techniques, but the same one, but the changes are very mysterious.” Ji Haochen also said, staring at the game intently.

The emperor next to him did not speak, but he could see that he was very interested in this fist technique.


Suddenly, Faramo was bombarded by Wang Teng’s fist marks, and the whole person flew out fiercely, and the cloak on his body exploded for a small amount, revealing his sturdy body, which was already long. The scales are said to come from a race called the “lizard clan”.

“Fighting with me, dare to use only one hand, who gives you the confidence.” Wang Teng’s face was flat, his steps were empty, and his thick black hair was flying.

Faramo looked at his body, lifts the head, and looked directly at Wang Teng, but he still couldn’t see his face clearly.

The cloak on his body was broken by Wang Teng’s punch, but his head was always shrouded in the shadow of the cloak.

This makes Wang Teng very strange, is there anything shameful?

“You are very strong!” Faramo said. This is the first time he has spoken since the game. His voice is very hoarse, like two pieces of metal rubbing, very harsh, but it seems to have a hint of… fanaticism And thirst!

what the hell?

Wang Teng eyebrow raised, this guy doesn’t have any special hobbies, right?

“The stronger the genius, the more interesting it is to kill.” Faramo’s voice gradually became bian and tai!

“Since it’s so interesting, come on!” Wang Teng hehe smiled, raised his hand, and hooked his finger at the other party.

Suddenly, Faramo disappeared in place, twice as fast as before.

Wang Teng immediately felt a bad wind coming from behind, he twisted his waist and turned sideways, swept out with a whip leg.


Wang Teng’s whip leg immediately hit Faramo’s elbow. He didn’t expect Wang Teng to react so quickly that he had no time to continue his attack, so he could only resist with a backhand.

Wang Teng threw his fist again, and the fist mark broke out.

Faramo’s other hand also stretched out from under the cloak, and his claws collided with Wang Teng’s fist marks.

Wang Teng’s strength exceeded his expectations and he had to take it seriously. The hand that had not been used was finally stretched out from under the cloak.

Wang Teng’s eyes condensed involuntarily, staring at Faramo’s left hand.

This hand is completely different from his right hand!

Although the right hand is covered with scales, it still looks like a human hand anyway.

But this left hand is shaped like the arm of a wild beast, directly a circle larger than the right hand, and the palm is like a beast claw, and each finger is as sharp as a sickle.

“Wang Teng, he is a phenomenon of returning to ancestors!” A round voice suddenly sounded in Wang Teng’s mind.

“Return to the ancestors!?” Wang Teng was a little surprised.

“Yes, this guy is the Martial Artist of the Lizard Race. One of his hands is back to the ancestors. He has the ancient and powerful bloodline of the Lizard Race, which is a kind of fleshy body talent.”

“This fleshy body talent…a bit ugly!” Wang Teng couldn’t help saying.

“…” Yuan Tuan fell silent for a while.

It originally thought that Wang Teng would be jealous. Didn’t expect to pay attention to the beauty and ugliness of the other party. I really don’t know what to say?

“You be careful, the existence that has the power to return to the ancestors is very powerful.” Yuan Gungun reminded.

“en!” Wang Teng slightly nodded, and then asked: “Does this ancestor return to the ancestor with only one hand? It looks weird.”

“…” Chuankuang was silent for a while, and said: “Returning to ancestors is a very small thing. One arm is already considered a very strong bloodline talent. Now most races, ancient bloodline talents It is very thin, and it is almost impossible to rejuvenate the whole body.”

Wang Teng did not ask more about the popular science, his expression became serious.


That arm sticks out with one claw, almost to the Tearing Space, bringing up the white marks one after another, which is very terrifying.

Wang Teng banged against this arm once, and his body retreated. He felt that his arm was a little numb, and there was a hint of surprise in his eyes.

This arm after returning to the ancestors really has some ways!

In that case…

At this moment, Faramo rushed over again and launched an attack frantically. His ancestors’ arms swung repeatedly, as sharp as a weapon. Origin Power was condensed on it and turned into a claw blade one after another.

If you are hit, you must have a broken arm or even a dead body on the spot.

Fortunately, Wang Teng is very rich in combat experience. Under his fist strikes, he directly opened the opponent’s claws.

Both sides used the power of Profound Truth.

In Wang Teng’s fist mark, the Origin Power Profound Truth of all departments is integrated, which is extremely powerful.

Faramore’s claws also integrate Profound Truth of Metal, and it is a perfection of Profound Truth of Metal, making the attack more sharp and tyrannical.

This scene surprised the spectators.

Many people also recognize that it is a state of rejuvenation, because Faramo’s left hand is so conspicuous that everyone knows it is unusual at first glance.

Then someone with broad knowledge came out to give pointers, and the return to ancestors spread immediately.

“Return to Ancestor!”

“One of Faramo’s arm actually has an ancestral phenomenon!”

“Then isn’t he very strong?”

“Bloodline Strength awakens, you say strong or not!”

“Wang Teng is not in danger, right?”

“It should not be that Wang Teng is so strong.”

“With Wang Teng’s strength, he will not be able to beat a Martial Artist of the lizard clan, don’t be kidding.”

“The lizard scale tribe is just a small clan after all, not a big clan, even if it returns to the ancestors, it’s not that great!”


The sky above the continent,

Wang Teng’s brows gradually wrinkled, and the Martial Artist fleshy body of the lizard scale clan after returning to the ancestors was extremely powerful, and his Five Elements Fist could not help the other party.

He didn’t hesitate anymore and directly used [dragon blood battle body].

At this moment…


A roar echoed in Wang Teng’s body, and several peculiar flames spread silently in his body, flowing around his body.

In order not to arouse the alarm of the Parax family, he did not arouse the beast fire.

At the same time, one after another strange flame pattern bloomed on Wang Teng’s body.

But everything is hidden under the clothes.

The scorching high temperature suddenly centered on Wang Teng, diverging away, and even steaming mist filled his whole body.

The air all around is distorted!

Flammer suddenly noticed something and hesitated to attack.

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows to see, his figure slammed forward, punched out, carrying endless flame power, and his fist prints exploded.

bang! bang! Bang…

[Dragon blood battle body] is indeed very powerful, and Wang Teng’s [dragon blood battle body] has reached the fourth rank.

In addition, this kind of battle body is excited by flames, and Wang Teng’s flames are undoubtedly the most.

Wang Teng, who used the [dragon blood battle body], was very terrifying, and he blasted out with a punch, which Faramore couldn’t resist immediately.

Even the left hand of his ancestors, under Wang Teng’s strikes, cracked open, the sharp nails were broken, and the scales on it also burst out of blood.

Under the high temperature, his blood evaporates directly, making it even more painful!

“Good…really strong!”

“Why did Wang Teng suddenly become so vigorous? Does anyone see if there is any way?”

“It seems to be a constitution, or a battle skill of body refinement?”

“Look like that, like some kind of Fire Element battle skill?”

“I can’t see it, it’s very cryptic, why is Wang Teng hiding so deep!”


On the virtual universe communication platform, everyone saw Wang Teng burst out suddenly, and even Faramo’s ancestor’s arm was beaten apart. It was extremely brutal, and they were all surprised for a while.

Although many people say that Lamo’s lizardscale clan is a small clan, after all, returning to ancestors is returning to ancestors. No one dares to underestimate it. It is not only the strength of an arm, but the overall strength of the opponent Promote.

All in all, the Martial Artist who returned to his ancestors will not be weak in strength.

Second Prince and the others were surprised to see Wang Teng erupting. They all carefully observed his state at this time, and their expressions were a little dignified.

“What kind of constitution is this?” Moses couldn’t help but ponder.

“Even you don’t know?” Second Prince asked.

“The people who are more familiar with Wang Teng are Diqi and Uncle Boragu.” Di Moses meant clearly, he didn’t know.

“This state…” Strachey and Landon looked at each other, both frowned.

How does it feel a bit like the [dragon blood battle body] of their family?

But they just think about it. Impossible is definitely [dragon blood battle body].

How could an outsider have the constitution of their family inheritance? They didn’t even think about it.

Just think it’s very similar that’s all.

At the same time, there was a glimpse in Strachey’s heart. After all, for their family, the powerful battle skills of the Fire Element class were what they wanted very much.

bang! bang! Bang…

The rumbling sound in the sky kept reverberating, Faramo retreated steadily, and the black cloak on his body finally burst open under Wang Teng’s strikes, revealing his true face.


When everyone saw him, there was an uproar.

Second Prince and the others stood up abruptly, a trace of amazement appeared in their eyes.

“What is this?”

“Why are there that many black lines on his face, like…magic lines?!!!”

“Magic pattern! Dark Race’s magic pattern!!”

“There is a feeling of evil and chaos. After watching it for a long time, it makes people feel sick. It seems that there is something in the ear. This must be the magic pattern!”

“Damn it, is this Faramo a Dark Race?”

“No, if he is Dark Race, how can he escape the eyes of the Seven Star Academy and enter the genius Battle of Supremacy, this is not right!”

“Maybe the Power of Darkness was hidden in some special way!”

“No wonder he has been wearing that black cloak, originally to hide this magic pattern.”


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