All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 798


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“Hello, everyone is here!”

Just when the eyes of all the alien trialists were attracted by Augustus and other Heaven’s Chosen of the Orland Federation, a laugh came out abruptly.

The sound appeared so suddenly that even a group of planet-star Martial Artists present did not notice it beforehand.

All the alien trialists were taken aback, turning their heads to look around the sound.

I saw a young man stepping on a red black crow and appeared in the distant sky, looking at them with a smile hehe.

Behind the young man, two more appeared.

A fatty, a tentacle monster with dozens of tentacles growing under its feet.

This combination is really weird and strange!

All the alien trialist faces are a little dignified, and they dare not underestimate this strange combination.

Because in the eyes of everyone, the fatty and tentacle monsters are both planetary powerhouses.

And the strength of the young man is even more difficult to see through, and it seems quite mysterious.

What is even more surprising is that when the three of them appeared, everyone didn’t even notice.

The blond young Augustus’s complexion was flat, but his eyes flashed without a trace of bright light.

Katu embraced his arms, grinned slightly at the corners of his mouth, and seemed to look at Wang Teng with interest.

Biluo’s pretty face was full of smiles, and he looked back at Alais, the smile on his face was thicker, and then looked towards Wang Teng with blinking eyes.

After Biluo looked away, Alais’ eyes flickered slightly.

“It’s really him!”

She was very uneasy. It’s been a long time since I saw him. He has come to this step and he can compete with other Star Martial players, which is really unbelievable.

Apart from this, Logkins and Pocklin also looked at Wang Teng with different faces, not knowing what they were thinking.

“Who are you?”

Logkins, the Heaven’s Chosen expression of the Black Scale Clan of the Uro Galaxy, asked flatly.

“Earth Star Wang Teng, everyone, take care of you!” Wang Teng said with a smile.

“Land Star Martial!”

Everyone’s eyes flashed, and the corners of their mouths show a meaningful arc.

This introduction is interesting!

There are all Star Martial players out there, and Wang Teng just said that he is a Star Martial player. Doesn’t it have to be against them?

“You are the one who released the news to bet against Dark Race?” Augustus asked.

“Yes, it seems that you are also interested in participating?” Wang Teng feigning ignorance asked.


Everyone couldn’t help being speechless.

Don’t this guy release the news just to attract them, but now he is acting stupid here, so everyone can’t tell.

“Only you, do you think it’s enough?” Logkins said with a little contempt in his tone.

“If it’s enough, I will know after playing.” Wang Teng didn’t care, he laughed and said: “But after all, I decided this gambling fight. If you want to participate, you should either go and talk to Dark Race yourself, or just Close your mouth obediently and beep less.”

Logkins face changed.


Behind him, an outside Star Martial suddenly screamed.

Wang Teng’s complexion remained unchanged, but his gaze crossed Logkins and fell on the foreign Star Martial behind him, with a malicious arc in the corner of his mouth.

“When is it your turn here, a martial artist, to speak.”

The Jin Yuan behind Wang Teng is very likely to come. Before Wang Teng could speak, he glared back and shouted coldly.

The imposing manner of the star Martial Artist instantly crushed towards the opponent.

In the universe, the star apprentice class is the general term for the Martial Artists below the planetary star. In the face of the planetary star Martial Artist, there’s no resistance.

The outsider from Star Martial looked pale and couldn’t help but stepped back on the top of the spaceship.

“hmph!” Logkins was coldly snorted, and a powerful imposing manner came out, colliding with Jin Yuan’s imposing manner.


Although the imposing manner is invisible, when they collide with each other, they still emit a violent rumbling sound.

Jin Yuan’s imposing manner was immediately defeated.

“My people are not yet your turn to teach you.” Logkins’s face was cold, and he charged straight in an imposing manner, not only to deal with Jin Yuan, but also to envelop the three of Wang Teng.

Jin Yuan’s complexion is slightly condensed, as if facing an enemy.

This Logkins can be called the famous Heaven’s Chosen of the Uro galaxy, which shows that it is out of the ordinary.

How vast is a galaxy, and it stands out from the crowd. Logins is definitely a genius amongst geniuses.


The imposing manner came in an instant, pressing down on the heads of the three Wang Teng.

Logkins made a sudden move, one was naturally to cover his own people, and the other wanted to test Wang Teng, the star Martial who suddenly appeared.

The Heaven’s Chosen Martial Artists from these aliens, in fact, don’t really appreciate the aboriginal Martial Artists of Earth Star. Even if Wang Teng reaches the star level, in their opinion, the foundation is much worse. Yes, there is no comparability with them.

At this time, Wang Teng’s complexion remained unchanged, and just when the imposing manner was about to appear, he waved his hand gently.


There was a muffled sound, and the imposing manner broke.

Logkins’ complexion finally changed a little, his eyes fixed on Wang Teng, but he was quite surprised.

Other Star Martial people were also surprised. Even August, Kathu, Biluo and the others were no exception. They all looked different.

Jin Yuan and Haddock behind Wang Teng couldn’t help but their eyes flickered, and their hearts were incredible.

How long has it been, how do you feel that this cheap boss has become much stronger?

The two looked at each other, making sure that they didn’t feel wrong, and their hearts became more shocked.

However, Wang Teng didn’t stop there. A bright glow flashed through his eyes, and Mental Telekinesis seemed to condense into an invisible sword.

“Not good!”

Logkins complexion slightly changed, he wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

How fast is the condensed sword of Mental Telekinesis, the moment it pierced Wang Teng’s eyes, it pierced into the eyes of the alien Martial Artist behind Logkins.


The alien martial artist just shook his whole body, he was bleeding from the seven orifices, his body lost support and fell backward.


His body fell heavily to the top of the spaceship, his consciousness was destroyed and his vitality was completely lost.

“You!” Logkins ugly complexion, his eyes eager to breathe fire.

“Your subordinate’s mouth is too stinky. I will send it back to the furnace for you to reform. You don’t have to thank me.” Wang Teng turned a blind eye to his eyes and said lightly.

“Fuck!” Logkins was furious.

How has he been ignored so much!

How can anyone be so offended!

This Earth Star native slaying his most powerful subordinate in front of him is tantamount to stomping his face on the ground.

Uncle is tolerable, aunt can’t bear it.

“If you are not convinced, come to a fight and I will accompany you.” Wang Teng finally put away his smile at this time, and looked at each other expressionlessly, coldly said.

For the enemy, he has always only one principle.

Don’t accept it, fight it!

If you refuse to accept it, kill it!

No matter what Heaven’s Chosen you do, you can still kill it.

For a while, the atmosphere of all around solidified, all eyes were gathered between Wang Teng and Logkins, either shocked, or joking, or taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune……

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