All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 800


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Biluo was slightly startled, his eyes moved away from the tea water in his hand and fell on Wang Teng’s body.

They are from aliens. How could Wang Teng know their origins?


Or another channel?

Countless thoughts flashed through Biluo’s mind.

She eyes flashed to see the two Jin Yuan behind Wang Teng and asked: “These two are very strange, I don’t know which galaxy Heaven’s Chosen came from?”

Biluo was a little surprised. From start to finish, both Jin Yuan and Yuan stood very honestly behind Wang Teng, looking like he was the leader.

Two non-Star Martial artists are willing to acknowledge allegiance Wang Teng, the Earth Star indigenous Martial Artist?

This is a bit intriguing!

Jin Yuan and Haddock took a look at Wang Teng, and saw that he didn’t say anything, they laughed and said: “I dare not compare with you, we are nothing more than Heavenspan from a small family.”

Jin Yuan and Haddock are both human spirits, how can they easily tell Biluo that they escaped from the dead star?

“Hehe who can participate in the trial is Heaven’s Chosen.” Biluo smiled and said a few words of flattery. As for whether she believed in each other, it was only her understood.

The conversations of several people are not hidden. The other alien trialists are all planet-star Martial Artists. You can hear them at such a close distance. There is much speculation about the relationship between Jin Yuan, Haddock and Wang Teng. .

Many people were surprised to see the two trialists following Wang Teng.

This situation is not unheard of in previous trials. Some trialists believe that they are hopeless and will choose to rely on some powerful trialists.

But it is also very rare. After all, being able to become a trialist is a very talented person, proud and arrogant, how can it easily acknowledge allegiance to others.

So at this moment, besides Augustus, the five Heaven’s Chosen, many trialists can’t help but feel a little more afraid of Wang Teng.


Xia Country North of Xinjiang.

A group of war reporters braved the mortal danger and came to the Army Camp stationed here in Xia Country. The head was a woman in her thirties with a full of heroic spirit. Wearing military uniforms, she was a very famous news item in Xia Country. host.

A War General Level Martial Artist based in North of Xinjiang personally received these reporters.

“Host Zhen, didn’t expect you to come in person this time.” The Military Department War General Level Martial Artist expression was a little tired, and shook hands with the host, and said.

“The leader of Martial Arts ordered me to come personally to announce the situation here in an official capacity.” Zhen Ping said, facial expression grave.


Human and Dark Race gambling!

This battle is related to the life and death of Earth Star. If human wins, there is hope, but if it loses, everything will turn into historical dust.

Perhaps this history will be unearthed by new civilizations in thousands of years for research.

What a sad ending like this!

Time is passing slowly.

Central Continent, Dark Race has not yet arrived, but many War General Level Martial Artists from various countries have already heard the wind.

With the departure of the alien trialists of various countries, the senior leaders of various countries dare to take action.

War General Level Martial Artists are coming from Inga, the Nordic countries, America, and the big bear country.

A smart fighter plane independently developed by various countries hovered in midair, looking at Zhonghuanzhou.

They dared not come close, so they could only watch from a distance.

On an Xia Country smart fighter plane, Xia Country’s Martial Arts leaders and the others are all gathered in the rotunda inside the fighter plane. In the center of the lobby, the sky over Central Continent is being cast.

“We didn’t expect so many extraterrestrial trialists.” The leader of Martial Arts eyes flashed, and said with a slight grimace: “If it weren’t for the Dark Race invasion, these trialists would be impossible to gather like this.”

“They are all star powerhouses. These people are enough to match the entire Earth Star.” Hong Shuai said with expression grave.

“Let them gambling against Dark Race in Central Continent, won’t they sink Central Continent in the end?” Yong Shuai said with a bitter smile.


Everyone was taken aback for a moment, and then the complexion slightly changed.

This… is not impossible!

With the strength of the planet-star powerhouse, it depends on whether they want it or not.

“Pass back the situation here.” At this time, the leader of Martial Arts ordered.

“This…” Everyone hesitated for a while

“This is Earth Star’s disaster. Everyone should watch it with their own eyes.” Martial Arts leader said.


Everyone responded “yes” in unison, and immediately stopped hesitating and sent the screen back to Xia Country.

Almost at the same time, War General Level powerhouses in other countries also made such a decision by coincidence, and the picture of Central Continent was reported.

Time passed again.

While countless people waited anxiously, it was the 3rd day.

At noon, the horizon tens of kilometers away from Central Island suddenly became dark.

The darkness came from three directions and appeared at the same time, shrouded from in the sky, as if night had fallen, and filled the direction of Central Continent at an extremely fast speed.


These two words appeared in everyone’s hearts.

each and everyone The alien trialist stood up from the top of the spaceship, his face slightly solemn and looked into the darkness in the distance.

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