All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 802


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An alien trialist was so defeated!

The rest of the trialist all around looked rather solemn, and they couldn’t help but pay more attention to the strength of Dark Race Demon Monarch.

“Wow, good job!”

Black bone laughed and called hehe.

“hmph!” The Troll Race Demon Monarch glanced at the black bone, lightly snorted, and the silhouette disappeared in place again.

“Be careful!”

There was trialist complexion slightly changed, and shouted loudly.

The alien trialist complexion who was severely injured before greatly changed, almost not even think, and immediately got out of the way.

But it’s too late.

Next moment, Troll Race Demon Monarch appeared in front of him, and the huge stick-shaped weapon cast a shadow over the trialist.

The trialist pupil shrink, angry roar involuntarily, the Origin Power within the body was mobilized to the extreme by him and burst out.


The attack of Troll Race Demon Monarch has also fallen.

The alien trialist hurriedly resisted, unable to hold it even for a second, the Origin Power defense burst into pieces under the attack of Troll Race Demon Monarch.

Then the stick weapon fell on the alien trialist’s head.


The intact head shattered like a watermelon for a while, and the red and white objects were sprayed all around, leaving only a headless body falling to the ground.


all around fell into a dead silence for an instant.

Not long after the gambling battle started, a star powerhouse fell like this!

Many people looked at Troll Race Demon Monarch in astonishment, with a hint of terror and fear in their eyes.

And this scene was also introduced into the fighters of Martial Artists of various countries through the monitors in the distance, and everyone fell into silence.

Isn’t even such a powerful alien powerhouse the opponent of Dark Race?

Everyone was ugly complexion, and their emotions fell into a trough.


“Human Race Heaven’s Chosen, just this!”

The Troll Race Demon Monarch carried the stick-shaped weapon that was still bleeding downward, looked at all around indifferently, and spoke slowly.


Many alien trialists were very angry, staring coldly at Troll Race Demon Monarch.

Augus, Kathu and other five Heaven’s Chosen faces are cold, and strong killing intent flashes in their eyes.

Dark Race, Dang Zhu!

“Everyone, let’s do it together.”

Augus didn’t have any nonsense, looked around and spoke.

tone barely fell, the person has disappeared in place, rushing towards the Demon Monarch powerhouse of the Troll Race.

Wherever I pass, like a bright golden streamer, it turns into a sharp arrow.

Troll Race Demon Monarch’s copper bell-like eyes narrowed slightly, the bloodthirsty rays of light flashed, and a grin revealed a grin.


next moment, the two sides collided together.

The air wave is falling back!

Augus, the blond young man, appeared in front of Troll Race Demon Monarch, with blond hair flying in the sky, bathed in golden light all over, showing the true nature of Heaven’s Chosen.

He didn’t use any weapons, only with a pair of fists, he brazenly strikes Troll Race Demon Monarch.

bang bang bang!

Troll Race Demon Monarch was forcibly repulsed by him, blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, and the rock-like hard flesh appeared one after another fist mark, horrible to see.


It issued angry roar, its eyes were bloodshot, and instead of retreating, it moved forward with the stick-shaped giant soldier in its hand and smashed it at Augustus!

All this only happened in a flash, when everyone came back to his senses, Augustus and Troll Race Demon Monarch had been fighting for several rounds.

“hahaha, kill!”

When Kathu saw Augustus act first, he couldn’t help but laughed heartily, laughing wildly and boldly.

I saw where he was, a thick blood light rose up into the sky, condensed into a sinister blood beast.


The blood beast roared, and then fell into Kathu’s strong body.


In an instant, Kathu seemed to transform himself into a blood beast, and rushed into the group of Dark Race Demon Monarch above without hesitation.

Being brave!

But it fits his style very well, invincible, fearless!

“Come on, kill grandfather with grandfather!”

Katu roared, raised his huge battle axe with both hands, and cleaved terrifying scarlet axe, almost indiscriminately attacking, when he saw Dark Race Demon Monarch, he hacked, alive a mad beast.


The Demon Monarch of Sheep-head Devil Race furiously shouted, his eyes exploded with cold killing intent, and he faced Kathu.

The weapon in its hand is a sickle-like weapon. It slashes in front of it, and suddenly a dark rays of light is cut out.


The scarlet axe light collided with the black saber glow, stuck in midair for three seconds, and then collapsed.

And Kathu and Sheep-head Devil Race Demon Monarch both rushed out of the air wave and fought with each other.

On the other side, the other alien trialists did not hesitate, and they started almost at the same time, each choosing a Dark Race Demon Monarch to fight with.

bang bang bang!

All of a sudden, in the sky formed a chaos!

The rumbling sound resounded endlessly, shaking the earth, terrifying Origin Power rays of light erupted all around, tyrannical attacks destroyed all mountains and trees all around.

In the distance, Logkins fought a Dark Race Demon Monarch and crashed into a large mountain, smashing the mountain directly, leaving only half of it.

On the right, Pucklin emits vibrant green rays of light all over his body, and he is fighting the Dark Race Demon Monarch called a mirage.

While Puckling waved his hand, the green Origin Power rays of light actually condensed into vines, rushing towards the phantom Demon Monarch, trying to restrain it, but the phantom Demon Monarch is extremely strange and covered in mist. , It seems that there is no body, the vine passed directly through its body, and it actually fell through.

On the other side, Biluo confronted Black Nightmare Devil Monarch.

Biluo green shawl with long hair is beautiful, while Black Nightmare Devil Monarch has purple black curly hair and a plump body, which is also exquisite to impeccable appearance.

The two peerless beauties are staring at each other with cold eyes at the moment, without concealing the killing intent in their hearts.


At one point, the two disappeared in place at the same time, and then crashed into each other.


Just when everyone was in a deadly battle, Wang Teng’s eyes fell on the place where the body of the trialist who had just been beheaded fell.

Several rays of light dazzling attribute bubbles are floating there.

The attribute bubble of the star powerhouse!

Good stuff!

Wang Teng picked it up quickly without any hesitation.

[Earth Element Star Origin Power *1800]

[Sovereign Realm Mind + 120]

[Sovereign Realm Perception + 108]

[Universe common language *300]

[Top Earth Element talent *360]


“Yes, yes, another wave of fat.” Wang Teng silently said a guilt in his heart, and then unceremoniously absorbed these attribute bubbles.

His Earth Element Star Origin Power skyrocketed in an instant.

[Earth Element Star Origin Power]: 2795/10.000 (1st star level)

Sovereign Realm Mind followed.

With the integration of this Mind attribute, Wang Teng’s mind suddenly shocked, and a stormy sea was set off in the Sea of ​​Consciousness.

His Mental Power turned out to be breakthrough in this brief moment! ! !

Wang Teng’s Mind attribute was already close to the Sovereign Realm Peak. In addition, he picked up the Sovereign Realm Mind attribute many times recently. It naturally improved so quickly that, unconsciously, his Mental Power broke through at this moment.

hong long!

Wang Teng’s Sea of ​​Consciousness seems to be thunderous, and the terrifying Mental Power scrolls in the Sea of ​​Consciousness, like forming an amazing vortex.

The massive Mental Power continuously rotates, shrinks, and condenses toward the center…

This process seems to temper Mental Power, causing it to undergo an incredible transformation, jumping out of the original realm and entering a higher level.

The changes in Sea of ​​Consciousness seem to be slow, but in fact, it is just a dozen breaths in the outside world.

The Mental Power vortex in the Wang Teng Sea of ​​Consciousness has completely shrunk to a single point, leaving only a tiny but bright spot like a grain of rice.

Then this light spot suddenly burst into extremely intense rays of light.


In an instant, a tyrannical Mental Power burst out, circling in Wang Teng’s Sea of ​​Consciousness, as if swearing the right to belong to this territory.

A Mental Power sphere is suspended in the Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Mental Power, the planetary star, is done!

[Mind]: 1/10.000 (line star)

At this moment, clear comprehension appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.

Mind is the same as the Martial Arts cultivation base. Before Sovereign Realm, it was named after the star apprentice class, and after that, it was the planetary star, the constant star…

Now Wang Teng’s Mind has reached a star rating!

An all new realm, a Mind realm that is several times more powerful than Sovereign Realm.

This realm cannot be achieved by ordinary star-rated Martial Artists. Generally, only Martial Artists with constant star-rated stars have rigid requirements, and must meet the star-rated Mind to be promoted.

In other words, the Mind of Wang Teng is now equivalent to the Mind of the constant star powerhouse.

If it’s just that Mind achieves a star rating, it doesn’t matter. At most, it has advantages over others in some aspects.

For example, Mind perception and the wait aspect of consciousness intensity.

But Wang Teng is the Divine Sense Master, he owns Mental Telekinesis.

Mind includes Mental Telekinesis and consciousness.

As Mind realm improves, Mental Telekinesis will naturally increase accordingly.

The planet-star Mental Telekinesis, the ordinary planet-star Martial Artist can’t resist.

Wang Teng feels that if he uses the Mental Telekinesis control weapon of the planetary star to attack, he can almost instantly kill the Martial Artist below the planetary star 5-Layer.

As for Martial Artists above 5-Layer stars, he can also deal with them, not weak.

Wang Teng was really happy. He thought that this time he would rely on the body of space to fight the Dark Race. Didn’t expect another killing move.

He was about to withdraw his gaze from the attribute panel, his gaze suddenly stopped.

I saw the [Soul Source] column has also changed, from the original 1,256 points to the current 5030 points!

Wang Teng looking thoughtful.

Mind, soul!

The two seem to be one thing, so Mind improves, so does Soul Source also improve?

He suddenly remembered that when Soul Source was upgraded, Mind attribute would also increase.

It seems so.

Wang Teng’s gaze stayed for a moment in the first and second columns of the attribute panel.

The first column is [Life Source], and the second column is [Soul Source].

These two are the most important things in lifeform secrets. One represents the body and the other represents the soul. This constitutes a complete lifeform.

With the improvement of Wang Teng’s Martial Arts cultivation base and Mind realm, these two sources have undergone a transition.

At this moment, Wang Teng seems to understand something.

It seems that the two must go hand in hand, and they can’t be partial to subjects!

In the dark, he felt the importance of both.

The thoughts in his mind flashed quickly, Wang Teng looked towards the other three attribute changes.

Sovereign Realm perception increased by 108 points, allowing Wang Teng’s perception to reach the Sovereign Realm Peak, distance to breakthrough already not far.

Perception is an illusory, but absolutely must not be absent, otherwise it will be a brain-dead.

In the future, Wang Teng will enter the universe and compete with Heaven’s Chosen in other universes. In terms of perception, he cannot lag behind.

Apart from this, as well as the two attributes [Top Earth Element talent] and [Universe common language].

To be honest, since the Ice Element Talent reached the King level, Wang Teng has been a little bit down on this Top talent.

It’s easy to change from frugality to luxury, but difficult to change from luxury to frugality!

But if you want to reach the king-level talent, you must fill up the top talent, or you can only wait for the attribute bubble of the king-level talent to appear.

[Universal common language] is quite useful. This is the most commonly used language in the universe, allowing him to communicate normally with other cosmic races.

As the number of attribute bubbles picked up increases, Wang Teng’s mastery of [Universal Common Language] will naturally increase.

[Universe common language]: 12/1000 (Small Accomplishment)


Wang Teng’s attention was withdrawn from the attribute panel and looked at the battlefield all around.

“It’s time for me to be active too!”

He looked around, his eyes finally locked in a fierce battle circle.

There, the Heaven’s Chosen Biluo of the Qingxuan galaxy is at war with the Black Nightmare Devil Monarch.

Wang Teng swears that he is definitely not to see beautiful women, he just wants to settle old accounts with Old Acquaintance.

At this time, the Black Nightmare Devil Monarch has formed several clones and surrounded the Biluo. There are a total of eight identical Black Nightmare Devil Monarchs flashing around Biluo, making Biluo elusive. Not where it is.

Biluo browses tightly knit, holding a battle sword, countless sword lights burst from the blade, sweeping all around.

However, it was still unable to hit the entity of Black Nightmare Devil Monarch.

“Damn it, how can this Black Nightmare Devil Monarch have such a weird Clone method, the real and the virtual, must be found as soon as possible.” Biluo expressionless, various thoughts flashed in his heart.

“Would you like me to help!” At this moment, Wang Teng body flashed and came out of the battle circle between the two of them and asked with a smile.

“Can you find its body?” Biluo heard this, his eyes flashing involuntarily.

“Try to understood.” Wang Teng said casually.

“Then what are you doing in a daze?” Biluo gave him a white look, said ill-humoredly.

“Why don’t you beg me, or I have no reason to help you.” Wang Teng spread his hands, helplessly said.

“…” Biluo suddenly felt his brain twitch.

Why does MMP have such a wonderful work?

This guy is a second-hand, right?

What the hell did he think, the situation is so urgent, this guy still has free time to crack a joke.

Damn it, I really want to kill him…

“Hurry up, stop talking nonsense.” Biluo raised her eyebrows, coldly shouted.

“We are not relatives, even you are invaders. If you don’t beg me, I can’t get through the hurdle in my heart. I really can’t help you.” Wang Teng remain unmoved, his voice is calm, saying clear and logical .


Biluo is very helpless. Although Wang Teng seems to be correct in what he said, he always feels something weird.

Black Nightmare Devil Monarch took a look at Wang Teng, but he couldn’t help but feel a little worried. Could Wang Teng really find out where it was?

No, the opponent must be resolved as soon as possible, and this guy must not be allowed to act first.

Black Nightmare Devil Monarch remembered Wang Teng’s previous deeds, with an ominous premonition in his heart, no longer delaying now, eight clones rushed forward together, and each clone was filled with a burst of black light, forming The sharp dark blade slashed towards Biluo.

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