All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 803


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Biluo complexion was slightly changed, and I didn’t dare to be negligent. The Sword Intent broke out above the blade, forming an all-round absolute defense.

She is the famous Martial Arts Heaven’s Chosen of the entire Qingxuan galaxy!

I want her to ask for help, it’s a dream.

Don’t look at her being very polite to Wang Teng before, but in my heart there is still some contempt for Wang Teng, an Earth Star indigenous Martial Artist.

Some things can’t be smoothed out in a few words.


Earth Star’s background is obviously worse than the One Star of Orant Federation. The difference between the two is like the Heaven and Earth gap.

It’s like a noble lady living in the upper class meets a beggar in a slum, one in the sky and the other underground, even if this beggar is outstanding, will the noble lady put him in the same position?

This is completely impossible!

Wang Teng was not in a hurry to see Biluo forcefully refusing to ask him for help. He just laughed and watched.

How could he not understand the thoughts of these alien trialists.

All are a group of eyes high above the top.

Their arrogance makes them look down on the Star Martial people, and they think that aloof and remote are above the backward planet Earth Star.

But, so what?

Wang Teng is to step on the dignity of these Heaven’s Chosen on the ground, and to crush them fiercely.

Aren’t they looking down on Star Martial?

Then let him, the Star Martial, completely shatter their pride and crush them.

Originally, if there was no Dark Race invasion, Wang Teng would go to the door one by one and defeat all of these Heaven’s Chosen.

Since these Heaven’s Chosen value the trial so much, then he let their trial refining be in vain.

This is the real revenge!

Wang Teng is an authentic Earth Star human at any rate, and he naturally has deep feelings for his homeland.

These outside Star Martial descendants come to Earth Star as intruders, treating Earth Star as Land of Trial, and even as a hunting ground of chance. As an Earth Star person, how can you bear it?

It must be unbearable!

So just fuck them!

At this time, Black Nightmare Devil Monarch’s eight clones blocked Biluo all around and all around, all around and all around, cut out the dark saber glow.


shout out loudly from the mouth of Black Nightmare Devil Monarch, full of cold killing intents.

It understands the difficulty and terrifying of Wang Teng better than Biluo. At the beginning, it was not even War General Level, so it could be forced into such embarrassment, not to mention that it is now promoted to a planetary star.

That guy must not be underestimated!

Biluo’s face was extremely solemn, she discovered that Black Nightmare Devil Monarch’s eight slashes were all real, not illusory.

How is this possible?

She couldn’t believe it. The eight clones just now were clearly virtual and real, not all entities. How could they cut out eight real slashes?

This simply goes against common sense!

Biluo expression grave, eight full strength attacks from Demon Monarch-level powerhouse, especially Heaven’s Chosen like her, must also be handled with caution.

At this moment, the Origin Power of her stars within the body surged crazily, turning into countless sword glows, and merging into the defensive cover around her body, enveloping her body impermeably.

hong long!

Said it was too late and then fast, eight dark slashes finally fell.

Black Origin Power rays of light and azure Origin Power rays of light erupted in the center, completely covering the area where Biluo was located, making it difficult to see the situation.

The violent Origin Power fluctuations echoed all around, destroying a large swath of towering trees and stirring up dust in the sky.

Black Nightmare Devil Monarch stared at the place where the rays of light broke out, and suddenly the face changed.

I saw a silhouette retreating rapidly from the aftermath of the Origin Power explosion. A long cyan-green hair looked a little messy, the clothes on his body also appeared slightly damaged, and the corners of his mouth leaked slightly.

all around Many people outside of Star Martial saw this scene, all of them turned pale with fright.

Biluo is one of the five most famous and strongest Heaven’s Chosen in this trial. She actually fell into a disadvantage in the attack of Dark Race Demon Monarch! !

“Not dead.”

Black Nightmare Devil Monarch’s cold light flashes in his eyes, which is also a bit surprised.

“You can’t kill me.” Although Biluo was a little embarrassed, her complexion remained unchanged, maintaining the proud posture of heaven’s spoiled daughter.

Regardless of whether you have fought or not, you must not lose face.

[Wood Element Star Origin Power *800]

[Dark Star Origin Power *950]

[Dark Clone Final *360]


Wang Teng picked up a few attribute bubbles from the side, and then looked towards Biluo, shouting taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune:

“Can you do it? If it doesn’t work, please hurry up and beg me, don’t maintain your final stubbornness!”


The last stubbornness of God!

Biluo’s eyes twitched without a trace, and his expression almost couldn’t maintain.

This damn bastard!

Say cool things over there.

She squinted her eyes, fiercely glared at Wang Teng.

Go to hell!

“It’s so ruthless, we are also people who have old friendships anyway, you actually want to help this woman deal with me.” Black Nightmare Devil Monarch cast a charming look at Wang Teng, and then immediately showed a sad look. Said like that


Wang Teng was stunned, staring at the dark Demon Monarch in horror.

Don’t look at Black Nightmare Devil Monarch with a beautiful face at this time, but it was Demon Transformation Wang Teng that I saw with my own eyes, and it is still vivid today.

It’s like a combination of rotten meat, as long as you think of it, you can’t help but feel numb and get goose bumps on your scalp.

terrifying ying ying ying ~

Biluo didn’t know these things, so he looked at Wang Teng with a stunned look.

What kind of relationship does this guy have with Dark Race?

Although the cross-racial sentiment is touching, I have to admit that Wang Teng is a bitch!

Really you can’t judge a person by appearance.


“Well, what is your expression?” Wang Teng suddenly became angry.

This woman actually suspected that he had a problem with this Female Dark Race, it was unbearable.

Are women’s brains so dirty?


At this moment, Black Nightmare Devil Monarch suddenly disappeared in place and attacked again when Wang Teng and Biluo were distracted.

Apparently, I wanted to kill Biluo as soon as possible.

It dignified Black Nightmare Devil Monarch is really helpless!

It’s really hard!

Wang Teng glare like a tiger watching his prey on the side, making it feel ill at ease. Fortunately, Wang Teng does not act according to common sense, otherwise if the two join hands, it will only have to escape.

Now, before he is ready to do anything, get rid of the woman in front of him as soon as possible.


Biluo was always on the alert for Black Nightmare Devil Monarch. Seeing it started, she stepped on her foot and immediately greeted her.

One person, one Dark Race turned into two afterimages to collide wildly in the sky.

“Tsk tusk, women fighting is really cruel.” Wang Teng looked up, touched his chin, and continued to utter praises.

Biluo is the Heaven’s Chosen of the Qingxuan galaxy after all. His strength is extremely powerful. At this moment, he is serious, and he is on par with Black Nightmare Devil Monarch, and even caused Black Nightmare Devil Monarch to suffer serious injuries.




In one blow, Biluo and Black Nightmare Devil Monarch spit blood flying upside down at the same time, and disheveled hair, like two crazy women.


Black Nightmare Devil Monarch suddenly a violent roar, bursting out a group of extremely dense black light, like a dark heart, beating like a dark heart, constantly expanding.

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