All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 804


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in the sky, Black Nightmare Devil Monarch’s body swells, bursting out the ultimate black rays of light, just like a big black sun.

This sudden appearance attracted everyone’s attention!

Demon Transformation!

A Demon Monarch actually performed terrifying Demon Transformation!

Be aware that Demon Transformation is exclusive to powerhouses above the Demon Monarch level. The Demon Transformation of each Demon Monarch powerhouse is different.

But there is one thing in common, that is, they are all very powerful and terrifying!

Of course, Demon Transformation can’t be used casually. Unless it is forced to the extreme, few Dark Race powerhouses are willing to use it.

So at this moment, the Dark Race Demon Monarch all around are very surprised, each and everyone looks at Black Nightmare Devil Monarch.

“Waaaaaa, the fellow Black Nightmare actually performed Demon Transformation.” The green Ghost Fire in the two eye sockets of the black bones throbbed violently, the upper and lower jaws opened and closed, making strange noises.

“What is it going to do, that human woman can’t push it to this point, right?” A Vampire Dark Race Demon Monarch frowns saying.

“Stupid!” Sheep-head Devil Race Demon Monarch was coldly snorted with disdain.

The rest of the Dark Race Demon Monarch expressions are different, or sneered, or frowned… Obviously, the Dark Races are not as harmonious as they seem on the surface.

They may not be able to imagine that the reason why Black Nightmare Devil Monarch will use Demon Transformation so quickly is completely forced by Wang Teng.

It’s that simple, there is no other reason!

They don’t understand the hardship of Black Nightmare Devil Monarch. Wang Teng just stood aside, even if he didn’t do it, it caused great psychological pressure.

So Black Nightmare Devil Monarch is very decisive Demon Transformation!

Of course, it’s also because Biluo’s strength is comparable to Black Nightmare Devil Monarch. It can’t be won for a while, otherwise it won’t be so.

“Aiya, Demon Transformation is here!”

Below, Wang Teng looked up and made a surprised voice.

This is the third time he has seen Demon Transformation, the first time is Black Nightmare Devil Monarch itself, and the second time is Chi Yan Demon Monarch.

The guy is still in the space fragments of Wang Teng, suffering from the three Great World fires day and night, and the pain is no less than when he was imprisoned in the bottom of Holy Mountain.

After all, it was only burned by the fire of light at the beginning, but now it is the fire of light, Azure Jade Glazed Flame, and the fire of darkness serve together.

That’s so sour~Don’t say it.

And this third time, it is still Black Nightmare Devil Monarch.

But now Wang Teng is not the rookie who didn’t even reach the War General Level at the beginning, and now he is a true star powerhouse.

Black Nightmare Devil Monarch’s Demon Transformation, no matter how strong it is, it is impossible to exceed the 5-Layer range of the planetary star.

So… Wang Teng can still abuse it!

Biluo also saw this scene, and his expression became completely solemn.

For Dark Race, their alien Heaven’s Chosen is also very familiar, because not only the Earth Star has Dark Race, but there are also Dark Race silhouettes everywhere in the universe.

Almost since the birth of the universe and the emergence of civilization, there is a record of Dark Race.

In countless years, it is natural to record all the experience of fighting against Dark Race.

Among them, Demon Transformation has the most detailed record.

Biluo knows its terrifying well.

At this moment, the dazzling black light in the sky suddenly converged, revealing the appearance of Black Nightmare Devil Monarch at this moment.

Its body has swelled to an extremely huge degree, like a collection of countless pieces of rotting flesh, constantly squirming, and one fleshy beard hangs down, floating in the air without wind.

The original slender purple hair became as thick as a python, dancing wildly. A pair of sharp horns protruded from the hair, glowing with cold light.

Countless blood-colored eyeballs are embedded on his body, looking evil and terrifying!


It opened its huge mouth, exposing two rows of hacksaw-like fangs, letting the mucus drop, and then let out a roar that looked like a human and a beast.

Wang Teng found that the appearance of Black Nightmare Devil Monarch at this time was a little different from what he saw during Demon Transformation last time. There were not so many eyeballs last time.

Those densely packed eyeballs are all over the body of Black Nightmare Devil Monarch. People with dense phobias may get numb scalp and scare urine on the spot.

I’ll go, this is a mutation?

Wang Teng was surprised and couldn’t help but mutter in his heart.

It seems that Wang Teng’s gaze was sensed, and the countless eyeballs of Black Nightmare Devil Monarch turned and fell on him.

The eyeballs were bloodshot, full of chaos, evil, distortion, indifference, spite…wait for negative emotions.


As the eyeball saw, a very Berserk Mental Fluctuation spread out and rushed into Wang Teng’s mind.


Wang Teng is coldly snorted, a trace of disdain flashes in his eyes.

Now his Mind is a planetary star. Even if this Mental Fluctuation is extremely chaotic, it is only at the Sovereign Realm level.

Black Nightmare Devil Monarch also wants to influence him with a Sovereign Realm-level Mind, simply displaying one’s slight skill before an expert!

hong long!

In an instant, within the Wang Teng Sea of ​​Consciousness, the vast terrifying Mental Power turned into dozens of lightning and smashed down, like a divine might.

The chaotic Mental Power was instantly defeated and turned into a pure Mind attribute bubble, directly absorbed by Wang Teng.

[Sovereign Realm Mind + 360]

Unfortunately, he is now a planet-star Mind. After the conversion of 360-point Sovereign Realm Mind, it is only a 36-point planet-star Mind.

However, this is Wang Teng’s first Mind income after he was promoted to a star rating. It is worthy of recognition.

Well, Black Nightmare Devil Monarch still contributed a bit!

When you finish it, try to be as simple as possible so that it won’t be too painful.

Of course wool still has to be squeezed~

Wang Teng eyes slightly narrowed, various calculations flashed in his mind.

For some reason, Black Nightmare Devil Monarch felt a chill for no reason.


At the same time, it felt the collapse of Mental Power, and the pupils of countless eyeballs shrank together, staring at Wang Teng.

Although Wang Teng is not persuaded, but his eyeballs are really intriguing!

He glared back: “Whatever you look at, you will eat you again…pei pei pei, and you will blow you up when you look again.”

Grandma, a bear, almost said something wrong!

I don’t know how disgusting this Black Nightmare Devil Monarch looks at this time.

What to eat, don’t be too challenging!

“…” Black Nightmare Devil Monarch.


Biluo gave Wang Teng a weird look.

You said it’s okay, it’s almost exposed!

“Go!” Wang Teng glared back. How could his eyes make him so unhappy.


Black Nightmare Devil Monarch also seems to know that Wang Teng is not to be trifled with. He no longer probes, but rushes directly to Biluo.

The huge, terrifying body like a meat ball, with jagged fangs spreading out, trying to swallow Biluo.

“Fuck me!”

Biluo couldn’t help being violent.

This Black Nightmare Devil Monarch is simply a model of bullying and fear of hardship, but if Wang Teng can’t do it, she will come to her troubles, it is extremely shameless.

“Being an old lady is a bully!”

Biluo was also angry, her face like frost, within the body suddenly burst out a bright white radiance.

Bright Origin Power!

She actually has a bright Origin Power! ! !

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