All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 805


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Bright Origin Power!

The sudden appearance of Bright Origin Power makes everyone startled.

Especially Dark Race, Bright Origin Power is their biggest nemesis, and it has a great effect on Darkness Origin Power.

The two are like day and night, there is a pure natural and pollution-free opposition.

No one didn’t expect that Origin Power will appear here, and it will still be in the body of a universe Heaven’s Chosen.

A dozen of Dark Race Demon Monarch’s eyes all fell on Biluo’s body.

What kind of look is that?

As if to tear her to pieces, just to rip her alive!

until now, there is only one principle for the Owner of Bright Origin Power and Dark Race.

That is…completely obliterate!

And before it grows up, it must be wiped out.

Every Bright Origin Power Owner is a great threat to Dark Race, and Dark Race will never allow them to grow.

Augus, Kathu and other extraterrestrial Heaven’s Chosen also seemed to be extremely surprised by the fact that Biluo had a bright Origin Power.

Bright Origin Power is a rare type of Origin Power attribute, it is rare!

Besides, Biluo’s Bright Origin Power is obviously on top of the Wood Element Origin Power that has always been shown, indicating that her true strength is more than twice as powerful as she has shown on the surface.

Biluo was surprised when he saw Dark Race’s eyes, even if he had expected it.

Being watched by so many Dark Race Demon Monarch at the same time, she suddenly felt a tingling scalp and hair stands on end all over her body.

True scary!

But at this time, she didn’t have any extra thoughts to pay attention to these, and it was the top priority to deal with the Black Nightmare Devil Monarch in front of her.

Biluo instantly turned into a white radiance and rushed towards the body of Black Nightmare Devil Monarch.


The battle broke out, and Biluo seemed to turn into light, traversing the sky, with every blow hitting a strong Origin Power of light, and the strikes were on the body of Black Nightmare Devil Monarch.

boom~ boom~!

Black Nightmare Devil Monarch’s rotting flesh-like body keeps retreating, and the flesh on the body makes a chi chi sound under the infestation of Light Origin Power, and it melts at the speed visible by naked eye, turning into strands of black Smoke scattered all around.

“This girl is quite strong!” Wang Teng was stunned, looking at the Biluo who turned into a super Saiyan, almost swallowing his tongue.

He originally thought that this Biluo was just a Wood Element Origin Power Martial Artist, but he did not think that she actually hid the Bright Origin Power.

And it seems that this bright Origin Power realm is higher than Wood Element Origin Power, at least it has reached the 4-Layer star.

At this time, she was bathed in white light, like a descending angel.

Super·Biluo·Bright Mode!

But soon Wang Teng’s eyes were attracted by the constantly falling attribute bubble.

[Dark Star Origin Power *130]

[Dark Star Origin Power *120]

[Sovereign Realm Mind + 30]

[Sovereign Realm Mind + 45]

[Light Star Chen Origin Power *180]

[Light Star Chen Origin Power *220]


“Good things, they are all attributes that I lack, pick them up quickly.” Wang Teng’s mouth frantically raised, and he quickly rolled out Mental Telekinesis, and diligently picked up the attribute bubble.

“It looks like there is nothing wrong with me. Didn’t expect this Biluo still hid such a hand. It should be more than enough to get Black Nightmare Devil Monarch.”

Wang Teng picks up the attribute bubble while touching his chin.


I was thinking, the battle scale in the sky really tilted, and Biluo burst out with bright Origin Power, like a light giant sword, piercing the body of Black Nightmare Devil Monarch.


Black Nightmare Devil Monarch let out a stern roar, the sound was extremely harsh, and the eardrums of all around were sore.

Its body continuously emits black smoke, which is quickly purified by the Light Origin Power, and disappears invisible. The huge body is collapsing at a speed visible by naked eye.


“Let’s die together!”

The crazy roar came from the mouth of Black Nightmare Devil Monarch, its countless eyeballs suddenly swelled, bloodshot, like a bloodshot bomb.

“Not good!”

Biluo complexion slightly changed, and the Origin Power surged to form a defense. At the same time, she retreated quickly, trying to get out of the circle covered by Black Nightmare Devil Monarch.

The rest of the Dark Race Demon Monarch narrowed their eyes and looked here.


The Black Nightmare was actually forced to this point! ! !


Almost the next moment, a terrible explosion occurred where Black Nightmare Devil Monarch’s body was. The roar sounded through the sky, and the violent Origin Power fluctuations rolled back all around.

hong long long ……

The trees below, as if pushing a golden mountain and falling into a jade pillar, centered on the explosion, fell all around, and were completely destroyed under the tyrannical aftermath.

The ground was shaking violently, and huge cracks appeared, spreading all around like a spider net.

The whole ground collapsed.

In the sky black explosion rays of light like a mushroom rises and rushes towards the sky.

Origin Power’s spread range reaches several thousands li, which is terrifying.

The powerhouses all around couldn’t help but regress.

But Biluo’s silhouette was too late to rush out and was swallowed by the explosion. At this moment, her silhouette is no longer visible.

Augus, Kathu and the others stared at them, frowning deeply, but unfortunately they were all dragged by Dark Race, unable to go to the rescue temporarily.

After a while, the Darkness Origin Power rays of light gradually dissipated in the sky, finally revealing a white light shadow in it.

The white radiance seemed a little weak, faintly discernible, and almost collapsed.

And among them is the silhouette of Biluo.

She is not in a very good state at this time, her breath is weak, complexion pale, corner of the mouth flow blood, obviously she has suffered serious injuries.

Fortunately, I saved my life!

And the huge body of Black Nightmare Devil Monarch has long since disappeared, as if it has completely disappeared between Heaven and Earth.

Many people relaxed, anyway, in this battle, the human side was a small win!

If Biluo is killed, it will not be a big blow to the human side. After all, she is one of the top five Heaven’s Chosen. Even she has been defeated. What confidence does other people have to fight Dark Race.

However, at this moment, mutation suddenly emerged.

“Be careful!”

A coldly shouted suddenly came from Augustus.

Biluo complexion greatly changed, feeling a chill behind her, taking her directly.

“It’s over!”

She was pale, and there was a trace of despair in her heart. With her wounded body, her actions had become extremely slow. Let alone resist, she couldn’t even escape.


However, the imaginary pain did not appear, instead a muffled noise suddenly spread into her ears.

Biluo quickly turned around to look, but was stunned to see a familiar silhouette standing behind her.

“Wang Teng!”

“This bastard!”

Biluo was unbelievable in his heart. How could he didn’t expect Wang Teng to take the shot. You must know that he had been watching the show just now, so he took the initiative to rescue her!

Can this guy be so kind?

“Don’t get me wrong, I just want to make a point with this skull which was undecided last time.” Wang Teng seemed to know what she was thinking, without even turning his head, a faint voice came over.

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