All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 853


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Wang Teng felt that the spaceship was shaking, and the shaking lasted more than ten seconds before calming down.

all around it is pitch black, no light can be seen!

“The space shuttle is successful, this is the dark universe!” A round silhouette appeared beside Wang Teng, looking at the outside, and said.

“Dark Universe? Isn’t this in…Space Crack?” Wang Teng saw this familiar scene, hesitantly said.

“In the Space Crack? Well, you can say the same.” Tumbling touched the chin, nodded said.

“I have been here.” Wang Teng said.

“What, have you been here?” Yuanguin startedled, looked at him in disbelief, and asked urgently: “How did you come? Did not reach the speed of light, impossible to enter the dark universe! No, no, you have Space Talent , Could it be…”

“At first I ran to Dark World, escaped back with a space channel built by Dark Race, and bombed the channel. After I bombed it, I found that the channel was only half constructed, and then it was broken!” Wang Teng shrugged , Helplessly said.

“…” Rounded in a daze, then burst into laughter: “hahaha…”

“…is that funny?” Wang Teng face full of black lines.

“You stupid spore, people ran into the space channel, you still dare to blow up, and you are not afraid to get yourself in.” Yuan Gungun despised.

“Go away, you don’t know how dangerous the situation was. If I had a choice, would I just bomb it?” Wang Teng said ill-humoredly.

“By the way, why did you go to Dark World?” Chuankuan said curiously.

Wang Teng briefly talked about what happened in the Dark World at the beginning, and he was so surprised that tsk tsk said: “Your experience is really rich enough. The problem is that you hadn’t entered the star-level After so many things, it is a miracle not to die.”

“You think I want to, I’m helpless.” Wang Teng rolled the eyes, always feeling this guy’s tone of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

“hehe.” Rounded his mouth and snickered, and then said solemnly: “But really, you can escape from the dark universe, luck is really good, this should be related to your Space Talent? “

“Yes, I found the coordinates of Earth Star through the connection with Spirit Pet, and then re-built a channel with the spatial array, so that I can return.” Wang Teng nodded said.

“Space Talent is indeed against the sky. If it were a general Martial Artist, he would have died in the dark universe.” Yuangun said with emotion.

“Rolling, how much do you know about the dark universe?” Wang Teng asked.

“I don’t know much. The dark universe is very mysterious. Unless Martial Artist’s own speed can break through the speed of light, he can only travel through the dark universe by staying in the spaceship of the universe. Otherwise, there is only a Space Talent like you. Only people can enter the dark universe and walk in it, but even if it enters it, it is actually impossible to explore on a large scale. Therefore, until now, the dark universe is an extremely mysterious existence.” Rumbling said.

“Is that so.” Wang Teng was a little disappointed. He also thought that he could get more news about the dark universe from Yuan Gungun. He didn’t expect that he didn’t know much.

Seeing him like this, Yuan Gungun was very unconvinced, but couldn’t say anything, very depressed.

“Yi!” At this moment, Wang Teng suddenly lightly exclaimed.

“What’s wrong?” Yuan Tuankuan asked hurriedly.

“I seem to feel a faintly discernable connection? What is it?” Wang Teng frowned, thinking for a long time and didn’t think of anything.

“Contact?” Yuan Tuan was also puzzled.

In this dark universe, what connection can Wang Teng have?

“Don’t think about it, come with me, I’m about to start forging Battle Armor.” Chuankuan interrupted Wang Teng’s thoughts, saying that his body had drifted forward.

Wang Teng was suspicious, but still kept up with the chubby pace.

The two traveled through the spaceship of the universe. This spaceship is very huge, but there are a large number of engineering robots under maintenance, so they don’t need to worry about it.

After a while, the two came to a spacious forging room.

A huge forging table is located in the center of the forging room, and the walls all around are filled with various forging tools.

Wang Teng was the first time he saw such a high-tech forging room, and he looked curiously.

Slightly smiled, he floated to the edge of the forging platform, turned his hand, and a Star Core and a crystal clear and near-transparent Star Bone appeared in its hands.

“This is the Star Core and Star Bone taken from the Giant Storm Ape within the body. They are the three attributes of Water, Wind and Thunder. They are very rare. Even if you don’t have Wind Attribute and Lightning Attribute, you can do it when the time comes. It is very useful to inspire a certain degree of wind Lightning Attribute attack through Battle Armor rune.” Yuan Gungun explained, it did not know that Wang Teng had wind Lightning Attribute.

“Wait a minute, I actually have both of these attributes.” Wang Teng said suddenly.

“…” After a daze, he turned his head and looked at Wang Teng: “You didn’t crack a joke with me?”

Wang Teng is no nonsense, a group of Origin Power emerges from his hands, one side is azure wind, and the other is purple thunder.

“What kind of monster are you!” A round stared wide-eyed, he couldn’t help groaning: “Five Elements Origin Power, Space Talent, now plus Feng Lei Origin Power, my God!”

“Your talent, placed in the universe, I am afraid I can’t find the second one!”

It looked at Wang Teng, as if looking at a monster, couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Okay, you can continue talking.” Wang Teng patted the two groups of Origin Power, lightly saying.

Yuan Kuan Kun suddenly felt dull, but soon his eyes lighted up and said: “Since you have the Lightning Attribute Origin Power, then I can add a pair of Wind and Thunder wings to your Battle Armor!” /p>

“Wings of Wind and Thunder!” Wang Teng was taken aback.

“Yes, the wings of wind and thunder!” Nodded: “With the wings of wind and thunder, your speed can definitely be increased by two to three times.”

“So awesome!” Wang Teng couldn’t help being surprised.

World martial arts only speed can not be broken!

If it can really increase the speed by two to three times, then he can completely kill the enemy across several realms.

“This Wing of Wind and Thunder is actually a kind of battle skill, but the battle skill is very expensive. I only saw it once at the beginning, but then through my efforts, I was forced to study the principle of Wing of Wind and Thunder. Then use rune to forge the Wind and Thunder Wings for Battle Armor. Although it is not as sky-defying as the Battle Skill version of Wind and Thunder Wings, it is also an extremely great Battle Armor equipment.” Yuan Chuan said proudly.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but put a thumbs up at Chuankuan. He was able to research equipment from the battle skill. This Chuankuo forging skills is definitely not low.

“Hehe, hurry, hurry, didn’t you say that you still have a lot of Star Bone Star Core, take them out and let me see, I’m already impatient, and I’m about to start forging.” Yuan Kuan’s eyes shined, excited, and constantly Urged.

Wang Teng saw it, shook the head funny, and took out all the Star Core Star Bone he had accumulated.

These all are Thirteen Stars and above Star Core and Star Bone, other Low Level ones have long been sold out by him.

“Yes, yes. Although they are all Star Core Star Bone of the’star apprentice’ level, it is definitely enough to forge a pair of planetary Battle Armor. Together with the Star Core and Star Bone of Giant Storm Ape, Battle Armor level can fully reach the planetary Peak.” Nodded said with satisfaction.

“This is…”

While speaking, it suddenly lightly exclaimed, and then its body suddenly jumped completely, grabbing two pieces of Star Bone!

“The King Star Bone!”

“Where did you get the King Star Bone, it’s still two dollars!”

Yuan Kungun rushed to Wang Teng and asked excitedly.

“Uh…Don’t get excited, isn’t it just two king-level Star Bone.” Wang Teng said.

“No!” The round voice suddenly increased by eighteen degrees, and a pair of eyes stared at Wang Teng: “You guy, it’s really maddening.”

“Do you know how rare Star Bone is? The king-level Star Bone is even rarer. It is put on auction in the universe, and even the Universe level powerhouse will compete for it!”

“It’s true, it’s such an exaggeration, even the Universe level powerhouse has to compete.” Wang Teng was surprised.

“What do you think, you don’t know the blessing when you are in the blessing.” Yuankuang glared at Wang Teng, then sighed and said: “If the Nangong Master had the Universe level Battle Armor forged by the King Star Bone, I’m afraid It won’t fall anymore.”

“You mean, these two king-level Star Bone can forge a Universe level Battle Armor?” Wang Teng couldn’t help asking.

“Well, but I still need some Universe level metal. When I look for it, Master Nangong should have left a lot of Universe level metal to use. You can go to the cultivation by yourself. I won’t forge it today. Re-planning.” Yuan Kuan said, each minding their own business disappeared in place, and went to find its treasure room.

As for where its treasure room is, even Wang Teng doesn’t know.

Wang Teng looked at the empty forging room, silently shook the head.

But there is some expectation in my heart.

Battle Armor of Universe level!

If this is a customized one, he will be very powerful!

Sure enough, we still have to accumulate more treasures. No, when it comes to use, there will be surprises.

Wang Teng thought of elated in his heart, so he walked out of the forging room and went to the cultivation room cultivation.

Spaceship flies quietly in the dark universe…

Somewhere outside the wormhole in the Milky Way, a space fleet floats quietly in the void.

In the command room of this fleet, the Chief Commander of the fleet is a young man. At this moment, he is leaning leisurely on the high grade sofa and tasting wine.

“I really don’t know why I was asked to guard this barren Star Domain. There is simply no life planet here. It’s a waste of my time!” The young man whispering dissatisfied.

He has long silver hair, which looks very similar to human, except that there are three silver markings on each cheek.

Judging from his faintly discernable breath, this is a powerful Martial Artist with a constant star!

“Ai, there is no way, who will let me have no background, otherwise I would have been sent to those very rich planets, how can I take over this kind of drudgery.” The silver-haired man sighed and shook his head with regret.

“I heard that some Genius Martial Artists from the Federation went to a certain planet in this Star Domain to conduct trials. I don’t know what kind of planet it is, but they will be selected as the trial field.”

“Is there a life planet in this barren Star Domain?”

“It would be great if I could find a life planet, so that I could become an upstart in an instant.”

The silver-haired man muttered endlessly again.

At this moment, the screen in front of him lit up, and the projection of a gray robed old man appeared.

“Teacher!” The silver-haired man was startled, got up from the sofa and saluted the old man respectfully.

“Crut.” The gray robed old man said the common language of the universe: “I have something to tell you.”

“Teacher, please speak.” The silver-haired man Klut said quickly.

“Hold the Star Domain where you are. Once someone comes out from there, no matter who it is, arrest me.” gray robed old man coldly said.

“Does even the trialist have to be arrested?” The silver-haired man heart startled and asked carefully.

“Catch!” gray robed old man coldly said: “If they don’t resist, they shouldn’t hurt their lives, but if a stranger passes by, they will be arrested regardless of life or death!”

“Yes!” The silver-haired man had heard the cold and severe and determination in the gray robed man’s mouth, and quickly responded.

After a while, the command room returned to quiet, and the silver-haired man slowly straightened his waist and put out a long breath: “What happened? I could hear that the Teacher seemed very angry.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s not my trouble anyway, I just arrest people!”

“This is a good opportunity. If I can perform well in front of the Teacher, I might get the Teacher’s attention. As long as he says a word, my future will be completely different.” The silver-haired man’s eyes flashed with excitement Zhimang, mutter to himself.


It’s not just this wormhole fleet that has been cared for by the senior officials of the Orland Federation.

This barren Star Domain all around the wormhole centered on the Earth Star is guarded by a fleet, and the senior officials of the Orland Federation have also issued arrest orders.

After discovering the existence of Earth Star, the Orland Federation blocked the news, and only some high-level officials knew about the existence of Earth Star.

So the commanders of these fleets don’t know who they are trying to arrest and why they are arresting.

But this does not hinder their high emotions.

They will be sent to guard the wormholes in this deserted area, indicating that they are all Martial Artists with no background, just like the silver-haired young man.

The news from the top this time is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for them to get promoted.

Every fleet commander is unwilling to give up this good opportunity of dropping from the sky. They have already geared up and ordered the fleet Martial Artist to guard all around, and must not let any life leave this barren Star Domain.

Wang Teng didn’t know that he had been spotted by a group of constant star Martial Artists. He was cultivation on spaceship at the moment, and suddenly the connection became stronger.

He stood up, walked to the window, and saw a group of misty spots of light flying from the depths of nothingness in the dark universe.

There is nothingness and darkness in the dark universe. These light spots are so conspicuous that Wang Teng saw them at a glance.

Yuan Kuan Kuan also seemed to have discovered the anomaly, and suddenly appeared beside Wang Teng, staring at the light spot outside the window in surprise.

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