All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 859


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[Sword technique (Profound Truth)]: 500500 (20%)!

Looking at the newly added Profound Truth on the attribute panel, Wang Teng was satisfied and nodded. The 600-point attribute value just raised the Sword Technique Profound Truth to 20%!

At this time, all the attribute bubbles have been picked up, but it’s only a moment for the cultivation technique.

Ruankuangun did not appear, but its voice rang in Wang Teng’s mind, with shock: “didn’t expect you really killed a Martial Artist with a permanent star!”

“Basic exercise, no 6!” Wang Teng said indifferently.

“…” Shunkun suddenly said, “Can we not have such a thick skin?”

“It’s so so. I have a thin face.” Wang Teng hehe said.

“get lost!” Yuankunkun couldn’t help rolling the eyes. It was so tempered by Wang Teng’s shameless, just one word-take it!

“We should go now.” Wang Teng suddenly put his smile away and said.

Rounding for a moment, didn’t expect Wang Teng to change so fast, he just smiled on his face just now, suddenly he became so serious, and people were caught off guard.

“Would you like the battleship of the Orante Federation any more?” Wang Teng asked.

“Go up and have a look. This is only a star-level battleship. It is of little value. It is also a military battleship of the Orland Federation. It is not easy to sell. You can only see if you can take down some parts.” Round raceway.

So the two harboring malicious intentions came to the battleship.

“Look at me.” Laughed, as an intelligent life, it easily invaded the battleship’s main control room system.

“Can it be done?” Wang Teng asked.

“Don’t worry, the intelligent system of this battleship is just a Little Brat. The level is much lower than mine. Solving it is just a piece of cake.” Yuan Gungun said proudly.

Sure enough, it only took a moment, and the hatch of the battleship opened automatically. Wang Teng stepped into it and walked to the main control room according to the chubby guidance.

The main control room of this star-level battleship is not big, it is more than one-star inferior to his Qianyuan E63 spaceship. Wang Teng looked around and was not interested in watching it again.

“Wait a moment, I order the robot to disassemble all the useful parts, and then see if there are any good things on the battleship.” Yuan Tuangun said as he moved.

Suddenly, the engineering robots walked out from the bottom of the battleship, and quickly dispersed to all parts of the spaceship, and began to operate under Chuan Chuan’s control.

These engineering robots are originally on this planetary-star battleship. They are not high-level and smart, so the price is not high, but they can faithfully complete tasks assigned by smart programs. The best cheap labor on spaceship.

“Hey, I really found a good thing!” Yuan Tuankuan suddenly opened the mouth and said in surprise.

“What did you find?” Wang Teng was also taken aback and couldn’t help asking.

“It’s Sky Azure Stone!” Yuan Gungun said slightly excitedly.

“Sky Azure Stone!” Wang Teng felt that the name was familiar.

“This is a rare attribute Wind Element type of ore. In Dagan Empire, this ore can sell for ten large coins per ton!” Yuan Gunun said.

“One ton only sells ten great coins.” Wang Teng looked at the round billowing speechlessly, thinking it made a fuss about nothing.

“It’s only!” Yuankunkun glared at Wang Teng and said: “You dare to say, do you know what ten great coins mean?”

“Dagan Empire is a high-level cosmic civilization. One large-scale currency is equivalent to 1000 currencies of a medium-level cosmic civilization, and a medium-level civilization is equivalent to 1,000 currencies of a low-level cosmic civilization… “

Wang Teng’s eyes widened and interrupted it: “In other words, 1 large coin is equivalent to 1 million Orante federal currency?!”

“You just knew it!” said with a laugh with his round and green arms.

“Fuck!” Wang Teng exploded directly.

Although he has long known that the gap between the three levels of cosmic civilization is very large, he really didn’t expect it to be so much worse!

1 higher cosmic civilization country currency equivalent to 1 million lower cosmic civilization country currency!

What Divine Immortal concept is this!

At this time, Wang Teng’s head was surprisingly useful. He suddenly remembered that when he first performed the military mission, he had obtained a lot of Sky Azure Stones in a military camp in Dark Race!

But the pitfall is that he later sold most of it, leaving only a little for himself. After all, these ores did not have much effect on him at the beginning, so it is better to exchange them for money.

And those Sky Azure Stones he sold only a few 1 billion, they are still the currency of Earth Star, even the Orland federal currency can’t reach them.

Think about it now, my intestines are ruined!

“What’s the matter with you?” Yuan Guanguin couldn’t help stepping back a few steps when he saw his scary face and asked carefully.

“I have lost countless billions!” Wang Teng turned and left: “No, I want to return to Earth Star!”

Yuankunkun was a little dazed, and quickly grabbed him: “What are you doing, after finally coming out, you want to go back again? You are so nervous!”

“You don’t understand.” Wang Teng wanted to vomit blood depressed.

“What the hell is going on, you just tell me, I’ll give you the staff.” Yuan Teng is very helpless. Sometimes I feel that Wang Teng is very mature, unlike a young man who is less than 20 years old. Sometimes he is naive and speechless, just like a big child.

So Wang Teng said.

Yuan Gungun was speechless after listening, and she kept mourning: “reckless waste of natural resources, reckless waste of natural resources!”

“Yeah, do you think so too, I really still go back and get those Sky Azure Stones back. At worst, spend hundreds of millions of Earth Star currency, no loss.” Wang Teng cracked his abacus.

He knows that if he gets to the Empire, he will definitely need money everywhere, and he can be described as a poor jingle now.

Wang Teng is like a hillbilly entering the city, carrying 1,000 money. Although it is a huge sum of money in the ravine, it is not enough to have a good meal in a big city.

He has been used to the life of a rich landlord in Earth Star, how can he bear to become a poor man?

Although it’s a pity for Yuankunkun, he still grabbed him again and quickly said: “We don’t have time to delay now. People from the Orland Federation will soon follow. But now it seems that the Earth Star is probably There are really a lot of treasures, but the most important thing now is to hold the control of Earth Star firmly in your hand, so that you can better develop Earth Star in the future. If you go back and get those Sky Azure Stones back, it is tantamount to a small loss. .”

Wang Teng is not stupid, he immediately understood, nodded: “You are right, I almost missed it, we still have to get the control of Earth Star first!”

“That’s right!” Tumbling relaxed: “And I have good news to tell you.”

“What good news?” Wang Teng was taken aback again.

“I found the source of these Sky Azure Stones in the database of this battleship.” Kuan Kuan mysterious said.

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