All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 915


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“Your name is right, I am afraid that your father Cao Hongtu dare not say that here.”

Wang Teng directly ignored Cao Guan’s murderous gaze, leaned on the chair, and found himself a comfortable posture, indifferently said.

In the world of Martial Artist, there are too many ways to distinguish the authenticity of a will, so Hongtu Cao never dared to forge a will.

If he really does that, he will truly despise the Empire aristocratic review pavilion and the authority of the Empire. Not to mention that he is a domain master, even if he is a master, he will be suppressed to death.

Cao Guan’s complexion immediately turned red, and his eyes were about to breathe fire.

He found that when facing the boy in front of him, he couldn’t have the upper hand at all, and his words were all blocked.

Moreover, the other party also placed himself in the same generation as his father, making him a generation shorter, which really made him extremely frustrated.

This interesting scene made many people cast their joking eyes on Cao Guan.

Wang Teng’s performance was beyond everyone’s expectation. They didn’t expect that this Baron successor that came out of nowhere was so sharp that Cao Guanming was speechless.

More importantly, Wang Teng is just a trifling star Martial Artist. In the eyes of everyone who is at least a domain master big shot, a star is really nothing, but it can be in the realm of a star In the face of their coercion, he remained calm, and in the face of Cao Guan’s doubts, he could still refute with justification and evidence, and his performance was out of the ordinary.

So many people have a pretty good first sense of Wang Teng.

Anyway, they don’t have a good impression of Cao Guan’s family, so naturally they don’t mind watching him make a fool of himself.

“Wang Teng, you really are a stunner, I didn’t mistake you, you did a great job!” In Wang Teng’s mind, laughed heartily filled with excitement.

“…” Speechless saying in Wang Teng’s heart: “Why do you feel that you don’t look like a good thing?”

“Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely praising you.” Yuangunguin smiled secretly in his heart, solemnly vowed promised.


At this time, a voice sounded, all eyes were attracted, and Wang Teng followed.

I saw a bald robust man with his hands folded on the tabletop. There was a blue flame mark on his forehead. The blue light flashed in his eyes, as if there was a flame burning, his eyes scanned all around, making many People wrinkled frowned, quite fearful.

When Cao Guan saw this bald robust man speak, he couldn’t help showing a hint of joy.

Wang Teng naturally noticed all these changes, his eyes condensed, and he asked in his heart: “Round Billow, do you know this person?”

“I don’t know him, but he should be a member of the Parkes family.” Facial expression grave, Chuanguo quickly explained.

“Pakras family! Famous?” Wang Teng asked.

“One of Empire’s oldest Eight Great Families, it is said that their ancestors once slaughtered a starry sky giant beast-a giant dragon, bathed in dragon’s blood, and obtained a powerful flame constitution. They can absorb special flames for their own use. The battle power is extremely powerful. Look at the blue flame mark on his forehead. That is the symbol of the Paklas family, and it also represents a special kind of flame.”

“Flame giant dragon!” Wang Teng moved in his heart and asked in amazement: “Is there such a legendary existence in the universe?”

“The universe is vast, what kind of magic exist there.” Yuangunguin despised Wang Teng’s ignorance.

“The ancestors of the Pirax family just bathed in dragon’s blood, they have a special flame constitution, and they can also incorporate special flames. If it is the flame giant dragon itself, how magical?” Wang Teng was excited and wanted to find one. The flame giant dragon stalks the wool.

“Rolling, where can I find the flame giant dragon?” he asked immediately.

“Where do I know that giant beasts in the starry sky like the flame giant dragon are extremely mysterious and rare, and ordinary people can’t find it. The only thing I can know is that they basically live in Fire Element Origin Power An extremely abundant place, even a place where a certain kind of different fire from heaven and earth was born.” Billowing laughed: “So if you can find a flame giant dragon, it is very possible to find a kind of different fire from heaven and earth.”

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.

The world is different!

He owns Azure Jade Glazed Flame and Bright Flame, so he naturally knows the beauty of the different fires of heaven and earth. If he can get another kind of fire…elated!

“What are you thinking? The saliva is almost flowing down.” Yuan Guangun said suddenly.

“…” Wang Teng.

“Don’t even think about the flame giant dragon. When you encounter it, there is absolutely no life. Every flame giant dragon is very powerful. I am afraid that the adult body will reach the immortal level.”

“Above the immortal level, it is even more terrifying than Divine Bird!” Wang Teng’s eyes widened.

“Otherwise, what do you think.” Chuan said ill-humoredly.

“Okay.” Wang Teng shook his head, temporarily gave up thinking about the flame giant dragon, and his eyes fell on the bald robust man again: “But this guy is a good fleece object.”

The Paiklas family has a flame constitution and can fuse flames, even if it is not as good as a flame giant dragon, it is not too bad.

His eyes lit up again. In his eyes, this bald robust man and the Paiklas family he belongs to have become a kind of woolen object, and they are still very fat and fat sheep.

“Be careful. Their family is very fascinated by special flames, they are domineering, and are determined to win any flames. If you let them know that you have different fires, they will definitely find ways to get them from you. “Ruangunwan reminded.

“…” Wang Teng was speechless.

He was just thinking about how to squeeze the wool from the other party, but in the end he told him that the other party was likely to stare at his world.

This is unbearable!

“If they dare to come, see who is in the end.” Wang Teng said harshly.

“By the way, I forgot to remind you that the Parax family is a hereditary different surnamed Wang family, one of the eight different surnamed Wangs of Empire!” Yuankuun said quietly.

“Fuck!” Wang Teng exploded directly in the heart.

I thought it was a fat sheep, but didn’t expect it was a terrifying giant beast.

But Wang Teng has no other strengths, so he likes to challenge himself. When he encounters the wind, Divine Bird, he dares to go for terrifying existence. Even if the Parax family is a giant beast, Wang Teng is not afraid According to the correct.

Of course, he will not be as unscrupulous as in the virtual universe. After all, this is in reality. If you die, you will die. Don’t dare to mess around.

“Xin Kleimeng, do you have anything to say?” The voice of the white haired old man pulled Wang Teng back to reality.

“Respected old man, let Cao Hongtu’s inheritance aside beforehand. After all, he has done a lot for Empire on the battlefield over the years, and he can’t chill his heart. Now let’s make sure that this person is true. The identity is good, if it is true, you can make plans for the inheritance, if it is fake…” bald robust man Xin Ke Leimeng pointed at the white haired old man slightly nodded, and a cold light flashed in his eyes at the end: “I If you’re doing Empire, you can’t tolerate this happening.”

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