All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 916


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Sin Kleimeng’s voice spread, and many people were nodded.

Empire is really strict about the inheritance of the nobility, and it is not to be trampled on.

Cao Hongtu has only temporarily replaced Baron up to now. Therefore, he must make enough credit on the battlefield to truly inherit the Baron Title.

And Empire treats those who have merits very preferentially.

white haired old man gently nodded, which is regarded as a recognition of Xin Ke Leimen’s words.

Cao Guan saw that the situation once again tended to his advantage, and was ecstatic, and his face returned to the triumphant look towards Wang Teng again.

“Wang Teng!”

The white haired old man looked towards him and asked: “Do you have anything else that can prove your identity? Or is it a will left by Nangong Baron?”

Wang Teng is frowned, Nangong Yue’s last Mind mark has long since dissipated, and there is no such thing as a will. Everything is confessed to him through round and round, except for the Baron mark, he can’t take out anything. Things that can prove their identity.

This is a little troublesome!

In fact, having this Baron seal is enough to prove his identity, but the power of representatives behind Sinclair is so great that even the noble elders who appraise the pavilion have to respect his suggestions.

Cao Guan laughed silently, facing Wang Teng, but his eyes were extremely cold.

If he can’t produce his identity certificate, this kid won’t be a successor of Baron Title, so he has a way to kill Wang Teng.

A trifling star Martial Artist is nothing but a Martial Artist with a constant star can easily kill it.

Want to compete with his father for the Baron Title, really act recklessly.

“If not, your identity is temporarily uncertain.” Elder Ge said.

Wang Teng felt helpless, and the direction of the matter was still a bit unexpected. The intervention of the Paiklas family made things even more uncontrollable.

“Nangong is too pitted!” Wang Teng was unable to complain.

If you want him to help redress the grievances, at least think things over, leave a will and so on, it’s better than letting him fall into a passive state now.

If Nangong Yue knows Wang Teng’s complaints, I am afraid he will pop out of the soil.

He was wronged too!

He originally wanted to make Wang Teng stronger before he came to the Empire, but he couldn’t think that Wang Teng and Yuan Gungun would be so reckless, so they were only capable of star power, so he dared to do Empire to seek the Baron Title .

It can only be said that he underestimated the Inheritor of Wang Teng after all, and underestimated the chubby bottom line.

“The Nangong Master didn’t expect that the Parax family will intervene!” Yuan Gungun screamed for Nangong, his face was slightly dignified, and he said in a puzzled manner: “Could the Parax family be the people behind Cao Hongtu? With the status of the Pilax family, how can they look at a trifling Baron Title?”

“How can I know this, maybe they have some ulterior secret.” Wang Teng shook his head: “Don’t talk about it now, think of a way.”

“Uh…I can’t do anything.” Yuan Gu said guilty.

“Daddy!” Wang Teng couldn’t wait to pull the ball out fiercely and knock his head. He usually blew it like something, and it was useless at the critical moment. Wang Teng could only rely on himself, and his thoughts were crazy , Suddenly eyes shined: “By the way, there is inheritance palace! Why did I forget this.”

“No, if you make the inheritance palace public, you are believing or not, as long as you walk out of this hall, the matter of your inheritance will be silently spread. When the time comes, there will be a lot of powerhouse peeping, you There will be a mortal danger!” Yuan Guan hurriedly stopped.

“A universe level inheritance, that many people will watch?” Wang Teng was taken aback.

“What do you think, what’s more, the inheritance of Nangong Master is not simple Universe level inheritance, but the inheritance of Empire Baron, Nangong Family’s heritage is more than trifling Universe level.”

“But the inheritance in the palace is not at all Universe level.” Wang Teng frowned.

“Your mark of inheritance can open the treasure house of the Nangong Family.” Yuantongkuan said leisurely.

“…Why didn’t you say it earlier?” Wang Teng has an urge to choke the chubby, which is so irritating that such an important thing is only being said now.

“You haven’t even reached the Universe level. It’s useless to say it. Besides, the treasure house is in the Nangong Family. You have not inherited the Baron Title of the Nangong Family. You can’t enter the Nangong Family. You can’t do anything.”

“…” Wang Teng kept taking deep breaths. Although he felt that the chubby was right, he was really angry!

“Elder Ge, since he could not determine his identity, then this successor matter is nonsense, I think it is better to expel this person from the country. As for the Baron seal, it happened to be returned to the original owner. My father is the personal biography of Baron. Disciple, the Baron seal is most suitable.” At this moment, Cao Guan’s voice came.

Wang Teng hearing this, can’t help but lifts the head.

What a vicious mind!

Not only wanted to take Baron’s seal, but also to deport him.

Really make a good calculation!

Wang Teng’s cold light flashed in his eyes. At this moment, he has given birth to a killing intent for Cao Guan.

If he is really expelled from the country, I am afraid he will be directly chased and killed. The opponent is absolutely impossible to let him leave alive.

And if there is no Baron Title of Dajian Empire, Earth Star will not be able to keep it. The galaxy guardian Klott might be the first to kill him.

“Do you want this Baron seal?” Wang Teng asked expressionlessly.

“You just got the Baron seal by chance. What qualifications do you have to take charge? My father is Nangong Baron’s personal discipline. Nangong Baron has passed away. This Baron seal is naturally my father’s belongings. that’s all.” Cao Guan was backed by someone, full of confidence, said with a sneer.

“Cao Guan was right. Baron’s seal cannot be in the hands of an unidentified person.” Xin Clemeng said indifferently.

“hahaha…” Wang Teng burst into laughter: “What a forbidding and arrogant, what is the way Empire is done? Then I really have gained some knowledge!”


Xin Ke Leimeng frowned, suddenly shouted, and moved towards Wang Teng in a powerful imposing manner.


Wang Teng’s face turned pale, the strength of the domain master level is not a joke, even if he can participate in the battle between the universe level, there is too much difference with the domain master level powerhouse, the opponent is just an imposing manner. , So he almost couldn’t bear it.

“break for me!”

Wang Teng’s eyes widened and his heart roared, Mental Telekinesis erupted, roaring like a giant dragon awakening in his mind.



The horrible imposing manner pressing on the top of his head was instantly rushed away, and Wang Teng stood up suddenly, looking towards Xin Kleimeng with cold eyes.

“Am I impudent?”

“Who is it impudent for you to be so aggressive!”

“People who don’t know, think you are the Master of this great empire, and you can determine the nobility title with a word.”


A loud shout came from Wang Teng’s mouth, echoing in the hall.


all around suddenly fell into a dead silence!

Everyone was stunned. They didn’t expect Wang Teng to burst out suddenly, and he was so hard that he dared to shout at a domain master powerhouse.

This is simply not a routine!

The opposite Cao Guan looked at him as if he had seen a ghost, his face pale, and he looked completely frightened by Wang Teng.

“This, this…this guy is going to die!” Chuankuan was also full of disbelief, and his words were uncomfortable.

too terrifying!

It’s too terrifying!

Wang Teng is not afraid of death?

Dare to yell at a domain master powerhouse, and this person is also a member of the Parax family, one of the eight great surnamed Wangs of Empire.

It’s over!

This time is all over!

Wang Teng is so messed up, this is simply dying, facing the huge monsters like Parax, they have no room to resist.

Sin Kleimeng was also stunned by my Wang Teng. No one had ever dared to be so rude to him. His complexion suddenly became very ugly, even faintly pale, anger burned wildly in the heart.

Wang Teng’s words have touched a certain taboo…

Master of the Empire!

This hat is buttoned down, let alone him, even the Parax family behind him can’t afford it.

“You fart!”

Sinkerlemon yelled, stood up, gritted his teeth and said: “I have never said that I am the Master of the Empire. Do you dare to believe that you are scornful and slander me, do you really think I dare not kill you?”

“dares to do, but not acknowledge, weren’t you very awesome just now, you said to take back my Baron seal and take it back, this Empire is not in your charge, who is in charge?”

“Now I want to kill people again. I think you have a ghost, afraid of being discovered.”

“Come on, it’s better to kill me here now, why bother to say that many are not a waste of words?”

“Come, come, come and kill me! It is the grandson who dare not dare!”

“If I frown, I will give you your last name!”

Wang Teng didn’t persuade him at all, staring at Xincramon, shouted loudly after another.

all around the domain master powerhouse couldn’t help being shocked by Wang Teng.

This time is simply a talent!

The method of inverting black and white was so perfect that even Xin Clemmon was speechless.

Sin Kelemen’s complexion was alternately blue and white, the Qi Qiao of anger gave rise to smoke, and there was a plume of white smoke rising from the top of his head, and his anger had reached its extreme.

When Wang Teng saw him like this, he decided to add another fire, his voice suddenly rose, and shouted: “Come on! Come and kill your grandfather!”


“I killed you!”

Sincramon couldn’t bear it anymore, the killing intent in his heart was boiling, there seemed to be flames burning in his eyes, and with a sneer, the temperature in the air suddenly soared, and a cluster of blue flames appeared in front of him out of thin air, condensed into an arrow , Moved towards Wang Teng rushed straight.


Wang Teng stood in place, ready to use the space to move, but he did not move, staring at the arrow, letting the strong wind blow his black hair.

Don’t persuade you at this time!

He didn’t believe it, the others in the room would just watch Xincramon kill him.

If this is the case, then there is nothing to look forward to in the Empire Aristocratic Appraisal Pavilion. He doesn’t even want to seek justice here.

The distance is very close, and the arrow condensed by blue flames instantly came to Wang Teng’s eyebrows, but when the distance between the two sides was less than three inches, the arrow stopped in midair and could no longer advance.

“Enough!” A flat voice came slowly.

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