All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 917


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With a soft shout, in midair snorted, and the arrow condensed by the blue flame dissipated invisible!

Wang Teng quietly relaxed in his heart, but on the surface, his complexion was unchanged and calm. He even glanced provocatively at bald robust man Xin Ke Leimeng, with a sneer on his lips.

Dead bald head, thinking that I am a bit fierce, I am afraid of you!

Sin Kleimeng’s forehead was violent with blue veins. If he hadn’t been stopped, he would really hate to hammer Wang Teng to death.

“Xin Ke Leimeng, Wang Teng, this is the Noble Review Pavilion. I cannot tolerate you impudent.” Elder Ge glanced over the two of them, lightly saying.

“Old Sir Sir, I can’t blame me. This bald-headed dignified domain master is bullying me, a planet-star Martial Artist, and blatantly grabbing my Baron seal. You must do it for me. Be fair.” Wang Teng’s expression changed and he began to pretend to be pathetic.

“…dead, dead bald!” Cao Guan hadn’t slowed down from the shock just now, and at this moment, he heard Wang Teng’s words again, and his face was suddenly shocked.

This guy doesn’t want his life, he dared to scold Xincramon Sir for his death!

Others also look weird, looking like they want to laugh and try to resist them. They are all trained in strict aristocratic etiquette. Under normal circumstances, they will never laugh unless they can’t help it…Puff hahaha!


Sin Kelemen clenched his fists, his eyes were really breathing fire, and his heart was furious.

Elder Ge felt a little headache, and said: “Wang Teng, don’t swear casually in the nobles reviewing the cabinet.”

“Okay, Sir, I was wrong. I will definitely not swear in the panel next time.” Wang Teng quickly nodded and said.

This sounds like nothing wrong, but it’s something weird.

Don’t scold people in the panel, do you still scold people outside?

This kid is so bold.

The corner of Ge Lao’s eyes twitched. It is not easy to be affected by his state of mind, but only for a moment. He quickly recovered his calm and said: “Since you can’t prove yourself Identity, then just wait to find out the real situation before deciding on the successor of the title. You must not leave the imperial city before that.”

Hearing what Elder Ge said, Cao Guan became happy again. Although today’s goal has not been achieved, as long as this kid can’t prove his identity for a day, he cannot become a successor.

“Let’s check it out.” The other members of the panel all around were nodded, agreeing with the decision of the elder.

The performance of Wang Teng just now let them know that this planet-star Martial Artist is not just a soft persimmon, and some members who originally stood on Cao Hongtu’s side did not speak again.

Even the Parax family, one of the eight different surnamed Wang, dare to be angry. If they stand up rashly, they will just be boring that’s all.

They are not afraid of Wang Teng, they just don’t want to lose face.

Even in their hearts, they actually regard Wang Teng as a dying person, offending Xincramon, he has absolutely no possibility of living, they just need to wait and see the result.

Everyone got up to leave, thinking that the meeting was over here.


Sin Kleimeng was coldly snorted, and looked at Wang Teng coldly,

With this look, Wang Teng has almost been sentenced to death.

No one can live safely after offending the Parax family.

Cao Guan sneered at Wang Teng, got up and shook his robe, looked contemptuously, and turned to leave.

However, at this time, Wang Teng sat down Shi Shiran, opened the mouth and said: “Who said I can’t prove it?”

Everyone’s footsteps are all together!

At this time, everyone except Ge Lao had already got up, but after hearing Wang Teng’s words, they couldn’t help but look back, the same meaning in their eyes:

Are you brat kidding us?

Cao Guan was shocked and turned to stare at Wang Teng.

This kid can prove it! !

There was a sudden ominous premonition in his heart.

Sinkerlemon’s eyes are gloomy, and his brows frown.

Only Elder Ge sat in the seat, showing a meaningful smile.

“Wang Teng, you’re crazy!” As if knowing what Wang Teng was going to do, Yuan Kuan Gu yelled in his mind: “No, absolutely not, you will die.”

“I offend the Parax family, are you afraid of other Martial Artists?” Wang Teng’s tone was flat, and he said softly in his heart: “If there are too many lice, it is not itchy. If you have a lot of debt, you will not worry about it. You can’t die.”

“You!” Yuan Chuan Tong was speechless.

At this time, Wang Teng saw that everyone’s eyes had gathered on him, slightly smiled, and inspired the inheritance mark left by Nangong Yue.

A runes appeared between his eyebrows!

As the runes light up, the Baron print on the desktop also lights up rays of light, echoing each other, seeming to indicate the connection between the two parties.

“This is…inheritance!”


“Nangong Yue actually left the inheritance of Nangong Family to Wang Teng!”

When all members of the panel saw this scene, they couldn’t help showing a surprised look, their expressions becoming extremely subtle.

And Cao Guan’s face suddenly became ugly.

The inheritance of Nangong Family!

This is definitely the inheritance of the Nangong Family.

His father, as Nangong Yue’s personal discipline, did not get the inheritance. They have been trying to enter the Nangong Family’s treasure house and gain more knowledge of inheritance over the years, but there is no inheritance mark or Baron mark. Cannot enter it.

There are treasures, but they can’t enjoy the treasures in it. You can imagine the aggrievedness and depression in their hearts.

However, this inheritance now appears on Wang Teng’s body.

Cao Guanxian is jealous and hateful!

His eyes were red, and he wished to take this inheritance mark from Wang Teng and press it on himself.

Xin Kleimeng is expressionless, just watching Wang Teng’s eyes become increasingly cold.

“I don’t know that there is this inheritance mark as a proof, do you accept my identity as a successor?” Wang Teng looked around, his eyes paused especially on the faces of Cao Guan and Xin Ke Leimeng, and asked independently.

pa! pa!

This is definitely a face slap!

Chi Guoguo’s face!

A group of members of the Council of Appraisal have subtle expressions, looking towards Cao Guan, they can’t help but sympathize with him, and even more sympathize with the domain master Cao Hongtu who is not present.

This Baron Baron is getting further and further away from them!

It is clearly a duck with a mouth, but now it has to fly away with wings.

Everyone can almost imagine Cao Guan and Cao Hongtu’s expression after knowing the news. If they were replaced by them, they would definitely feel like vomiting blood in their hearts.

“Since there is inheritance, there is no doubt about the identity of this successor.” Old Ge nodded and said.

His words are tantamount to the conclusion of the coffin, representing the aristocratic review of the pavilion, and at the same time representing the recognition of Wang Teng’s identity by Dagan Empire.

Cao Guan suddenly complexion pale.

Sin Kleimeng said nothing, with a flick of sleeve, strode out of the hall.

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