All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 919


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Wang Teng was a little surprised at Master Fan Taining’s reminder.

Being able to remind him of this after knowing that he was going to face Cao Hongtu and the people behind him, without even kicking him out of the house, it shows that Master Fan Taining really regarded him as a friend.

Of course, it also illustrates one thing, that is, the existence of the Grandmaster Level behind the master Fan Taining is probably not small.

“It seems that Grandmaster Level is more popular than I thought!” Wang Teng touched his chin, and was already a little eager to go to the Secondary Profession Alliance to verify his Grandmaster Level identity.

Know that he is forging and rune double Grandmaster Level. Give him a period of time, and he will definitely not have a small business network.

And his Alchemist level will soon reach Grandmaster Level. When the time comes to the Secondary Profession Alliance, if you can pick up a little Alchemist attribute bubble, you can reach Grandmaster Level in one go. It’s not too cool.

“Wang Teng master, the past few days, you can rest assured to live in my house. My residence is registered in the Secondary Profession Alliance and is protected by the Secondary Profession Alliance. General Martial Artists dare not do anything here. “Fan Taining master said.

“Then many thanks master. In this way, I don’t have to worry about people who are blind to come to look for things.” Wang Teng said with a smile.

“hahaha, after you go to the Secondary Profession Alliance to register your identity tomorrow, I think with your potential, the Secondary Profession Alliance will be happy to provide you with asylum.” Master Fan Taining said with a smile happy.

Wang Teng slightly smiled, thinking that if Fan Taining knew that he was the rune Grandmaster tomorrow, he would not be surprised if his eyes popped out.

But of course you have to let others speak out about this kind of thing, it’s not good to say it yourself!

Wang Teng and Master Fan Taining exchanged questions about rune for a while, and then returned to his room.

He sits cross-legged on the bed, sinking into the attribute panel.

[Sea Whale Flame*100]

Wang Teng looked at the extra flame on the surface of the attribute, and the corners of his mouth could not help but show a curve.

What about the domain master? What about the Paclas family?

It’s not the same as being slashed by him.

At the meeting of the Council at the time, Xincramon wanted to kill him, and finally the attack was annihilated by the old man, but an attribute bubble was left behind, which was picked up by Wang Teng quietly.

As this attribute bubble melted into his body, Wang Teng found a blue flame out of nowhere in his Sea of ​​Consciousness.

This flame is exactly the same as Sincramon’s, except that there is only a small cluster here, not the size of an egg.

The little blue flame shrank in the corner, facing the bright flame, the dark flame, Azure Jade Glazed Flame, these three kinds of different fires, and they couldn’t help shiver coldly.

After getting this [Sea Whale Flame], Wang Teng immediately understood its origin.

This is a kind of animal fire, which comes from a deep-sea giant beast called the deep-sea blue whale, and only a few deep-sea blue whales with pure bloodline can breed sea whale flames.

The sea whale flame is naturally incomparable with the different fires of the world like Azure Jade Glazed Flame, but it is a very good flame among the many beast fires. It has the characteristics of still burning in the sea. The flame constitution of the Si family enables them to exert extraordinary strength.

Wang Teng is now very interested in the flame constitution of the Parax family. He has so many kinds of flames. If it is matched with the flame constitution, it will definitely be very strong.

In the evening, after Wang Teng and Master Fan Taining had dinner, they were dragged by Master Fan Taining to discuss the problems on the rune for a long time, which shocked Fan Taining and gained a lot.

Wang Teng then returned to the house again and entered the virtual space for cultivation.


Nangong Family residence.

Cao Guan finally contacted his father Cao Hongtu, and the two were communicating in the virtual universe.

In addition to Cao Guan and Cao Hongtu, there are also many people, they are all Cao Hongtu’s sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great-grandson wait, etc…

In the million years after the death of Nangong Yue, Cao Hongtu gave birth to many children in order to form a family.

At the beginning, if the Nangong Family had this consciousness, it wouldn’t be the situation now, and Wang Teng, an outsider, would have to inherit the title.

Cao Hongtu is a middle-aged man with a majestic face. His brown hair is slightly curly, and his eyes are slightly inverted, making him look quite shameless.

“Someone took Nangong Yue’s Baron to the Noble Appraisal Pavilion! He also got his inheritance!” Cao Hongtu called Nangong Yue by his name without any respect, and stared at Cao Guan coldly at the moment. : “Why don’t you notify me immediately about something so important?”

“I…” The cold sweat on Cao Guan’s forehead kept falling, facing Cao Hongtu with horror: “I thought the other party was just a star Martial Artist, and there are other families who are helping us speak in the Review Chamber. A wild boy who has no roots will definitely not be able to make a big wave, so he did not disturb his father.”

“A star-star Martial Artist, a wild boy with no foundation!” Cao Hongtu’s eyes were even colder: “It is such a person who has established Baron’s successor status, so are you worse than him?”


Cao Guan knelt down in shock: “Father, give me another chance. I will definitely not let that kid get the Baron Title.”

“Give you one more chance!” Cao Hongtu’s face was gloomy: “Do you know what the consequences will be if you lose again?”

“If we lose again, our family will completely lose sight of Baron Title, and my father’s years of hard work will be in vain and futile.” A charming voice next to him said slowly.

all around Cao Hongtu’s children did not dare to speak, only this woman faced Cao Hongtu’s anger, still face doesn’t change, even with a faint smile at the corner of her mouth, she looked down on her knees with contempt. Cao Guan on the ground.

This woman looks 27~28 years old, charming, with her hair curled up high, full of the style of a mature woman.

In terms of temperament and appearance alone, this woman can beat more than ninety points.

If you add her curvaceous, forward-curved figure, you must add another five points.

It is hard to imagine that this woman will be a member of the Cao Family.

After all, Cao Hongtu is not very handsome.

“Cao Jiaojiao!” Cao Guan suddenly lifted the head, full of anger.

“Aiya, don’t look at me like that, I’m your dear younger sister.” Cao Jiaojiao has a delicate appearance and a plump and fierce mouth.

“…” all around Cao Family everyone.

If they didn’t know what this woman was like, they would almost believe it.

“Jiaojiao is right. If I lose again, all my hard work over the years will be in vain. You can’t bear the consequences.” Cao Hongtu looked at Cao Jiaojiao, and his complexion was slightly soft, but he turned to Cao Guan. , His eyes became cold again: “Go back and think behind closed doors, I will let the fourth child go back and take over what you are doing first, and I will also set off to return to Emperor Star immediately. This matter must be handled by me personally.”

Cao Guang’s face was gray and unwilling, but he did not dare to disobey Cao Hongtu.

“Father, I won’t let you down.” Cao Ling, the fourth child, gave a happy expression and quickly promised.

“After you return to Emperor Star, first investigate the opponent’s strength and background, and see if anyone is pushing behind him and supporting him. I don’t believe in a planetary star Martial Artist and dare to challenge me. “Cao Hongtu is instructed.

“I understand.” Cao Ling nodded replied, paused, and then asked: “What needs to be done on the Parax family?”

“You don’t need to worry about this, I will directly contact Domain Lord Sinclair.” Cao Hongtu frowned and said.

“Father, if you go out in person, I think Domain Lord Sinclair will give you this face.” Cao Ling took a flattery.

“Hard to say, I heard that the kid directly angered Sin Kelemen at the meeting of the Jury Chamber. He was so provoked by a star Martial Artist. Sin Kelemen was probably in anger. I wouldn’t have any blood, I’m afraid Can’t calm his anger.” Cao Hongtu’s face flashed with a hint of sorrow, helplessly said.

“Hehe, the Parax family is one of the eight surnamed Wang after all.” Cao Jiaojiao said with a smile.

“Jiaojiao, you should return to the Emperor Star too, this matter requires your efforts.” Cao Hongtu said, turning his head and looking towards another silhouette, and said: “There is second child, you also come back.”

Among all his heirs, Cao Jiaojiao was the only one who reached the Universe level, so Cao Guan didn’t dare to be angry with her.

The other person who has reached the Universe level is second child Cao Wu, a reserved tall and sturdy man.

So, one million years is really the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, and two of Cao Hongtu’s children have reached the Universe level.

Rankuangun actually expected Cao Hongtu to stay at the Universe level, which is too much for granted.

Instead, it’s the boss of Cao Guan. Because Cao Hongtu was negligent in discipline back then, and he didn’t have any talents himself, his aptitude was mediocre, and he even had some straw bags, so in the past few years he reached a constant star 6 only under the accumulation of resources Layer.

“Okay, since it was the father’s request, the daughter will definitely come back.” Cao Jiaojiao was very clever nodded and said in front of Cao Hongtu.

“Good!” Second child Cao Wuyan was concise and nodded.

Cao Jiaojiao and Cao Wu have reached the Universe level, so they are also fighting abroad all the year round. First, they can accumulate military merits for the Cao Family, and second, they can also improve themselves. They rarely stay in the Emperor Star.

Cao Hongtu was very satisfied with the attitude of the two. They were originally his most proud heirs, so they are naturally very good.

“Then I’ll go back and prepare first. I don’t mean that I can leave on the 6th defensive star, but I have to hand it over!” Cao Jiaojiao said.

“Well, let’s go.” Cao Hongtu nodded, and said to the people: “You are all gone, too.”

The meeting of Cao Family in the virtual universe came to an end. Everyone took action, no matter where they were in Empire, they started to return to Emperor Star.

Wang Teng didn’t know the series of things that Cao Family had directed against him, but he asked Tangu to investigate Cao Hongtu.

know yourself and know your enemy, before you can defeat the enemy!

For so long, Cao Hongtu has also reached the domain master level. If he is not prepared, he will be very passive when facing Cao Hongtu.

After all, Yuankunkun is too unreliable, he is not one or two times being pitted, he can only rely on himself.

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