All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 920


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The next morning, Wang Teng woke up from the cultivation.

Spent a night in reality, and a day has passed in the virtual universe.

For Wang Teng, there are many things that can be done in a day, and a lot of wool can be gathered.

His strength is improving steadily and orderly. Several Origin Power attributes have been improved, and the distance to breakthrough constant star rating is getting closer.

When I walked out of the room, I met Master Fan Taining who was constantly yawning with two dark circles.

“Master Wang Teng, you are awake.” Master Fan Taining was taken aback and greeted.

“Master Fan, what are you?” Wang Teng was a little surprised. For their Martial Artist of this realm, one night is just a trivial matter. It can make Fan Taining look like an ordinary person, unless it is Mind The consumption is too severe.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I just got your instructions yesterday, and I spent the whole night studying. Fortunately, rune has a breakthrough in his attainments, and I didn’t waste your efforts.” Master Fan Taining said very happy.

“My painstaking efforts?” Wang Teng stunned: “What pains did I take? Why don’t I know?”

He was just a little annoyed by Fan Taining’s entanglement yesterday, so he answered his questions casually, and threw a few questions to him, let him think for himself.

Then he has a breakthrough?

“Master Wang Teng, thank you so much. This bottleneck has troubled me for too long. Fortunately, I got your help.” Master Fan Taining suddenly held Wang Teng’s hand. Little Old Man looked a little excited and thankful Said.

Wang Teng suddenly got goose bumps all over his body, the corners of his mouth twitched, he quickly drew his palm from his hand, and said with a smile: “Hehe, Master Fan, you are so polite, it’s all yourself Years of accumulation, where water flows, a canal is formed, I just helped a little.”

“Where, where, Wang Teng master, your help plays a vital role.” Fan Taining thought that Wang Teng was humble and couldn’t help but say.

“By the way, your breakthrough this time is not far from Grandmaster Level.” Wang Teng quickly changed the subject and asked.

“If it goes well, I should be able to breakthrough Grandmaster Level within 3 years. If you can communicate more with Wang Teng master, it will definitely be faster.” Fan Taining talked about the breakthrough, and the red light was all over his face.

“Come back!” Wang Teng’s heart hummed for no reason.

This Master Fan Taining is really annoying!

I have never seen such an annoying old man.

“he he he, definitely!”

Speaking like this, Wang Teng made up his mind that he must stay away from Fan Taining and he must not seize the opportunity.

Everyone’s friends are friends, but you are not a beauty, and you want to bother me, the door will not be left for you.

“Thank you Wang Teng master, then.” Fan Taining’s eyes lit up and he thanked him again and again.

“When will we go to the Secondary Profession Alliance?” Wang Teng twitched his mouth and turned the subject again.

“Let’s have breakfast first, and go immediately after breakfast.” Fan Taining laughed when he saw Wang Teng anxiously.

So the two had breakfast at home and took the rune energy speed car to the Secondary Profession League.

Secondary Profession Union station is located near Kunwu Street, the most prosperous commercial street in the Imperial City. This street is named after Kunwu Beast, the god of the kingdom of Da Gan Empire.

It is said that when it was designed, the name was appointed by the first emperor of Dagan Empire, which is of great significance.

If you look down from a high altitude, you will find that this street extends in all directions and has a huge flow of people, but the main road directly connects to the outermost periphery of the imperial palace.

Only reaching the imperial palace, it was blocked by a huge square, and no foreign buildings were allowed.

As a country of advanced universe civilization, there are many Great Influence buildings gathered here, such as the First Bank of the Universe, the Virtual Universe Office, and the large branch of Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion. They are all scattered all around this street.

And the Secondary Profession Alliance, as one of the Hegemon existences in the universe, also occupies a place here.

Wang Teng and Master Fan Taining got off the car after arriving at Kunwu Street, then walked through the lively street, turned into a side road, walked about a hundred meters, and stopped in front of a tall building Come down.

How to describe this building?

Wang Teng looked carefully, but couldn’t find any words to describe it for a while.

In general, this building is a collection of various professional styles and presented in a very artistic way.

But not at all seems nondescript, on the contrary, it looks quite unique and refreshing, and I am afraid it will be fresh in my memory after leaving.

“How? The architectural style of the Secondary Profession Alliance is very good, right?” Master Fan Taining said quite proudly.

“It’s really good.” Wang Teng nodded and said.

“This is a building designed by numerous Grandmaster Level figures in the building that took several years to design together, and it will be innovated every once in a while, of course out of the ordinary.” Fan Taining smiled, and then led the way. : “Let’s go, let’s go in.”

Wang Teng took another look at the appearance of the Secondary Profession Alliance, feeling in his heart that in the universe, these ancient influences, which measure the length of history by epochs, are indeed too deep, but the appearance is so costly and it makes people Breathtaking.

Of course, this idea just flashed in his mind, and then he immediately followed.

The two entered the Secondary Profession Alliance.

At this time, many people in the league were already walking around, to-and-fro, it was quite lively.

Wang Teng just swept his eyes and saw many Blacksmith, Alchemist, Rune Master wait characters, and they were of different races, and some even had a beast head, obviously Beastman Race, which is not uncommon in the universe.

As for how to identify them, it is not difficult.

They are all wearing the exclusive clothing of the Alliance, a very luxurious and luxurious purple robe, and they have different signs on their chests. For example, Alchemist is the alchemy cauldron logo, Blacksmith is the hammer logo, and Rune Master is naturally Rune logo…and so on, obvious at a glance.

This reminds Wang Teng that when Star Martial Continent was evaluating Rune Master, Alchemist and other professions, their system was similar.

However, in comparison, the system in the universe is more perfect and unified.

“I don’t know how they are?” Wang Teng thought of Master Ge Lin, Li Rongxue and the others.

Because of the urgent danger of Earth Star, Wang Teng had to leave his hometown to find a way to survive in the universe. He really couldn’t find time to go to Star Martial Continent.

However, after he has solved the identity problem, he can resolve the Earth Star crisis. When the time comes, he can also find time to go to Star Martial Continent and completely solve the Dark Race invasion problem over there.

As for whether Earth Star and Star Martial Continent can be further integrated, it remains to be verified, and now he is not sure.

If it can be integrated, it is also a good way for both parties. The people of Earth Star want to step into the universe. It is a very good choice to integrate with Star Martial Continent to increase their strength.

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