All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 921


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“Hey, Master Fan Taining, how come to the Alliance today?”

Just as Wang Teng was in his thoughts, an unfamiliar voice sounded nearby.

“It turned out to be Hobson’s Great Blacksmith.” Master Fan Taining turned his head to look, and saw a tall and sturdy man approaching, and he couldn’t help saying with a laugh.

Wang Teng couldn’t help showing a hint of surprise in his eyes when he saw this man.

This man’s muscles seem to be condensed from stone, and he is four five meters high. Fortunately, the Alliance took into account the body shape of various races when designing the building. Therefore, the roof is high enough and the gate is wide enough, otherwise it would not be so big. A person.

He walked step by step, and the ground seemed to be shaking and oppressive, all around everyone couldn’t help but let go.

Seeing this person reminds Wang Teng of the’Heavy Rock’ Race he encountered in Dark World.

After all, it was the race he had stalked wool, so he was still impressed.

The’Heavy Rock’ Race can control the rock condensed in the body, thus having a strong body and strength.

It’s just that Wang Teng later merged the Heart of Heavy Rock talent into a higher-level magnetic core talent, which can not only condense rock, but also condense sand and metal.

I just don’t know what this person has to do with the’Heavy Rock’ Race?

The’Heavy Rock’ Race he encountered in Dark World is quite different from this robust man.

Although this robust man looks tall and sturdy, his eyes are yellowish-brown, and his head is round, inexplicably simple and honest.

But the mixed-blood robust man of the’Heavy Rock’ Race has a hint of blood red in his eyes, and looks more fierce. I wonder if it was affected by the dark bloodline?

“Come on, Wang Teng master, let me introduce to you, this is the Hobson Great Blacksmith of the “Heavy Rock” clan.”

Fan Taining introduced them to them.

“Master Hobson, this is Wang Teng Great Rune Master.”

Wang Teng was taken aback for a moment, didn’t expect this robust man is really a’Heavy Rock’ Race.

Didn’t their race be destroyed by Dark Race?

Nor, the universe is vast, even if the planet is destroyed, there must be clansman surviving.

“Such a young Great Rune Master?” Hobson looked at Wang Teng in surprise.

Wang Teng nodded at him.

“I brought Wang Teng master over to register for the assessment today, and then Wang Teng master will join our Secondary Profession Alliance.” Master Fan Taining explained.

“If you can find such a young master, Master Fan, you must be rewarded a lot this time.” Master Hobson envied.

“hahaha, of course, but I have made an appointment with Dr. Leonard to be the recommender of Wang Teng master together.” Master Fan Taining said.

“Doctor Leonard?” Master Hobson asked in amazement: “Is Wang Teng master still a highly skilled physician?”

“You’ll find out later.” Master Fan Taining said mysteriously.

“You attracted my curiosity.” Master Hobson shook the head helplessly, and then asked: “Master Wang Teng, can I follow along and observe one or two, it just happens that I have nothing to do today.”

“I have no problem!” Wang Teng eyes flashed, thinking that he would test Blacksmith later, maybe this Great Blacksmith would come in handy, so he nodded agreed.

Speaking of a few people walking inside the alliance, under the leadership of Fan Taining, they went directly to a room.

And Dr. Leonard was waiting here long ago: “Master Wang Teng, Master Fan Taining, you are finally here, I thought you forgot it.”

“How can such an important thing be forgotten.” Fan Taining master said with a smile.

“Master Hobson, why are you here?” Dr. Leonard turned his head and looked towards the tall robust man, asking in surprise.

“haha, I ran into Master Fan Taining and Master Wang Teng halfway, so I came here to take a look.” Hobson scratched his head with his rough palm, said with a laugh.

“Go in, I have already greeted the staff.” Dr. Leonard nodded, said.

A few people walked into the room. The staff inside were very polite, so they quickly completed the registration.

It’s easy to have someone in the yamen. Master Fan Taining and Dr. Leonard are out at the same time. There is simply nothing to do with Wang Teng.

They took the registration form and went directly to the assessment site.

The Secondary Profession Alliance is very large, divided into different areas according to different occupations. They decided to go to the physician assessment point first.

“Physician assessment is mainly treatment and medical knowledge. Wang Teng master, if you don’t understand medical knowledge, it doesn’t matter. As long as you show your bright healing skills, you can enter the Secondary Profession Alliance, and it will be very popular. I have to say People who master light therapy are really too dominant.” Dr. Leonard said to Wang Teng.

Wang Teng nodded, expressing understanding.

Actually, medical knowledge and so on can’t trouble him. At most, he picked up some attributes. He used to pick up a lot of medical knowledge attributes when he was on Earth Star, but it is definitely not comparable to medicine in the universe.

Wait to the assessment point to see if you can pick up a little medical knowledge attribute and raise his medical level. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be too Low Level to have only one bright medical technique?

After a while, everyone came out of an assessment room. Dr. Leonard brought Wang Teng into it, while Fan Taining and Hobson waited outside.

This assessment room is actually a Medical Room. There are already many silhouettes in white coats waiting for the assessment to begin in their respective positions.

At the same time, three examiners were communicating with each other on the examiner’s seat in the front. When they saw Leonard walking in with Wang Teng, they couldn’t help showing a surprised look.

“Doctor Leonard!”

“Dr. Zeng Xiu, Dr. Celia, and Dr. Guo Suyang, it turns out that you are the examiners today.” Dr. Leonard and the three greeted them, handed them the registration form, and said, “I will bring this Wang Teng master came to participate in the assessment.”

“Wang Teng master!” The three examiners were even more surprised.

Looking at the registration form, the young man in front of him is not even 20 years old. Has his doctor’s level reached Master Level?

It’s a bit unbelievable.

Wang Teng glanced at the three examiners without a trace. Among them, Zeng Xiu and Guo Suyang were both Human Races, while Celia was a female Elf Race, exquisite and handsome, saying that Elf Race is not ugly. Yes, she is no exception.

“The assessment is about to begin, I won’t bother you.” Leonard looked at the time and said to Wang Teng: “Wang Teng master, I’ll wait for you outside. You can come out directly after the assessment. .”

“Okay.” Wang Teng nodded.

Leonard then walked out of the examination room.

“Wang Teng Your Excellency, you can find a place to sit down first, we will start the assessment soon.” The people Leonard brought, even if it is still uncertain whether Wang Teng has reached the Master Level, the three examiners are quite good polite.

Wang Teng casually found an empty seat to sit down.

It didn’t take long.

Among the three examiners, the female doctor named Celia stood up and said slowly: “Today’s doctor examination is divided into two parts, written examination and treatment!”

“The written test mainly assesses various medical knowledge. Treatment is the assessment practice. No matter what method is used, as long as the patient or the wounded can be cured, it will be considered as passing today’s assessment. Both assessments take half an hour. “

“Next, the assessment begins!”

As her voice fell, a light screen appeared in front of every examiner, and one after another medical knowledge topic appeared before them.

Wang Teng was a little helpless, didn’t expect that he still had one day for the written test.

However, he glanced at the questions on the light screen and didn’t rush to do it. Most of these questions he will not.

Others have already started to do the questions, and at the same time they started to drop attribute bubbles.

[Medical Knowledge*100]

[Medical Knowledge*160]

[Medical Knowledge*120]


The attribute bubbles were picked up by Wang Teng and turned into memories into his mind, just like enlightenment, and the topic in front of him was no longer unfamiliar.

But Wang Teng still didn’t do it, because he found these problems, he still can’t.

No way, continue to pick the attribute bubble.

Wang Teng’s medical knowledge attribute not only grows, from the original Small Accomplishment to the Great Accomplishment, and then to Perfection.

“en? Why doesn’t this Wang Teng do it yet?” The three examiners were all paying attention to Wang Teng secretly. Seeing him motionless, he couldn’t help being frowned.

“Leonard won’t fool us with this kind of thing.” Physician Celia shook his head to say with a bitter smile.

“Wait again…Hey, he is starting to answer the questions.” Dr. Guo Suyang was taken aback, surprised.

“So fast!”

Zeng Xiu and Celia looked at them quickly and were surprised.

Wang Teng not only began to answer the questions, but also very fast, almost without pause, and filled in the answers with a sweep of his eyes.

Ten minutes later, Wang Teng has completed all the questions and turned in the paper.

At this time, other people are still struggling with the problem, some frowning in thought, some scratching their heads.

Wang Teng smiled secretly.

You will, I will, you will not, I will too!

The advantage of scalloping wool is here, integrating the wisdom of all people.

How to lose the flying dragon riding face?

The three examiners immediately received Wang Teng’s test papers and began to correct them, and then all stared wide-eyed in surprise.

All right!

There are no errors!

This Wang Teng is really unexpected!

The three of them all saw the same idea in each other’s eyes.

It seems that Dr. Leonard did not lie to them. This Wang Teng is probably a Master Level!

Half an hour passed quickly, and the test was over, and others had to hand in papers and start the second round practice assessment.

In an Inner Sect in the assessment room, white coats pushed the patients one by one, and the wounded walked out and were randomly assigned to each examiner.

Wang Teng is in front of a severely wounded man, obviously just coming off the battlefield.

Such severely wounded people are very common in Emperor Star. They cannot be treated on the battlefield planet, so they are transported back to Emperor Star.

Wang Teng took the doctor’s attitude to be responsible for the wounded, and still used the [Essence Pupil] to take a look at the other party’s condition within the body, and to make sure that there were no other problems, he just threw it away with a light healing technique.

Blessings from Goddess!

Guangyu suddenly appeared in the room, and everyone’s eyes could not help being attracted.

Light healing! ! !

The three examiners were shocked again, staring at Wang Teng like a ghost, and didn’t want to move away.

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