All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 924


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People who work hard are worthy of admiration!

The image of Wang Teng suddenly sublimated in the hearts of the three.

“Wang Teng master, I will apply for the Grandmaster Level assessment for you now.” Fan Taining said the master expression immediately.

“Blacksmith, let me go.” Master Hobson also said.

“It’s okay, but if you say it in advance, we will get a reward and we have to score five to five with Wang Teng master.” Master Fan Taining said.

Wang Teng gave Master Fan Taining a surprised look.

But it’s nice to have someone help him seek benefits.

“No problem, my main purpose is to make friends with Heaven’s Chosen like Wang Teng master, and rewards are only second.” Master Hobson said righteously.

Wang Teng gave him a weird look, but didn’t notice that the Hobson master was so silly and silly that he could speak so well.

Master Fan Taining and Doctor Leonard also looked like they met Master Hobson for the first time, with very surprised expressions.

“cough cough, who is going to Alchemist?” Master Hobson asked with a dry cough.

“I’ll look at my Teacher and ask him to help hire an Alchemist as a recommender.” Fan Taining master pondered then said.

After speaking, he looked towards Wang Teng and asked: “Wang Teng master, what do you think?”

“I have no problem.” Wang Teng said.

It’s not good for someone to run errands for him, so there must be no problem!

Fan Taining, master and the others, did not say much, and immediately went to apply for the Grandmaster assessment.

Three Grandmasters!

Thinking about it makes people feel trembling. He doesn’t know what kind of monster they have recruited for the Secondary Profession League this time.


Fan Taining and the others are extremely efficient, which surprised Wang Teng a bit.

In other words, he underestimated the importance that the Secondary Profession Alliance attaches to his three-way Grandmaster.

Several Grandmasters of the Secondary Profession Alliance were shocked to hear that there was a three-level Grandmaster for the assessment today, so they put aside their business and followed Fan Taining and the others to see Wang Teng.

Fortunately, there are more Grandmaster Levels in the Secondary Profession Alliance today, otherwise there are not enough people for the assessment.

At this time, in a meeting room dedicated to Grandmaster Level, several Grandmasters from the Secondary Profession Alliance jointly hosted Wang Teng.

It’s just that when they saw what Wang Teng really looked like, they all started again.

So young?

Really too young!

Being able to become Grandmaster Level, the Mind state is very good, just a glance at the judge that Wang Teng’s bone age is not more than 20 years old.

Fan Taining and the others were too rushed to tell them the true age of Wang Teng, so at this moment they were so shocked when they saw Wang Teng for the first time.

Now when I see Daoist, these Grandmaster Level big shots even think that Fan Taining and the others are taking them to shua!

Can young people less than 20 years old be Sandao Grandmaster?

Is this a joke?

In front of Fan Taining, a white-haired man in his thirties, with a third eye on his forehead, is similar to the Three-Eyes Race of the fake Baron that Wang Teng had seen before, but Wang Teng knew that there were many three-eyed races in the universe, so he was not too surprised.

At this time, he turned his head and glared at Fan Taining fiercely, obviously thinking that Fan Taining was unreliable.

Such a young Grandmaster, who are you fooling?

“Teacher, I didn’t lie to you, Wang Teng’s rune is very accomplished. I just got a little guidance from him and I got a little breakthrough.” Fan Taining said cautiously like a child in front of the white-haired three-eyed man.

“Then how much do you know about his alchemy and forging skills?” The white-haired, three-eyed man sounded angrily.

He wouldn’t say it directly. When he reached his status, he would not specifically step on people, especially if this person is a genius recommended by his discipline.

Actually, even if Wang Teng is not a Grandmaster of Three Dao, 20 years old has reached the Great Rune Master level, and is even higher than Fan Taining’s attainments, it is enough to prove Wang Teng’s talent, he is also happy to accept this junior Heaven’s Chosen into his own camp.

But now the boasting is a bit big!

Three Grandmasters, because these two juniors dare to say, they are not afraid to blow the cowhide.

“Uh…I don’t know much about his alchemy and forging skills.” Master Fan Taining was taken aback for a moment, and he said.

The three-eyed white-haired man fiercely glared at him.

Evil disciples, be a teacher!

“But Teacher, I believe he will never aimlessly.” Fan Taining promised a serious expression.

“Are you sure!” The white-haired three-eyed man frowns saying.

Although the talent of this discipline is not too high, it is still very Revered Master, and will never fool him on major events.

Could it be that Wang Teng is really amazingly talented, and he is three Grandmaster at a young age?

“Teacher, Wang Teng should come from a backward planet, thinking that there are many Grandmasters in the universe, so he has worked very hard, but he has forced himself to this point, achieving such an amazing achievement at a young age. “Fan Taining said solemnly vowed.

“…It can be like this!” The speechless saying of the white-haired three-eyed man: “How do I feel that you are being a teacher.”

“Nothing, I never lie to you.” Fan Taining said.

“I tentatively believe you.” The white-haired three-eyed man glanced at him.

“Alfred, is the young man recommended by your discipline really three Grandmasters?” Other Grandmaster Levels also started sound transmission inquiries.

“Don’t ask me, I was also fooled by the kid Fan Taining.” Alfred said, “I’ve come here, are you here? I’ll know if I pull it out and take a stroll. Start with my Rune Master assessment Let’s start.”

Since Fan Taining started this matter, as his Teacher, this pot Alfred consciously took it back.

Wang Teng naturally noticed everyone’s reaction, but he didn’t say anything. Some things can’t be explained clearly by mouth, only facts can prove it.

After a while, the white-haired three-eyed man in front of Fan Taining opened the mouth and said: “I am Fan Taining’s Teacher Alfred, and we passed your examination application. We will perform the rune Grandmaster assessment first. No problem. Right?”

“Alfred Grandmaster!”

Grandmaster Level characters should not be neglected.

Wang Teng gave a salute to the other party according to Empire etiquette and said: “I don’t have any problems, I can start now.”

Alfred saw that Wang Teng was so humble, polite, and confident, but he somewhat believed Fan Taining’s words, and couldn’t help but nodded to Wang Teng’s kindness.

“Then please follow me.”

Alfred led the way, and there were two rune Grandmasters who went together. One Grandmaster had green skin with three silver lines on his face, and the other was human, looking 40-50 years old. Look like.

Obviously, Wang Teng’s Grandmaster assessment was jointly invigilated by the three Grandmasters.

The room where the Grandmaster is assessed is not far from the living room, it is next door. After all, it is the Grandmaster, so the treatment is different.

Wang Teng walked in and took a look, and found that the assessment room was simply luxurious, with all kinds of equipment available, and obviously it was prepared for him alone, and it was completely different from the Master Level assessment.

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