All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 926


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“That’s good, then I will go to the next professional Grandmaster assessment.” Wang Teng said, he turned and left.

He is very busy, and there are two other professions to be assessed. Go back to the cultivation sooner after the exam.

For him, this assessment is a complete cutscene, without any difficulty.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, do you really want to take the Grandmaster Level assessment for the other two professions?” Alfred Grandmaster couldn’t help but catch up and asked.

“Yes.” Wang Teng nodded and said.

“Is the Wang Teng Grandmaster really three Grandmasters?” Alfred glanced at each other with the other two Grandmasters, all in surprise.

They are already inclined to believe Wang Teng in their hearts.

Wang Teng’s rune is so accomplished, it may not be impossible for other professions to reach Grandmaster Level.

After all, the world of genius is not understandable by them.

Several people walked out of the assessment room.

Fan Taining and the others hurriedly came up: “How about, Wang Teng master, did you pass it?”

“pa!” Alfred slapped him on the forehead: “Wang Teng master is also what you can call, and will be called Wang Teng Grandmaster in the future.”

“Grandmaster!” Fan Taining touched his head, whispered in shock: “It’s really Grandmaster Level!”

His look towards Wang Teng was completely different. Wang Teng suddenly became a Grandmaster Level figure like his Teacher. To be honest, it really made him somewhat unsuitable.

Although when Wang Teng participated in the assessment, I guessed that Wang Teng would pass 80%, but at this time I felt quite dreamy.

A Grandmaster Level, but spent a wonderful night with him without any pretensions, and answered many questions for him!

Wang Teng master…No, Wang Teng Grandmaster is really approachable!

What a wonderful night!

If Wang Teng knew what Fan Taining was thinking, he would probably kick him to death.

At this time, other professional Grandmasters also came over. An old man wearing Alchemist costume asked in surprise: “Alfred Grandmaster, does this Wang Teng Your Excellency pass your assessment? “

“Yes, Huayuan Grandmaster and Wang Teng Grandmaster passed our assessment perfectly. There is absolutely no problem in becoming a Grandmaster.” Alfred said affirmatively.

Huayuan Grandmaster eyes shined and asked: “Then, Wang Teng Grandmaster, do you still have to perform the Alchemy Grandmaster assessment?”

“Of course.” Wang Teng said with a slight smile.

“Please follow me.” Huayuan Grandmaster hurriedly said.

Wang Teng passed the rune Grandmaster’s assessment and gave them a glimmer of hope, a glimmer of hope for the Grandmaster. They don’t mind to accompany Wang Teng to try.

If they are really three Grandmasters, then their Empire branch of the Secondary Profession alliance can really recruit an incredible genius.

Secondary Profession Alliance is not without competition. Every higher country or Great Influence has branches, and these branches often have certain healthy competition.

And Dagan Empire hasn’t shown any outstanding characters for a long time.

If Wang Teng is really the Grandmaster of Sandao this time, they will be able to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat in front of other branches in the future.

There were four Alchemy Grandmasters, all of them were present, and they were very enthusiastic about Wang Teng, and walked to the Alchemy assessment room on the other side.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, do I need to take a break?” After entering the alchemy assessment room, Huayuan Grandmaster asked.

“No, you can start the assessment directly.” Wang Teng said.

“Okay.” A hint of surprise flashed in the eyes of the four alchemy Grandmasters.

Wang Teng has just participated in the rune Grandmaster assessment. Mind should consume a lot, but he doesn’t need to rest. Is his Mind so powerful?

But since Wang Teng said no, they didn’t really ask for it.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, the assessment of the alchemy Grandmaster only needs to refine a medicine pill of Grandmaster Level Grade 1 or above.” Huayuan Grandmaster said.

Grandmaster Level medicine pill is divided into one to Grade 9, one to Grade 3 is Low Level, four to Grade 6 is Middle Level, and seventh to Grade 9 is High Level.

The higher the High Grade medicine pill that can be refined, the higher the attainments of the Grandmaster.

This time the assessment only needs to refine Grandmaster Level Grade 1 or above, which can be regarded as the minimum requirement.

Of course, the Grandmaster Level medicine pill is not so easy to practice, and the requirements are very high. Whether it is the complexity of the alchemy material or the fire control, it is incredible.

Any kind of Grandmaster Level medicine pill requires at least 500 kinds of materials, and the number is dazzling.

The changes are even more unpredictable. If you are not careful, the fryer will fail.

Many Master Level Alchemists can’t refine Grandmaster Level medicine pills throughout their lives, so they can only be Master Level.

In addition, the appearance of the Grandmaster Level medicine pill will be accompanied by Thunder Tribulation.

A Grandmaster Level medicine pill is a Grandmaster Level medicine pill only after Thunder Tribulation.

If you can’t cross it, it’s a waste of pill!

One Thunder Tribulation is Grade 1 Medicine Pill, and two are Grade 2. The more Thunder Tribulation number, the higher the grade of medicine pill.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, what kind of Grandmaster Level medicine pill do you want to refine? I will ask you to fetch the materials. We can provide you with 30% of the materials.” Huayuan Grandmaster said.

“I want to think about it.” Wang Teng looked at his attribute panel.

Suddenly remembered that his Alchemist level was still Master Level, and he had not had time to improve before.

But… don’t panic!

“Several Grandmasters, I want to go to the toilet first.” Wang Teng said suddenly.

The four Grandmaster characters were stupefied by Wang Teng. They thought that Wang Teng was going to say something important, but they didn’t expect to go to the toilet.

It’s… unexpected!

For the powerful Martial Artist, going to the toilet was originally controllable, but since Wang Teng wanted to go, they could not stop it.

“Then you go.” Huayuan Grandmaster corner of the mouth twitched, nodded and said.

There are everything in the assessment room, but there is no toilet, so Wang Teng can only leave the room and go to the public toilet.

Of course he didn’t really want to go to the toilet, he just found an excuse to walk around and pick up a little Alchemist attribute bubble.

The area where Alchemist is located is not difficult to find, just ask someone to find it.

Alchemist area has a large alchemy room, and there are many Alchemist refining medicine pill in it.

Wang Teng Mental Telekinesis swept away and picked up all the attribute bubbles they dropped.

[Alchemy Technique + 150]

[Alchemy Technique + 300]

[Sovereign level Mind + 100]

[Alchemy Technique + 500]

[Star Mind + 200]

[Alchemy Technique + 350]

[Pill Recipe *1]


These attribute bubbles are of different heights, some are more and some are less, some are high-level, and some are low-level, but for Wang Teng, it is natural that they will not refuse to come and absorb all.

His Alchemy Technique and Mind have improved a lot.

Especially the alchemy level, finally broke through the Master Level and reached the Grandmaster Level!

[Alchemist]: 2/100 /1000 0 (Grandmaster )

There are many Master Levels in the alchemy room here, and there are even one or two Grandmaster Levels in the alchemy, so Wang Teng’s alchemy level has improved a bit, not only has the Grandmaster Level breakthrough, but also reached 2/100 points.

He also got a Pill Recipe of Grandmaster Level medicine pill……

Jiu Qiao Ning Soul Pill!

Send pillows when you fall asleep. Wang Teng’s Pill Recipe is not there!

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