All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 927


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After Wang Teng picked up the attribute bubble, he wandered back to prepare for the test of the Alchemy Grandmaster.

“This Secondary Profession Alliance is really a good place!” Wang Teng said with emotion while browsing the Pill Recipe he just got.

He got the Pill Recipe of Grandmaster Level for the first time, and even directly burst an attribute bubble.

Pill Recipe and the like were also revealed when picking up the alchemy attribute before, but they were all mixed in the Alchemy Technique.

In the eyes of the system big shot, only Grandmaster Level Pill Recipe is worthy of condensing an attribute bubble!

This Jiu Qiao Ning Soul Pill is a good thing, very rare, and can help people condense the soul. For people with soul body injuries, it is simply spirit pill and marvelous medicine.

Even if there is no injured person in the soul body, just eat one or two jelly beans, it is also good for the soul body.

So although this Soul Pill is only Grandmaster Level Grade 3, its value far exceeds Grade 3.

Of course, the difficulty of refining is much higher than that of Grade 3.

Assess the room.

Wang Teng opened the door and walked in.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, you are finally back, why have you been there for so long?” Huayuan Grandmaster greeted him and asked with some confusion.

“Oh, got a big one.” Wang Teng babbled casually.

“…” Four Grandmasters.

This is a tasteful chat, terminate immediately.

“cough cough, Wang Teng Grandmaster, have you thought about which medicine pill you want to refine?” Huayuan Grandmaster asked.

“I want to refine the Soul Pill of Jiuqiao Ning.” Wang Teng said bluntly.

“Jiuqiao Ning Soul Pill!” The four Grandmasters were taken aback at the same time, and then their faces showed surprised looks.

Jiuqiao Ning Soul Pill is not easy to refine!

This Wang Teng Grandmaster opened his mouth with the more difficult Grandmaster Level Grade 2 Medicine Pill. Is that confident?

Furthermore, the Pill Recipe of the Condensing Spirit Pill of Jiuqiao didn’t even know them. Wang Teng actually knew it, and even refining it, which was really unexpected.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, you can actually choose the simpler Grandmaster Level medicine pill.” Huayuan Grandmaster hesitantly said.

Wang Teng said in his heart that I want to do it too, but the Grandmaster Level Pill Recipe he knows is this, but he can’t say it clearly. This is very helpless.


People can’t collapse!

Since we are going to create a three-way Grandmaster genius, how can we tell that he only has one Grandmaster Level Pill Recipe?

So he said indifferently: “No, I’ll just use Soul Pill.”

“Uh… well, you tell me the materials needed for Jiuqiao Ning Soul Pill, and I will have someone prepare it right away.”

Huayuan Grandmaster was even more surprised when Wang Teng insisted, but he did not persuade him.

Wang Teng will report the materials needed for the Condensing Spirit Pill one after another.

“You may need to wait. The materials needed by Jiuqiao Ning Soul Pill are a bit off the beaten track, so it may take a while.” Huayuan Grandmaster frowned and explained, then turned around and asked the alliance staff to prepare materials.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, why would you want to refine Soul Pill?” asked another alchemy Grandmaster next to him.

This alchemy Grandmaster is a female Alchemist of the Rabbit Human Race. Her name is Haruer. She looks very good. Except for the protruding teeth, she has no other problems. She looks quite young, but her actual age should be Not too small.

“I just chose the simpler one randomly.” Wang Teng said.

“Choose one…simple?” Harou’s alchemy Grandmaster was a little dazed, and this answer made her wonder how to connect.

If Jiuqiaoning Soul Pill is a relatively simple medicine pill, what are other Grandmaster Level medicine pills?

Hairoul Grandmaster thought that Wang Teng was pretending, but she couldn’t find any evidence.

Wang Teng’s serious appearance made her think whether she was a little make a fuss about nothing. She thought it was difficult, but others might not find it difficult.

People are different from person to person.

Hirole Grandmaster almost shut down.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, do I need to prepare an alchemy furnace for you?” Huayuan Grandmaster quickly turned the subject away and asked.

“No need, I have an alchemy furnace myself.” Wang Teng was taken aback, and suddenly remembered that he also had a pretty good alchemy furnace, which was kept in the space fragments and hadn’t used it much.

Black Meteor Furnace, I left you out of the cold!

Wang Teng feels guilty.

“The requirements for refining the Grandmaster Level medicine pill are relatively high. The quality of the alchemy furnace should be higher. Otherwise, it will not be able to withstand the high temperature in the middle, and it will be fryered directly, and you must not forget that after the Grandmaster Level medicine pill is completed There is also Transcending Tribulation. This alchemy furnace will also be within the scope of Thunder Tribulation. In case it is damaged by Thunder Tribulation, it will also affect the final pill formation process of medicine pill.” Huayuan Grandmaster said vaguely.

He heard that Alfred Grandmaster said that Wang Teng was from a remote planet, and he probably didn’t have a decent alchemy furnace. In order to avoid problems with the alchemy, he couldn’t help but remind him.

“Is that so?” Wang Teng frowned, but after another thought, he said that Black Meteor Furnace was a Legendary alchemy furnace that had been with Grandmaster Level Alchemist, and it should be able to withstand Thunder Tribulation.

“If your alchemy furnace is of insufficient quality, we can lend you the alchemy furnace first. You don’t need to be polite.” Huayuan Grandmaster said.

He just wants to sell his personal affection and strengthen his friendship with Wang Teng in advance.

The ability to refine the Soul Pill of Jiuqiao Ning indicates that Wang Teng’s alchemy is out of the ordinary. Even if it fails in the end, it should not be underestimated. At least there is no problem in refining other simple Grandmaster Level medicine pill.

The most important thing is that Wang Teng is young, and his young age means great potential.

Heaven’s Chosen like this, you can’t miss it when you pass by!

“Huayuan Grandmaster, is this alchemy furnace okay for me?” Wang Teng himself didn’t know whether the Black Meteor Furnace would work or not. Fortunately, he took it out and asked a few Grandmasters to help.


The shadow flashed.

An ancient alchemy furnace with a pitch-black color and a flame cloud pattern all over appeared in front of everyone, and gently fell on the ground under the control of Wang Teng Mental Telekinesis.

The flame cloud pattern on the alchemy furnace is constantly changing in shape, sometimes like a dragon, sometimes like a phoenix, and the birds and beasts all change in it, which is very strange.

After the four Grandmasters saw this alchemy furnace, they couldn’t move their eyes anymore.

“This is…” Huayuan Grandmaster jumped up from his chair and leaned closer to take a closer look.

The other three Grandmasters were not much better, and got up one after another, gathered around the alchemy furnace, it looked like a few children had met their favorite toys for a long time.

“This is a superb Grandmaster Level alchemy furnace!” Huayuan Grandmaster exclaimed, both eyes shining.

“Yes, it’s a superb Grandmaster Level alchemy furnace. You listen to this sound, it’s so wonderful.” A Grandmaster also tapped the alchemy furnace with his fingers and put his ear on the alchemy furnace to listen to the response.

For the Alchemy Grandmaster, they are so familiar with the Alchemy furnace, even if they just listen to the sound, they can hear the charm that ordinary people can’t hear.

“What a big baby!” Harou’s Grandmaster stroked the flame moiré on the surface of the alchemy furnace and said fascinated.

“pu… cough cough!” Wang Teng was drinking tea and almost squirted out: “A few Grandmasters, is my alchemy furnace okay?”

“…” Four Grandmasters: O(╥﹏╥)o

“Yes, that’s okay. Compared with yours, my alchemy furnace is nothing short of a shame. Fortunately, I want to borrow it from you. Fortunately, I didn’t show it to shame.” Huayuan Grandmaster said with a bitter smile.

“Huayuan Grandmaster is serious.” Wang Teng’s face was strange, and he always felt that the old man was hit hard.