All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 928


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I said I had to wait. In fact, the staff quickly took the materials needed by Jiuqiaoning Soul Pill.

Huayuan Grandmaster took over the space ring that stored the alchemy material, slightly frowned, and said to Wang Teng: “We don’t have the Pill Recipe of the Condensing Spirit Pill of the Nine Apertures, and our alliance does not have it, so there are very few people who know how to refine and the materials are relatively low. Not much, only two copies of Jiuqiao Ning Soul Pill’s materials have been collected in the league, and I will let people go outside to see if there are any remaining copies.”

“No, two copies should be enough.” Wang Teng waved his hand: “If you can’t make two copies, the third one is probably a waste.”

Huayuan Grandmaster is a bit hesitant. He hopes that Wang Teng can pass the algorithm Grandmaster assessment, so he wants to collect three materials for him. At any rate, the probability of success is higher.

But seeing that Wang Teng said that, he didn’t say anything, but quietly asked the people below to gather another of materials as soon as possible.

“Well, the two materials here, you first use them to refine the Soul Pill of Jiuqiao Ning.” Grandmaster of Huayuan handed the space ring to Wang Teng.

Wang Teng nodded, took the space ring and walked towards the center of the room.

Black Meteor Furnace floated slowly, automatically following him.

There is a fire opening in the center of the room, which is connected to the earth fire for alchemy.

Black Meteor Furnace falls on the fire opening.

Wang Teng took out the alchemy material, placed one after another in front of him, closed his eyes, and went through the refining process of Soul Pill in his mind again.

Huayuan Grandmaster and the others sat down in the examiner’s position not far away from him. This distance was just right, which would not affect Wang Teng alchemy, but could also observe them up close.

They saw Wang Teng closed their eyes and rested, not at all, and immediately started the algorithm. They were not in a hurry, they just waited quietly.

After a while, Wang Teng eyes opened suddenly, and a flash of light flashed. Mental Telekinesis wrapped a dozen or so materials or spiritual flowers or spiritual grass into the alchemy furnace at the same time.


At the same time, an Azure Flame rose from his hand and fell to the bottom of the Black Meteor Furnace with a wave of him.

Wang Teng did not inspire the earth fire of the pill room, but instead used Azure Jade Glazed Flame.

Heaven and Earth Fire is an excellent assistant to alchemy, much better than ordinary fires like earth fire.

Moreover, Wang Teng, as the Master of Azure Jade Glazed Flame, is naturally handy to control, and is more handy than external flames.

When the four Huayuan Grandmasters saw Azure Jade Glazed Flame, they suddenly stood up from their seats, staring at the Azure Flame.

The world is different!

The four of them forcibly suppressed the shock in their hearts and did not disturb Wang Teng alchemy, but their hearts were still tumbling.

“This must be a different world!”

“Wang Teng Grandmaster is actually harbouring different fires, and luck is too bad!”

“Exquisite Grandmaster Level alchemy furnace, the world is different, there are so many good things on Wang Teng Grandmaster, which makes people envy and hate!”


When the four sound transmission talked, their eyes were almost red.

Whether it is the exquisite Grandmaster Level alchemy furnace or the different fires of heaven and earth, Grandmaster Level may come by with luck, but not by searching for it, but it is all concentrated on Wang Teng. How can people balance their hearts?

Rao is the concentration of the four Grandmasters, and he can’t hold it anymore.

Wang Teng didn’t know what they were thinking, so he concentrated on purifying the materials.

Azure Flame passes through the gap of the alchemy furnace and wraps the material in the alchemy furnace.

This is a black spirit flower. There is no residue left under the burning of the flame, leaving only a cloud of gray and black liquid suspended in the alchemy furnace.

Wang Teng counts with one mind, and other materials put into the alchemy furnace are also one after another refining, either turned into droplets or turned into powder……

All this requires the refiner to control the heat. A little carelessness may cause the entire plant to burn out a little bit.

The four Grandmasters saw Wang Teng refining seventeen-eighteen materials at the same time, and they couldn’t help but secretly squeeze a cold sweat for him.

This operation…suffocating!

They ask themselves that they can’t refining so many materials at the same time.

What’s even more frightening is that Wang Teng did not make any mistakes. A dozen materials were successfully refined, and then a dozen materials were dropped to continue refining.

The four Grandmasters held their breath and looked intently.

If you continue to refine it like this, a Grandmaster Level medicine pill can be refined without even three hours.


It was where Wang Teng started to refine Soul Pill, where he stalked the wool before.

A red-haired old man covered in dirt walked out of a Grandmaster Level alchemy room.

When I walked out, there was still a puff of black smoke.

There is a strong burnt smell in the black smoke.

Alchemy room originally has an automatic air circulation function. Once Alchemist alchemy fails to produce unpleasant and strange smells, it will speed up the circulation system and eliminate unpleasant smells.

But this time the red-haired old man failed a bit completely, making the entire alchemy room full of black smoke, which could not be completely removed for a while, so he could only run out of the room.

“cough cough cough…”

The red-haired old man coughed violently and was choked.

He is an alchemy Grandmaster of the Secondary Profession Alliance. He is helping people refine a Grandmaster Level medicine pill today. Otherwise, he might also participate in the Wang Teng Grandmaster Level assessment.

There were several people waiting eagerly outside the room. There were men and women. When they saw the red-haired old man coming out, they immediately surrounded them and asked nervously, “Curton Grandmaster, what’s going on?” /p>

“cough cough…the fryer is up!” Cough Cough Grandmaster waved his hand, looking a little ugly.

“Fryer, how could this be?”

“Isn’t the Curton Grandmaster claiming that the success rate of the Condensing Spirit Pill can reach 60%? How can it be a fryer?”

“Without Soul Pill, what about grandfather’s injury?”


The young people behind hearing this suddenly changed their face. Due to the face of Grandmaster Level, they could only sound transmission and yelled.

This Curton Grandmaster is indeed the Grandmaster Level Alchemist who has just been sacked by Wang Teng. Wang Teng’s Condensing Spirit Pill Pill Recipe is from him.

The leading middle-aged man was a little anxious and couldn’t help asking: “Curton Grandmaster, have all the previous five materials failed?”

“en.” Curton Grandmaster was a little embarrassed and said: “Alchemy, there is always a failure rate. I have found the feeling. Give me a few more materials and I will definitely succeed.”

The middle-aged man sighed in his heart, but didn’t criticize anything, hesitantly said; “What you said is, but you know, this material is a bit hard to find, and I finally collected five copies with great difficulty.” /p>

“Don’t worry, there should be some materials in the alliance. For the sake of my face, it shouldn’t be difficult to fetch them first.” Curton Grandmaster said sorry.

“Then trouble the Curton Grandmaster, I will make up afterwards, and the cost of the materials will be borne by our family.” middle-aged man eyes shined quickly promised.

“It’s nothing. The main thing is to refine the Condensing Spirit Pill. I promised you to do my best.” Curton Grandmaster waved his hand.

After that, he immediately contacted the staff of the alliance and wanted to retrieve a few copies of the required materials for the Condensing Spirit Pill from the alliance’s inventory.

But soon his complexion was a little hard to look.

“Curton Grandmaster, what’s the matter?” The middle-aged man saw what he looked like and knew that something was wrong, so he asked quickly.

“Someone just called the material of the Condensing Spirit Pill.” Curton Grandmaster helplessly said.

“Ah, who is it? Is it too late to get back now? I’m Ji Clan willing to pay any price.” The middle-aged man said anxiously.

“It was called by Huayuan Grandmaster. It seems that someone is going to take the Grandmaster assessment today. Didn’t expect that an assessor also knows how to refine the Condensing Spirit Pill. Examination and refining of other medicine pills is also okay. It is not necessary to refining the Condensing Spirit Pill, the more difficult Grandmaster Level medicine pill.” As Curton Grandmaster said, he rushed towards the examination area.

The middle-aged man and a few people behind him quickly followed along.


Outside the Alchemist assessment room, Alfred Grandmaster and the others were waiting. A group of Grandmasters surrounded the room. The scene was a bit spectacular.

“You said, can Wang Teng Grandmaster pass this Alchemist test?” A Grandmaster Level big shot couldn’t help but ask.

They are obviously just watching visitors, but they are more nervous than Wang Teng himself.

“I think it is possible!” Alfred groaned, opened the mouth and said.

“Alfred Grandmaster is so confident in Wang Teng Grandmaster.” A forged Grandmaster said with a smile.

“hahaha, you have seen his assessment process, and you must have the same idea as me.” Alfred Grandmaster said.

The other two rune Grandmasters share the same nodded.

Their reaction made several forging Grandmasters even more surprised. Only they had not seen Wang Teng’s assessment process, so they were full of curiosity.

Just as everyone was discussing, the Curton Grandmaster rushed over with a few people in an imposing manner.

However, when they saw the situation outside the assessment room, they were taken aback.

“What’s the matter, why are there so many Grandmasters here?” Curton Grandmaster was surprised.

“Curton Grandmaster, what are you?” Alfred Grandmaster saw someone coming and asked when he got up.

Cotton Grandmaster quickly thought of his own purpose, and quickly asked: “Alfred Grandmaster, Huayuan Grandmaster, are they appraising newcomers in it?”

“It’s true, you know?” Alfred asked.

“Of course I know, did they just retrieve the materials for the Condensing Spirit Pill?” Curton Grandmaster said as he wanted to go inside.

“wait, Curton Grandmaster, what are you doing?” Alfred Grandmaster face changed and hurriedly stopped him.

“Curton Grandmaster, you can’t go in.”

“Someone inside is undergoing Grandmaster Level assessment, you will offend the other party if you rush in.”

“Yes, this assessment is very important, you can’t go in.”


Several other Grandmasters also hurriedly gathered around, blocked the Curton Grandmaster from the door, and said one after another.

“What are you guys?” Curton Grandmaster face changed, didn’t expect that so many Grandmaster Level big shots would come forward to stop him at the same time.

He really couldn’t figure out that it was who was the one who was conducting the assessment. He had such a great ability.

However, when Grandmaster Curton thinks about the identity of Ji Family, if he can refine the Condensing Spirit Pill, he can get the favor of the other party, which will help him greatly.

So he confided and said: “Everyone, the materials of the Condensing Spirit Pill are urgently needed for me. I will explain it clearly to the examiner and apologize to him.”

“No, this examiner is different. We can’t offend it easily.” Alfred Grandmaster said.

Several other Grandmasters were also nodded and recognized Alfred Grandmaster’s decision.

That was the three Grandmasters, and they meant extraordinary to their alliance. Even if the odds were small, they couldn’t take risks.

Cotton Grandmaster didn’t expect to speak up to this point, but the Grandmasters in front of him still stopped him, and he couldn’t help but chuckle.

Is the examiner in it such a deep background that several Grandmaster Levels have to maintain him?

“Grandmasters, I don’t know if you can sell me Ji Clan for a face. The Condensing Spirit Pill is really important to me.” The middle-aged man behind Curton Grandmaster stood up and pointed at several Grandmaster cup one fist in the other hand said.

“Ji Clan!” Several Grandmasters face changed.

“But Ji Clan, one of the eight different surnamed Wang clan!” Alfred took a deep breath and asked.

“Not bad!” the middle-aged man proudly said.

Alfred looked at each other with several other Grandmasters, and finally shook the head, and said apologetically: “Sorry, we still can’t let you in.”

The surnamed Ji middle-aged man’s complexion is slightly ugly.

He moved Ji Clan out, and these Grandmasters are still unwilling to sell him face.

Isn’t this taking Ji Clan to their eyes?

“Alfred Grandmaster, who is the tester inside?” Curton Grandmaster asked.

Seeing his face, Alfred couldn’t help but explain: “The person who participated in the assessment is most likely a Sandao Grandmaster. Although we do not want to offend Ji Clan, the Sandao Grandmaster is too important to us , So sorry!”

“Three Grandmaster!” Curton Grandmaster startled.

He finally knew why Alfred Grandmaster and the others had stopped him.

If he really offends the other party, I’m afraid these Grandmasters will draw a line with him.

A three-way Grandmaster is extremely important to their alliance, and such a talented character is not something he wants to offend.

That surnamed Ji middle-aged man was also complexion slightly changed. He naturally knows what it means to be a three-way Grandmaster. It’s no wonder that these Grandmasters still have this attitude toward Ji Clan, which is understandable.

“This…oh!” The surnamed Ji middle-aged man couldn’t help but sighed, knowing that it’s impossible to break through. He didn’t want to offend so many Grandmasters at the same time. He shook his head and said: “It seems that I can’t blame you, but I am reckless.”

“Actually, you don’t have to be so disappointed, just in case the appraisers inside succeed in refining.” Alfred faintly smiled and said.

“Yes!” The surnamed Ji middle-aged man’s eyes lit up.

“He is just an assessment. It may not be necessary to use the Condensing Spirit Pill. When the time comes, you just buy it from him.” Alfred said.

“hahaha, it is true. Fortunately, Alfred Grandmaster, you reminded me.” surnamed Ji middle-aged man said with a smile.

Master Kirton saw the surnamed Ji man happy, and really didn’t want to hit him by exporting.

He has refined the nine-aperture Condensing Spirit Pill. Naturally, he knows how difficult it is to refine this medicine pill, and the person in it may not be able to successfully refine it.