All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 930


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“How long has it been?”

In the alchemy room, the four Grandmasters are communicating on sound transmission, looking at the black alchemy furnace in front from time to time, and the young silhouette sitting in front of the alchemy furnace with closed eyes.

“Five hours!” Haruel Grandmaster said, looking at the time.

“This time is longer than we thought.” Huayuan Grandmaster said.

“Yes, according to Wang Teng Grandmaster’s previous refining speed, I originally thought it could be refined in three hours.” Another Grandmaster said.

“Is there something wrong?”

“It shouldn’t be, there were no accidents in the previous melting pill and the final pill condensing process. It should be a success in theory.”

“Wait again.” Finally, Huayuan Grandmaster put out a breath and said.

At this moment, it has been five hours since Wang Teng merged various materials, and Wang Teng has successfully completed the process of melting and condensing the pills.

If anyone can see the situation inside the Black Meteor Furnace, they will see three purple medicine pills slowly rotating at the bottom of the alchemy furnace. There are nine holes on the surface, emitting a brilliant light. Strange outside.

Yes, three!

Wang Teng’s previous refining process was too smooth, the alchemy material did not lose the slightest bit, and three medicine pills can be aggregated.

In line with the shameful principle of waste, he resolutely condensed three nine-aperture Condensing Spirit Pill.

In fact, after Wang Teng digested the Pill Recipe of Jiuqiao Condensing Spirit Pill, he knew that Jiuqiao Condensing Spirit Pill is a very rare medicine pill, and the price is a bit expensive.

He is short of money now. The Secondary Profession Alliance provides him with free materials for refining. Of course, Wang Teng wants to maximize the value of the materials.

The three medicine pill naturally takes longer to refining.

But the four Grandmasters didn’t know this.

In the Black Meteor Furnace, Wang Teng wrapped the Mental Telekinesis with three medicine pills, so that the pill fragance was condensed but not scattered, without any leakage.

Otherwise, the pill fragance emitted by the three medicine pills will definitely increase exponentially, and the four Grandmasters will know the situation at a glance.

Of course, it is not that Wang Teng is fooling around with Profound Void, but only in this way can we better preserve the medical power of the medicine pill.

A medicine pill is prone to various problems in the process of pill formation, which requires Alchemist to control. If every process is a little bit worse, combined, the medicine pill will only be a defective product.

And if each process is strictly controlled to the extreme, unexpected harvest will naturally occur.

But in any case, it is to ensure the medical pill’s medical power. Generally speaking, medical power above 60% is considered a very successful medicine pill.

Achieve 80-90%, that is the best of the best.

In the medicine pill market, the value of this superb medicine pill has to be doubled several times.

However, High Grade medicine pill will generally appear in various auctions, and strive to maximize the value.

At this moment, Wang Teng is not in a hurry. He slowly nurtures the medicine pill and thoroughly integrates the medical power into the medicine pill.

At this point, the Condensing Spirit Pill has been 90% successful, and the remaining 10% is through Thunder Tribulation.

Through Thunder Tribulation, you can be regarded as a Grandmaster Level medicine pill.

Time passed slowly again, and after another five hours, it was dark outside.

Huayuan Grandmaster finally noticed something wrong, looked at Wang Teng in shock, and then glanced at the other Grandmasters.

“When this happens, it is very likely that the medicine pill produced by Wang Teng Grandmaster is of very high quality!” Huayuan Grandmaster’s voice was a bit solemn, and it soundly transmitted to several other Grandmasters.

“Well, it is very likely!”

Several other Grandmasters agreed. They are all Grandmaster Level. Alchemy has rich and unusual experience, and basically guessed something.

“It seems that some have been waiting!” Haruel Grandmaster smiled bitterly, but his eyes were bright, staring at the Black Meteor Furnace not far in front of him, as if there was something hidden inside.

“If this medicine pill succeeds, it must be out of the ordinary, I am happy to wait!” a Grandmaster said with a smile.

“Most people in the Grandmaster assessment will choose the simpler medicine pill, and it is difficult to achieve High Grade quality. Such situations are rare.” Another Grandmaster also said with a smile.

“I will go out and let them know, everyone is waiting outside.” Huayuan Grandmaster quietly got up and walked out of the room without disturbing Wang Teng.

As soon as I walked out of the room, everyone immediately gathered around.

surnamed Ji middle-aged man and Curton Grandmaster and the others thought the assessment failed.

After all, there was no Thunder Tribulation, and Huayuan Grandmaster came out.

“Huayuan Grandmaster, has it failed?” Alfred Grandmaster couldn’t help but frown and asked.

Huayuan Grandmaster was taken aback for a moment, and said with a smile: “You have misunderstood, I will come out and let you know, this alchemy will probably last for several hours, I don’t know when it will end.”

“It’s not a failure, that’s good!” Everyone suddenly relaxed.

“Will it be so long? How many materials did you prepare for Huayuan Grandmaster?” Curton Grandmaster was frowned and asked.

He thought that the Grandmaster of Huayuan had prepared a lot of materials for Wang Teng, which made the assessment time too long.

“Curton Grandmaster, why are you here?” Huayuan Grandmaster only noticed the Coughton Grandmaster and the others at this time, and couldn’t help being surprised.

“I was originally refining the Condensing Spirit Pill, but the materials were insufficient, and I wanted to borrow materials from the Alliance. Didn’t expect to be a step late for you. After I came over, I learned that there is a three Grandmaster to test. And like me, I know how to refine the Condensing Spirit Pill.” Curton Grandmaster explained.

“so that’s how it is.” Huayuan Grandmaster suddenly nodded.

“Huayuan Grandmaster, what’s going on inside? The assessment for so long hasn’t ended yet. Have you prepared a lot of materials? Even with three Grandmasters, it seems a bit out of compliance?” Curton Grandmaster said.

“Curton Grandmaster, you think too much. The Grandmaster assessment has always only had three materials, and the materials for the nine-aperture Condensing Spirit Pill refined this time are even more rare. You should know the Curton Grandmaster, we just barely make up Enough for two copies.” Huayuan Grandmaster shook his head.

“Two materials!” Curton Grandmaster was surprised: “Why does it take so long?”

“The nine-aperture Condensing Spirit Pill refined by Wang Teng Grandmaster may be of high quality.” Huayuan Grandmaster said.

Korton Grandmaster’s eyes suddenly changed. He knew what Huayuan Grandmaster meant. The opponent did not fail, but was still holding medicine pill, so it is very likely that the medicine pill is of high quality.

“So, he has reached the last step?” Curton Grandmaster asked hurriedly.

“Yes, and he only used of materials.” Huayuan Grandmaster said with a smile quite admired.

“of materials!” Curton Grandmaster was hit hard.

Everyone suddenly looked at him, their eyes slightly strange.

Curton Grandmaster has always been famous for the Condensing Spirit Pill. His pill success rate is claimed to reach 60%, and the quality of medicine pill can reach up to 50% medicinal power.

Wang Teng of materials has been successfully refined, and judging from the time it takes to contain medicine pill, I am afraid that the quality will never be less than 50%.

Now, it seems that Kirton Grandmaster is going to be completely compared to Wang Teng Grandmaster.

The surnamed Ji middle-aged man didn’t care about these, and asked happily: “So, the Grandmaster inside will be of high quality?”

“This is?” Huayuan Grandmaster asked suspiciously.

“This is Ji Yuanqing Your Excellency from Ji Clan.” Alfred Grandmaster introduced.

“Ji Clan!” Huayuan Grandmaster heart startled, nodded and said: “Ji Yuanqing Your Excellency, you guessed it, the quality of this Jiuqiao Ning Soul Pill refined by Wang Teng Grandmaster should not be low.”

“very good!” Ji Yuanqing slapped his palm, excited.

The higher the quality of the medicine pill, the better the effect. This is an accepted fact. For them, this is undoubtedly good news.

“Ji Yuanqing, Your Excellency, is this?” Huayuan Grandmaster asked in confusion without knowing the situation.

“Someone in my clan is injured in the soul body, and is in urgent need of the soul pill for help.” Ji Yuanqing said.

“so that’s how it is, that’s a coincidence. When the time comes, Wang Teng Grandmaster can sell medicine pill to you. I think it shouldn’t be a rejection of Ji Clan’s friendship.” Huayuan Grandmaster said with a smile.

“hahaha, as long as medicine pill is practiced, my Ji Clan will never treat this Wang Teng Grandmaster badly.” Ji Yuanqing said with a smile.

Cotton Grandmaster listened very uncomfortably. This favor should have belonged to him, but it ended up on the unmasked Wang Teng Grandmaster, as if he had made a wedding dress for someone else.

“I don’t know when it will be successful, you should go back and rest first.” Huayuan Grandmaster said.

“That won’t work, we are still waiting for Wang Teng Grandmaster to succeed in refining.” Alfred shook his head firmly.

“Yes, we are waiting here.” Ji Yuanqing also said hastily.

Huayuan Grandmaster saw that everyone didn’t want to leave, and didn’t persuade them anymore. Once they reached this realm strength, trifling staying up for a few days and nights was nothing.

He stopped talking, and turned back to the alchemy room.

Cotton Grandmaster wanted to follow up, but after all he didn’t feel embarrassed to speak up, so he could only wait outside.

Wang Teng is still nurturing medicine pill at a moderate pace. He has no idea how much the team waiting for his alchemy success has grown.

Time passed slowly, and in a blink of an eye it came to the early morning of 2nd day.

Dawn is breaking on the horizon, and a new day has just begun. Many people have come to the Secondary Profession Alliance early and do their own things as usual.

However, in such an ordinary atmosphere, a white beam of light suddenly rushed into the Secondary Profession Alliance.

Between Heaven and Earth Origin Power fluctuates, and terrifying energy is aroused.

After this white beam of light appeared, a dark cloud suddenly gathered over the Secondary Profession Alliance, and in a short moment, the dark clouds gathered more and more, and in a blink of an eye, a black and pressed piece was formed, which filled the sky over the Secondary Profession Alliance. .

The sky is still ten thousand li in other places, and the weather is very good.

Such a weird scene naturally attracted countless eyes.

In the dark clouds, silver snake-like lightning flashed all around, and a terrifying force of heaven and earth shrouded.

“This is…Thunder Tribulation!”

Someone immediately recognized the origin of the dark clouds and lightning, and they couldn’t help screaming in astonishment.

“Which Grandmaster has refined a Grandmaster Level medicine pill? Or is it a Grandmaster Level weapon?”

“It’s been a long time since I saw Grandmaster Level take a shot!”

“We didn’t expect big news early in the morning today.”

“The seeds and peanuts are ready, everyone sits in a row, don’t squeeze…”

Everyone rushed out of the house and watched the Thunder Tribulation.

At the same time, in the alchemy room, Huayuan Grandmaster and the others saw the sudden burst of light in the black alchemy furnace. They were overjoyed and hurriedly shouted:


“Quick! Quick! Open the alliance dome!”

Actually, he didn’t need to say that when the beam of light rushed up, the dome of the alliance had already opened by itself.

A more intense white brilliance rushed out of the Black Meteor Furnace, making the white beam of light instantly expand several times and head straight into the sky.

hong long!

The lightning in the dark clouds seemed to be provoked. Suddenly the silver snakes danced wildly, thunder blasted, and hong long long resounded between Heaven and Earth.

Wang Teng stood up. At this time, the dark clouds in the sky had become darker and thicker, as if directly pressed down from the top of his head.

But he was indifferent, lifts the head and looked at the dark clouds that were close at hand.

Among the dark clouds, the lightning sometimes collides and emits huge rumbling sound, as if reverberating in the ears, the Heavenly Might radiating out makes people feel a little trembling in fear.

“Is this the Thunder Tribulation of Grandmaster Level medicine pill!”

A trace of surprise appeared in Wang Teng’s eyes.

Countless Alchemist’s lifelong pursuit is to refine a pill that can attract Thunder Tribulation medicine pill!

Because only in this way can they cross the invisible threshold and promote to Grandmaster Level, which is a great honor.

“You guys can’t help it!”

At this moment, Wang Teng slightly smiled, with a big wave of his hand, the lid of the Black Meteor Furnace flew up instantly, three purple lights rushed out instantly, dragging the long light tail, and rushing to the sky.

“Three purple light!!!”

The three Grandmasters in the alchemy room were taken aback for a moment, their eyes widened to the extreme.

“I’m not mistaken, it’s three medicine pills!”

“Am I dazzled?”

Several Grandmaster Level big shots were dumbfounded, looking at the sky incredible, almost unable to believe their eyes.

At this moment, Wang Teng directly soared into the sky, followed by three medicine pill, rushed out from the open dome of the alliance, and came to the sky above the alliance.

“Let’s check it out too.”




Huayuan Grandmaster and the others came back to his senses, glanced at each other, and all rushed out.

Alfred Grandmaster and the others outside the alchemy room also saw this scene and rushed out of the alliance into the sky.


“Wang Teng Grandmaster really refined the Soul Pill of Jiuqiao Ning…wait, why are there three?!”

Everyone looked at the three dazzling rays of light in the sky surrounding the white beam of light. They were stunned, and only a shock was left in their hearts.

“Three pills at a time, this, this…” Curton Grandmaster was almost speechless, his eyes flashing violently.

“Three medicine pills!”

“My God, this Grandmaster made three pills at once!”

“Does anyone know this Grandmaster? It’s terrifying!”

“The face is unfamiliar, and I don’t wear the costumes of the Secondary Profession Alliance. Isn’t it the Grandmaster of the Alliance?”


The onlookers below also exploded the pot, and the discussion went straight into the sky.

Wang Teng saw so many people and changed his appearance during charge ahead. After all, the matter between him and the Cao Family has not been resolved, so it is not advisable to expose the trump card too early.

Huayuan Grandmaster, Alfred Grandmaster and the others are a little confused. I don’t know why Wang Teng suddenly changed his appearance.

But I don’t wait for them to think about it…

hong long!

At this moment, there was a terrible thunder in the sky.

Three lightnings carrying the terrifying Heavenly Might fell abruptly from the dark clouds, like a three-headed huge silver Lightning Dragon, fiercely slammed into the three purple medicine pill in the white beam of light.