All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 931


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Three lightnings landed, the momentum is terrifying, vast and mighty heavenly prestige!

Wang Teng was taken aback when he saw three Thunder Tribulations.

MMP actually came three times at once!

Wang Teng couldn’t help cursed in his heart.

However, it occurred to him that he had refined three nine-aperture Condensing Spirit Pills, and dropped three Thunder Tribulations at the same time…It seemed that there was nothing wrong with it!

“Three Dao is Three Dao, who is afraid of whom!”

Wang Teng expression congeals, the whole person disappeared in place, rose up into the sky, and went straight to the three lightning!

“What does that Grandmaster do?”

“No, should he rely on himself to resist Thunder Tribulation?”

“Is this Grandmaster so sturdy?”


When everyone below saw this scene, they couldn’t help being stunned and uttered in amazement.

Huayuan Grandmaster and the others were also taken aback, and the complexion was greatly changed.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster is too reckless. As an Alchemist, how can you rush to resist Thunder Tribulation!” Harou’s Grandmaster was anxious.

“Quickly, the alliance’s defense array is ready. If anything goes wrong, turn on the array immediately!” Huayuan Grandmaster shouted loudly.

Secondary Profession alliance originally has a defense array. After all, there are not a few Grandmaster Levels in the alliance. Sometimes refining Grandmaster Level medicine pill, forging Grandmaster Level weapons and so on, will always attract Thunder Tribulation, and there is no defense array. The buildings of the Alliance cannot withstand the ravages of Thunder Tribulation.

Furthermore, the Alchemy Grandmaster, the Martial Arts cultivation base for forging the Grandmaster will not be too strong. Let them fight against Thunder Tribulation. Wouldn’t it let them die.

So we still have to rely on the defense array!

The staff of the alliance are hearing this, and immediately prepare to open the array.

Wang Teng has already ushered in the first wave of Thunder Tribulation, and he can only see that he burst out from all over his body with dazzling Origin Power rays of light, like a light ball rising into the sky.

In the light group, he suddenly moved towards the sky and threw a punch.

40% Profound Truth of Strength! ! !

A huge fist mark collided with three Thunder Tribulation following this fist fiercely.


Suddenly, there was a terrifying loud noise between Heaven and Earth, the lightning exploded at the collision, and countless tiny silver lightning awns were sputtered everywhere by the strikes, densely packed like tiny silver snakes, spreading across the sky, making People seem to be chilling.

However, the three lightnings did not dissipate, and the fist marks were blown away. Without reducing their momentum, they galloped toward Wang Teng more ferociously.

“Come again!”

Wang Teng has bright light glittering in his eyes, and he is not afraid of the lightning. He punches again, one after another strike strikes, and a dozen punches are shot out in a flash.

bang! bang! Bang…

Berserk’s Origin Power broke out in the fist!

Three lightnings stagnated in midair, unable to descend anymore, and under this fist mark, forcibly was exploded and turned into a sky full of thunder.

Wang Teng was bathed in this thunder and lightning, quietly running the Lightning Body to absorb the power of lightning and strengthen the fleshy body. This picture set off him like the god of lightning.

This scene dazzled everyone below.

Is this really an alchemy Grandmaster? ?

Didn’t you say that Alchemist and so on are weak?

Why is this Grandmaster so… powerful!

Huayuan Grandmaster and the others were also stunned, a little bit unable to accept it, as if the world view had been hit by dimensionality reduction.

“Hua, Huayuan Grandmaster, do you still need to open the defense array?” the alliance staff asked blankly.

“…not for the time being!” Huayuan Grandmaster came back to his senses, waving his hand with a strange expression.

What more array is needed!

Judging from the strength displayed by Wang Teng Grandmaster, I am afraid he can handle this Thunder Tribulation himself.

This is really unexpected!

“This Wang Teng Grandmaster’s Martial Arts cultivation base is probably not weak!” Ji Yuanqing was muttered by the side.

The corners of Kirton Grandmaster’s mouth twitched, and he resisted lightning. It was not only not weak, it was too strong. Okay.

This kind of fierce person, can’t offend! Can’t offend!

Alfred Grandmaster took a deep breath and glared at Fan Taining behind him. Some complained that he didn’t introduce it clearly. If he had been told that Wang Teng’s Martial Arts cultivation base was so strong, he wouldn’t have been so gagged.

Fan Taining has an innocent face. Although he knows that Wang Teng is very strong, he didn’t expect him to be so tough!

That’s Thunder Tribulation. If it blows up, it blows up!

Is this something ordinary people do?


hong long!

The first wave of lightning was exploded, and the black clouds in the sky rolled violently again, seeming to be brewing a more terrifying Thunder Tribulation.


Suddenly a tearing sound echoed in the air, and the dark clouds seemed to be torn apart a crack. Three lightnings that were more than twice as thick as before came out of them and turned into silver Lightning Dragons, rushing towards three medicine pill.

However, since Wang Teng is in the middle, they seem to be coming at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng didn’t have any extra moves, even if the lightning this time was stronger than before, he was still very calm, looking at the sky with silver white lightning glow reflected in his pupils, and then punching again…

bang! bang! Bang…

There is no difference, it is still the scary fist mark, strikes with lightning!

If one punch is not enough, then two punches, if two punches are not enough, three punches, and if three punches are not enough, four punches…

“Power of Heaven and Earth, Laozi will blow it up for you!”

This time, Wang Teng blasted out more than 20 punches before forcibly exploding the lightning.

But even if it is the same scene, the shock is even stronger.


This is really just!

An Alchemist blasts Thunder Tribulation with his fist.

This is probably the first time in the long years of these Grandmasters that they have seen such a shocking picture, which has simply subverted their perception.

Can Alchemist still do this?

Even many Alchemists who have just stepped on the Beginner’s threshold seem to have been guided in life, with strange rays of light flashing in their eyes.

hong long long!

Two waves of Thunder Tribulation were smashed by Wang Teng in succession. Heavenly father seemed to be unable to stand it anymore. He was very angry, and the black clouds rolled crazily. There were countless silver lightning lights, like silver pythons moving in the dark clouds. The scalp feels numb at the sight.


After a longer period of brewing, the third wave Thunder Tribulation finally fell completely.

Three lightnings turned into a three-headed Lightning Dragon, roared, and its stout body was three times as thick as before, entangled with each other, fiercely collided.

This time, the three Thunder Tribulations have been combined into one, and the power has increased by more than three times.

The terrifying Heavenly Might made everyone pale, and they couldn’t help but back up in amazement. They ran to the distance, not daring to approach the slightest, for fear of being affected by the lightning.

Huayuan Grandmaster’s fists were squeezed, extremely nervous, and his eyes were full of worry, for fear that Wang Teng would be killed on the spot by Thunder Tribulation.

However, since Wang Teng did not speak, he is not happy to get rid of the blisters. He can only pray that Wang Teng can take over the 3rd Thunder Tribulation.

The Condensing Spirit Pill is a Grandmaster Level Grade 2 Medicine Pill, so there will be three Thunder Tribulations. This is the last one. As long as you pass this Thunder Tribulation, the Condensing Spirit Pill is completely completed.

At this moment, Wang Teng’s gaze is also a little serious, but without any fear, a terrifying imposing manner erupts from him!


Ancient God Body! ! !

A golden mark appeared on the center of Wang Teng’s eyebrows, qi and blood were tumbling, and powerful forces flowed through him within the body.

Then Wang Teng punched out again.

40% Profound Truth of Strength! ! !

Unmatched fist strength carries the powerful Origin Power and bursts out!


The fist print collided with the Lightning Dragon, erupting a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering roar, turning into one after another air wave and rolled away.


Next moment, the Lightning Dragon burst and opened, turning into countless lightning glow flashing in the sky, and then the fist strength still rushed upwards, blasting into the thick black cloud.

Suddenly, the black clouds burst out of a big hole, and the bright sky shines down.

this fist, it’s simply!

Everyone has been shaken and lost their words.


all around in a dead silence!

Everyone can’t describe their mood at this moment, their complexion is very complicated.

Wang Teng slowly retracted his fists, the golden mark on the center of his eyebrows had long since disappeared, and disappeared in a flash, and everyone below didn’t even notice it!

It turns out that sometimes it can be done with one punch!

If it doesn’t work, it can only show that this fist is not strong enough.

The dark clouds in the sky seem to have lost all the power support, slowly dissipating, countless silver lightning also disappeared, no thunder can be heard.

Thunder Tribulation comes quickly, and goes quickly, disappear without a trace in a blink of an eye.

The white beam of light formed by the aggregation of energy below slowly converges. Only three dragon eye size purple medicine pills are suspended in midair, emitting a shining purple glowing light, which is very mysterious.

At the same time, a strong pill fragance drifted away, permeating between Heaven and Earth.

“Good smell!”

“What medicine pill is this? Pill fragance is so rich!”

“Such a rich pill fragance, I am afraid that it is not just a matter of the type of medicine pill, and its quality is probably not low!”


When they smelled the scent, everyone finally came back to his senses, looking at the purple medicine pill in the sky with curiosity.

However, Wang Teng did not give them a chance to observe carefully. With a big wave of his hand, he used Mental Telekinesis to take three nine-aperture Condensing Spirit Pills and then carefully put them into a jade bottle.

This jade bottle is specially used to hold medicine pill, which can ensure that the medicine pill will not be lost.

Then he flashed his body and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

As soon as the protagonist Wang Teng disappeared, the people watching the excitement naturally dispersed, but what just happened was still discussed with gusto and quickly spread.

Many people are speculating about the identity of Wang Teng, and even many Great Family have sent people to inquire about Wang Teng, the new alchemy Grandmaster.

Judging from the momentum created before, this Grandmaster’s Alchemy Path may not be low.

It is another three pills at a time, and it is of very high quality. The average Alchemy Grandmaster can’t do this.

Wang Teng naturally knew that the incident just now would cause a Little Feng wave, so after putting away the medicine pill, he immediately flees, so as not to be seen by the powerhouse who came to hear the news.

In the Secondary Profession Alliance, Huayuan Grandmaster and the others also returned to the previous Grandmaster assessment room and joined Wang Teng.

A group of people gathered around, looking a little excited.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, how can you resist Thunder Tribulation? It almost frightened my old life.” Huayuan Grandmaster couldn’t help complaining.

“As an alchemy Grandmaster, isn’t it a basic operation to resist a Thunder Tribulation?” Wang Teng couldn’t help asking rhetorically.

“…” Everyone was hearing this, all at a loss, their faces stunned.