All Attributes Martial Path Chapter 932


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Basic operation? ? ?

Huayuan Grandmaster and the others showed a blank expression. Alchemist lightning resistance became a basic operation. Why didn’t they know?

Could it be that they took the wrong path?

Alchemist should work hard like Wang Teng to train the fleshy body, strengthen the Martial Arts cultivation base, and be able to achieve lightning resistance Transcending Tribulation?

Huayuan Grandmaster, Haruer Grandmaster, Curton Grandmaster all have a sense of collapse of the world view.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, you are really…” Huayuan Grandmaster didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, some didn’t know what to say.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster is such a wonderful person!” Ji Yuanqing on the side could not help laughing heartily.

“Which is this?” Wang Teng curiously asked when seeing this person strange.

“This is Ji Yuanqing Your Excellency from Ji Clan. Ji Clan is one of the eight surnamed Wang clan of Empire.” Alfred introduced.

“It turned out to be Ji Clan, so long and long!” Wang Teng heart startled, didn’t expect to see people from the eight different surnamed Wang clan here.

The Parax family that Sinclaemon belongs to is also one of the Empire’s eight different surnamed Wang families. After a while, he saw another eight kings.

Didn’t you say that these Great Family are mysterious?

How come there are two as soon as they appear, and they both have intersection with him.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, I came here this time to buy the Condensing Spirit Pill of Jiuqiao from you.” Ji Yuanqing said blunt.

“Buy Jiuqiao Condensing Spirit Pill!” Wang Teng was taken aback. Then he knew Ji Yuanqing’s purpose and couldn’t help asking: “How did Ji Yuanqing Your Excellency know that I am here to refine the Condensing Spirit Pill?” >

So Ji Yuanqing explained the whole sequence of events.

“It turns out that I just squeezed the wool of this Curton Grandmaster.” Wang Teng suddenly looked at the Curton Grandmaster with a strange expression.

However, he really didn’t expect that his luck was so good that the wool he picked up at random attracted big fish like Ji Clan.

Sure enough, he is a Luck Emperor!

Wang Teng’s Luck Attribute is much higher than that of ordinary person, and will always play a role quietly at critical moments.

Unfortunately, after separating from Little Zi Yue, he never picked up Luck Attribute again.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, I wonder if you can show us the Condensing Spirit Pill?” Curton Grandmaster said.

If he says that there is no imbalance in his mind, it is absolutely false.

Wang Teng not only robbed him of the opportunity to befriend Ji Clan, but also broke his monopoly on the Condensing Spirit Pill.

That’s fine. Wang Teng’s Alchemy Path is still very accomplished. He is less than 20 years old. Now it has been confirmed to be the second Grandmaster, most likely the third Grandmaster.

Compared with Wang Teng, he was about to be stepped into the dirt.

Cotton Grandmaster was faintly dissatisfied, wanting to see how high the quality of the nine-aperture Condensing Spirit Pill refined by Wang Teng is, and what is the difference between him and Wang Teng?

“Yes, Wang Teng Grandmaster, take out the medicine pill and let us have a look. We are also extremely curious.” Huayuan Grandmaster also said.

Wang Teng nodded, take out the jade bottle containing the Condensing Spirit Pill and place it on the palm.

Several Alchemy Path Grandmasters came up at the same time, staring at the three purple medicine pills in the jade bottle.

“This…Do you see the ten Dao Pill pattern formed on the surface of the medicine pill?” Huayuan Grandmaster’s face changed and couldn’t help shouting.

I saw ten azure patterns on the purple surface of the medicine pill, connecting the nine holes together, and all three medicine pills.

“His…It is indeed the ten Dao Pill pattern!” Grandmaster Harou carefully counted it, and couldn’t help taking a breath, and said in shock: “Ten Dao Pill pattern! This is actually the nine orifices of ten percent medical power Condensing Spirit Pill!”

Cotton Grandmaster complexion slightly changed, staring at the medicine pill in the jade bottle, and counting the Dan patterns on the surface of the Condensing Spirit Pill over and over again.

The number is correct, it is indeed ten Dao Pill patterns!

“How is this possible?” Curton Grandmaster’s complexion was a little pale, he was shocked not lightly, and his heart was shocked.

80-90% medicinal power medicine pill is already very difficult to refine. If Alchemy Path Grandmaster can refine a 90% medicinal power medicine pill, it will be enough to boast for decades.

And ten percent medicinal power medicine pill, most Grandmasters may not be able to refine them in their lifetime.

Only those Grandmasters with extremely high accomplishments can succeed in refining accidentally, which also requires a lot of luck.

However, now this Wang Teng Grandmaster has actually refined the nine-aperture Condensing Spirit Pill with 10% medicinal power, and has refined three at once.

Cotton Grandmaster feels a bit ridiculous, he actually wants to compare with Wang Teng.

What a fart!

“Let me take a closer look, let me take a closer look.” Grandmaster Huayuan couldn’t bear to leave his eyes, as if he had seen the unique treasure.

Perhaps for these Alchemy Path Grandmasters, a 10% medicinal power medicine pill is really extraordinary.

Ji Yuanqing is also overjoyed: “Ten percent of medicinal power’s Condensing Spirit Pill, this is really unintentional positive outcomes, unintentional positive outcomes! Wang Teng Grandmaster, you just participated in an assessment and relieved me of my urgent need.” /p>

“It seems that you really need this Condensing Spirit Pill.” Wang Teng’s heart suddenly burst into laughter, it’s such a gift for nothing! It is still the favor of the eight different surnamed Wang clan.

“As long as Wang Teng Grandmaster sells it to me, I will buy it at the highest price, and Ji Clan owes you a favor.” Ji Yuanqing said solemnly.

Huayuan Grandmaster hearing this, hesitated and stopped.

He regrets it a bit. This is a ten percent medicinal power medicine pill. It is a pity that people will eat it as soon as it is refined!

But the opponent is from the eight great royal families, and he can’t stop it either.

Wang Teng couldn’t help being a little surprised at Ji Yuanqing’s generosity, but when he thought that he was a member of the eight different surnamed Wang clan, he would certainly not be short of money, so he nodded said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter if money is not, it’s mainly with you Fate, I always look at fate, otherwise I would really hate to sell this ten percent medicinal power medicine pill.”

These words are purely nonsense. With his Alchemy Path attainments, it is not difficult to refine 10% medicinal power medicine pill.

The reason for saying this is to increase the weight of medicine pill.

“Pu chi!” Suddenly a laugh came.

Wang Teng followed the voice and saw many people standing behind Ji Yuanqing. One of the girls with bright eyes and white teeth was covering her mouth and laughing, which seemed quite interesting.

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows, what’s so funny about such a serious matter, little aunt mother smiled so low!

Ji Yuanqing haha ​​smiled: “Wang Teng Grandmaster was right. This thing went around in a big circle, and finally happened to arrive at Wang Teng Grandmaster. Isn’t that fate!”

Wang Teng secretly nodded, this Ji Yuanqing can speak.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, frankly, my father’s injury can’t be dragged on, but I didn’t bring any money with him today. Can you give me a medicine pill first, when the time comes, I will order someone to send the money to your residence “Ji Yuanqing said.

“There is nothing you can do!” Wang Teng said with a smile: “Ji Clan has a big family, and I am not ignorant of my medicine pill money!”

Ji Yuanqing is very happy for Wang Teng’s trust.

Immediately, Wang Teng took out a nine-aperture Condensing Spirit Pill from the jade bottle, put it into another jade bottle separately, and then handed it to Ji Yuanqing.

“many thanks!”

Ji Yuanqing gave Wang Teng a serious punch with gratitude, and then hurried away with someone.

Cotton Grandmaster saw Wang Teng and Ji Yuanqing completing the transaction, and couldn’t help feeling sour. These should have been his aaaaaah…

Huayuan Grandmaster and the others are actually a bit envious. Ji Clan’s favor is not so easy to take. Wang Teng didn’t do anything, and they just sent it for nothing. This luck is no longer there.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, I wonder if this nine-aperture Condensing Spirit Pill can be sold to me.” Huayuan Grandmaster said suddenly.

“Huayuan Grandmaster, do you also need this nine-aperture Condensing Spirit Pill?” Wang Teng was taken aback and asked in surprise.

“As Alchemist uses the power of Mind all the year round, there will be some problems. Now when we encounter the Condensing Spirit Pill with 10% medicinal power, I can’t let it go.” Huayuan Grandmaster said with a smile.

Hairoer Grandmaster and the others reacted immediately and said quickly: “Wang Teng Grandmaster, sell me one too!”

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, sell it to me, I am willing to pay a high price!” said another alchemy Grandmaster.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, sell it to me. I will not only give you a high price, but also forge a weapon for you for free.” said a forging Grandmaster.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, I would like to give you a Grandmaster Level Pill Recipe!”


For a time, several Grandmasters fought over.

Wang Teng was a little surprised.

The nine-aperture Condensing Spirit Pill with ten percent medicinal power is so popular!

Cotton Grandmaster saw this scene next to him, and his whole person was sour again. He felt that his status seemed to be impacted. From now on, the Condensing Spirit Pill is no longer unique to him.

This is really a sad thing!

“Grandmasters, I only have two medicine pills left. I don’t want to sell them to anyone. I also have a nine-aperture Condensing Spirit Pill. It’s better to wait for me to pass the examination for forging the Grandmaster and refine one Furnace, everyone is equally divided.” Wang Teng said with a bitter smile.

“Wang Teng Grandmaster, are you still sure to refine the nine-aperture Condensing Spirit Pill with ten percent medicinal power?” Huayuan Grandmaster was shocked at hearing this and couldn’t help asking.

“It shouldn’t be a big problem.” Wang Teng nodded and said.

When everyone saw him so confident, they didn’t know whether they should believe it or not. After all, the ten percent medicinal power medicine pill is too difficult to refine. Even if Wang Teng succeeds once, they cannot be sure whether he will succeed next time.

If Wang Teng can refine the nine-aperture Condensing Spirit Pill with 10% medicinal power, it is really awesome!

“Anyway, let’s wait after the forging Grandmaster’s assessment.” Huayuan Grandmaster said.

Other Grandmasters had no choice but to give up. The nine-aperture Condensing Spirit Pill of 10% medicinal power is very important, but the three Grandmaster assessments are also important.

Wang Teng has now passed two Grandmaster assessments, leaving the last forged Grandmaster assessment.

“Finally it’s our turn!” a tall and powerful forged Grandmaster chuckled.

“Maud Grandmaster, you have to relax a little bit. It’s up to you whether our alliance can produce a three-way Grandmaster.” Alfred and several other Grandmasters said.

“Don’t worry, with Wang Teng Grandmaster’s physique, forging one will definitely not stump him.” Maude Grandmaster eyes flashed, said with a smile.

“You guys have confidence in me.” Wang Teng couldn’t help laughing.

“Of course!” Maude Grandmaster haha ​​smiled: “Wang Teng Grandmaster, please come with me.”